Chinese GDP falls but Brexit talks may be extended so Pound gains vs the Australian Dollar are limited

Overnight the world’s second largest economy China confirmed that it grew at its slowest quarterly rate in ten years as the problems of the US-China Trade Wars appear to be having an impact on the economy.

According to official sources the previous quarter showed growth of 6.5% compared to the year before and this was short of the forecast figure of 6.6%.

However, although the headline figure is clearly a concern for the country it was still in line with the government’s target for this year of 6.5%.

Typically this would result in Australian Dollar weakness as China is their largest trading partner so any slow down will often result in problems for the Aussie Dollar.  However, as we have seen during the course of this week the Pound has faced some problems owing to the roadblock concerning the latest Brexit talks which appear not to have gone anywhere at this week’s EU summit.

Indeed, the latest news appears to be that the parties involved are looking to extend the current time lines in order to ensure a smoother Brexit. The European Union has offered to extend the amount of time needed for the post-transitional period for the UK.

This has caused the Pound to come to a bit of a brick wall in terms of making further advances against the Australian Dollar and next month’s Brexit summit appears to have been cancelled for the time being.

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AUD Forecast – What are the Factors Driving GBP/AUD Exchange Rates? (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/AUD rates have dipped slightly during Thursday’s trading, with the AUD continuing to find support around the current levels.

The pair fell to a low of 1.8338, having been trading above 1.84 at its high over night.

The Pound has failed to make any sustained inroads against the AUD since the weekend, after premature talk of a Brexit agreement caused a sharp sell-off of GBP positions on Sunday.

This put the Pound on the back foot when trading lines opened on Monday. It has been a tough week for Sterling, which has seen its value decrease by around three cents, or the equivalent of 3000 AUD on 100k GBP/AUD currency exchange.

I anticipate that the AUD will now find plenty of support again around 1.85, when it seemed as though the Pound was set for a run on 1.90 last week, when a Brexit deal looked imminent.

This is another prime example of how the markets may price in an expected political outcome, only to see the currency in questions value diminish when the expected result does now come to fruition.

Looking at the driving factors behind GBP/AUD and any updates or breakthrough in Brexit talks, will no doubt boost investor confidence and the Pound is likely to benefit as a result. Similarly any talk of a no-deal outcome again and it will likely have the opposite e effect.

Looking at the Australian economy and current slowdown in global trade is certainly having a negative impact. This, along with the current trade war between the US & China is causing investors to shy away from riskier currencies such as the AUD. We generally see commodity-based currencies such as the AUD lose value during times of global economic uncertainty.

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Weaker AUD beneficial for the Australian economy, where next?

The recent RBA, Reserve Bank of Australia Minutes showed us that the RBA view the recent weaker Australian dollar as good news for the economy in helping to support growth. Australia’s economy is heavily reliant on the sale of its raw materials globally, including to China, its major trading partner. The expectation here is that the RBA will not be in any rush to raise interest rates, they view the weaker currency as ‘good news’.

The big news for this week on the Australian dollar is Unemployment data released in the early hours of tomorrow, at 12.30 GMT. The figures are predicted to show the Unemployment rate holding steady but a lower participation rate and possibly a lower employment rate. This could see the Australian dollar weaker as it underscores the recent direction and sentiment that has weakened the currency.

This could mean the Australian dollar continues to drift lower and remain weak, particularly owing to other factors including the likelihood of Trade War issues continuing to weigh on China, its largest trading partners. Markets are concerned that the Chinese economy is struggling as a result of the trade disputes with the US and Donald Trump, this has seen some economic indicators in China reach concerning levels.

China is struggling with a slowing rate of growth and concerns over home sales, rising Inflation and also falling car sales. Other examples of anxiety include the amount of debt taken on by Chinese authorities in their pursuit of infrastructure to build their economy. All of this is painting a slightly worrying picture for the Chinese economy as the trade wars are likely to get worse and this will all put pressure on the Aussie dollar too.

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Could the Pound improve against the Australian Dollar after RBA minutes and EU Summit this week?

The Reserve Bank of Australia published their latest set of minutes which confirmed interest rates would be kept on hold for the time being which has led the Pound to hit 1.85 against the Australian Dollar overnight leading to some excellent opportunities to buy Australian Dollars with Pounds this week.

With property prices starting to fall in both Sydney and Melbourne the RBA’s tone was rather cautious. Indeed, property fell by 6% in Sydney and 4% in Melbourne, which have previously been the best two performing markets in recent years.

The central bank went on to warn the markets that the trade policies between the US and China could continue to cause potential negativity for the Australian economy but that as Australian growth is at 3% the economy is still relatively robust.

However, as house prices are falling and wages are not going up that quickly this is why interest rates in Australia are not likely to be going up anytime soon and predictions are that the next interest rate hike may not come until 2020.

Meanwhile, the Pound is being affected by what is happening with the latest Brexit discussions and with the EU summit due to start tomorrow and conclude on Thursday the main topic will be that of the Irish border issue which appears to be far from getting sorted.

Previously, the discussions were due to end by this particular meeting but with an emergency Brexit summit planned for next month we may not see the talks concluding positively this week so be prepared for a lot of volatility coming in the next few days if you’re planning a currency transfer involving the Pound vs the Australian Dollar.

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GBP/AUD hits lowest level in 10-days as Brexit issues weigh on the Pound

The Pound to Aussie Dollar exchange rate has fallen to its lowest levels of the past 10-days. This has happened after GBP/AUD hit an annual high of just over 1.87 last week, which was also the highest level since the major drop in June of 2016 when the Brexit vote outcome was announced.

Sterling had hit such high levels against AUD as hopes of a Brexit deal being agreed shortly were high. These hopes are now fading and GBP exchange rates have softened across the board of major currency pairs as it now look likely that UK and EU negotiators will not be able to agree on the terms of the Brexit deal by the EU’s deadline.

Later this week there will be an EU Summit in Brussels and the main focus is expected to be the Brexit. UK Prime Minister, Theresa May will give a speech to the EU leaders regarding her plans and the progress made so far. There will also be meeting behind closed door’s that she isn’t invited to, and depending on the outcome of the recent negotiations and the EU Summit this week I think there could be movement for the GBP to AUD rate.

The Aussie Dollar hasn’t lost a dramatic amount of value against the Pound as markets will still be holding out for a Brexit deal by November, but seeing GBP/AUD drop over the past few trading days is worth considering for those of our clients planning on making a transfer.

From the Australian side there will be Employment data out of Thursday at 1.30am UK time. If you wish to be updated in the event of a major market movement do feel free to register your interest.

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Outlook for Pound Sterling vs the Australian Dollar rates and could we see 1.90 before the end of this month?

The Pound vs the Australian Dollar has seen some very positive movements over the last few weeks and this has caused GBPAUD exchange rates to hit the best level to buy Australian Dollars with Pounds for over two years when the Brexit vote took place in June 2016.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has warned of the risks that the Australian economy is facing over the issue of the trade wars between the US and China and at the moment this issue is still rumbling on with no signs of dissipating.

Chinese stock markets have fallen by over 20% in the year to date and as China is such a large trading partner for Australia any signs of a slowdown can really harm the value of the Australian Dollar and this is one of the reasons for the weakness of the Australian Dollar recently.

Signs coming from the Brexit talks are that things are getting relatively close to reaching a conclusion and it appears, at least for the moment, that a deal may be reached fairly soon which has helped to support the Pound vs the Australian Dollar.

Brexit secretary Dominic Raab is due in Brussels on Monday and hopes are that he is there to try and tie up a deal but I cannot see this happening just yet.

Indeed, the EU summit will be held on Wednesday for two days and there is a hope that a deal may be reached and if so we could see a very volatile period coming up for anyone thinking about moving Sterling either to buy or sell Australian Dollars.

Following this summit there is another meeting planned for November and I think this is when a deal between both the UK and the European Union will be reached and this could give Sterling the momentum it has been looking for to continue upwards vs the Australian Dollar.

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What can we expect next for the Australian dollar?

The expectation is the for the Australian dollar to continue to face headwinds as the market tries to assess its attractiveness over the longer term. With Australia struggling whilst some other assets become more attractive, the pressure is on for the antipodean currency. Having lost value in recent weeks as market expectations deteriorate, what can we expect in the short term?

To answer some of the questions over the Australian dollar’s recent performance look no further than the United States. A key factor in this has been two fold from the US with raising interest rates and the Trade Wars both weighing on the performance of the Aussie dollar.

In raising interest rates to 2.25%, the US dollar is now a much more attractive currency to be holding from an investors point of view, versus the 1.5% on offer from Australia. With regard to the future prospects in this department, it appears likely that the US will be continuing to raise interest rates. This will only increase the trend we have seen of late and continue the pressure on the Australian currency.

On the subject of Trade Wars, these do not appear to be diminishing and therefore the Australian dollar should remain under pressure as these potentially intensify or remain in place. Expectations for the Australian dollar will continue to focus on its attractiveness to hold but with these issues continuing and wider concerns in the global economy about just what lies ahead, the Aussie might find more troubled waters ahead.

Next week is Unemployment data which will be a big driver on the exchange rate and could see a shift. There is a focus on Australian interest rates too and we could easily see this data impacting future decisions. Whilst no hikes are likely down under anytime soon, this is a more short term factor to move rates.

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GBP AUD Breaks 2 Year High (James Lovick)

The pound has made good gains against the Australian dollar this with rates for the GBP AUD pair back over 1.85. Rates for GBP AUD have now broken above a two year high creating a good opportunity for those looking to buy Australian dollars. The pound is receiving some mixed signals on Brexit although the general consensus is that a deal is within sight.

The EU are expected to offer the UK a proposal which should allow for much of the Chequers proposal being championed by Prime Minister Theresa May. It has been reported that something around 30-40% of her proposals will be granted in a deal but the stumbling block of the Irish border appears to remain. A new stumbling block has appeared in the form of the political declaration that will be made with the withdrawal agreement. Theresa May is asking for a precise agreement on frictionless trade, something the EU is reluctant to agree to. Expect considerable market volatility and opportunity as new developments unfold over Brexit.

The Australian dollar has had some of its confidence dented this week as events in China give cause for concern for global growth. The Peoples Bank of China has intervened to try and stimulate growth in China by lowering finance costs which should encourage growth. The markets are taking this as a sign that China is noticeably concerned about the prospect of a slowdown in China which is seeing funds move out of the Australian dollar. There has been a clear flight to safety away from emerging markets back to the safety of the dollar which could see further falls in the Australian dollar if the trend continues.

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Pound hits 2 year high to buy Australian Dollars (Tom Holian)

The Australian Dollar has continued to weaken against both the Pound and the US Dollar recently as investors have begun to bypass the Australian Dollar as interest rates down under appear to be staying the same for the foreseeable future.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has kept interest rates on hold at 1.5% again this month and they have not changed interest rates in two years and with the US continuing to hike interest rates the Australian Dollar has been sold off in favour of the US Dollar and this has weakened the AUD against a number of different currencies including Sterling.

The Pound vs the Australian Dollar is now trading at its best level to buy Australian Dollars since the Brexit vote back in June 2016 and the question really is how long will this rally for Sterling last?

Clearly the Pound is under a lot of pressure at the moment with the ongoing uncertainty caused by the Brexit talks but the sentiment appears to have been softening recently towards the UK and rumours are that the talks could be concluded by next month.

If this does happen we could see the Pound make even further gains as this will provide investors with more certainty as to what to expect moving forward and encourage them to invest into the UK.

The Australian Dollar has also felt the negative effects caused by the Trade Wars between the US and China.  As China is Australia’s largest trading partner any problems in the second largest economy will often have negative effects on the value of the Australian Dollar and I think this could continue to harm the economy and therefore cause further Australian Dollar weakness for the Pound.

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Is now the time to sell Austrlian dollars and buy sterling?

Last week the Australian dollar fell to multi year lows against sterling and the US dollar and the economic indicators suggest that further losses are on the horizon for people selling Australian dollars. For people that are researching potential events that will impact the Australian dollar, you should have come across the reasons for why the Australian dollar has been devaluing. The key driver is the strength of the US dollar.

Carry traders which borrow money in low interest rate jurisdictions and invest in high interest rate jurisdictions are not choosing the Australian dollar like they once were because US interest rates are now higher than in Australia and it looks like the gap is set to widen when the US raise interest rates in December.

The other major problem for Australia is that they are stuck in the middle of the trade war between the US and China. Australia heavily relies on China for trade, however Australia also relies heavily on the US for security. At present the trade war between the two leading countries is having a negative impact on the value of the Australian dollar and I expect this trend will continue.

As the UK are now closer to securing a deal with the EU, it looks like GBPAUD exchange rates are heading in one direction and that’s towards 2. For people that are selling Australian dollars to buy sterling you are still generating an additional £15,000 on a 500,000 transfer compared to pre Brexit levels, therefore taken advantage now may pay be your best option.

If you are buying or selling Australian dollars in the future, I would strongly recommend getting in contact to discuss your situation. The company I work offers a proactive service to offering economic information whilst having the ability to offer award winning exchange rates. Feel free to email me with your requirements along with the timescales you are working to and I will respond with my forecast and the process of using our company