Australian Dollar gains strength against the Pound and edges close to 1.80 once more (Daniel Wright)

The Australian Dollar has had another good day on the currency market, gaining almost 1% against Sterling during the trading day over in the U.K.

Strong Inflation figures,  RBA Governor Stevens Comments and the Monetary Policy Committee from the Bank Of England all voting in favour of no interest rate movement at the last interest rate decision appear to be the main reasons behind such a vast movement.

We are now stuck back at the pivotal point of 1.80, which seems to be the pattern for the past few months, one concern for anyone looking to buy Australian Dollars is that we have seen the exchange rate attempt to drop below 1.80 and stay below it on a couple of occasions yet fail, but now Governor Stevens appears to have changed his tune on the strength of the Australian Dollar yet again and with inflation riding high, it may be prudent to secure part of your currency just to protect yourself against any further adverse market movements.

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Sterling Rises in run up to Bank of England Minutes (Tom Holian)

The Bank of England minutes are due shortly for release and we will learn of the recent voting patterns by the Monetary Policy Committee from earlier this month.

Recently we have seen a consistent 9-0 vote against doing anything with interest rates in the UK but with a lot of positive data out in the UK more pressure is rising for an earlier rate rise than currently expected.

The statement following the minutes could provide us with more clues as to future monetary policy and I think in Mark Carney’s speech due at 1245pm UK time we could see Sterling advancing further against the Australian Dollar.

Tomorrow UK Retail Sales are due and with the weather having been very good recently and also the World Cup consumers are likely to have been spending more during this period. Therefore, I think this data will be strong and could see Sterling on the rise.

UK GDP data is out on Friday morning and with an Ernst & Young Item Club recently suggesting 3.1% this is also the highest out of the G7 nations. If the figures on Friday back this up expect Sterling strength against the Australian Dollar.

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GBP/AUD Rates Drop During Tuesday Trading (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/AUD rates have dropped during Tuesday’s trading, which is a likely market reaction to RBA governor Glen Stevens speech last night, in which he was very positive regarding the Australian economic recovery. He stated he was happy with the current monetary policy and despite confirming he would act again if necessary, the markets have reacted positively to his statement.

This positive spike is likely to push GBP/AUD rates back toward 1.80 on the exchange, so if you have a short-term AUD requirement it may be worth looking at our forward contract options. This allows you to lock in an attractive exchange rate for a set period of time, without being concerned if the exchange rates get worse during this period.

The AUD has struggled against most of the major currencies recently, in particular the Pound. Although it has moved away from the lows witnessed at the turn of the year, the AUD has lost over 40 cents from the highs of 2013. This has allowed the Australian economy to kick start its export industry again and we are now potentially seeing the start of a recovery. Whilst I do not anticipate a move back to 1.40 we could see GBP/AUD rates breach 1.75 before the end of the year, if the improvement seen in the Australian and Chinese (Australia’s largest trading partner) economies continue.

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GBPAUD Falls (Tom Holian)

Sterling fell against the Australian Dollar towards the end of last week after the Chinese published some strong GDP data. Rates were above 1.83 at their highest levels but has since fallen back into the 1.81 territory.

RBA governor Glenn Stevens is due to speak on Monday and depending on his comments we could see further Australian Dollar strength if he talks up the economy down under. Inflation data is also released on early Wednesday morning and if high could put pressure on the RBA to think about raising rates in the longer term which could strengthen the AUD.

The key day for anyone with a GBPAUD currency requirement will be Wednesday as there are a whole host of data releases including Australian inflation predicted to come out at 2.9%. Turning the focus on to the UK we see the announcement of the Bank of England minutes.

The expectation will be for a 9-0 vote against any change so if one member has voted for a rate hike we could see Sterling claw back some ground lost last week

Thursday see the release of UK retail sales which are a key market mover for Sterling exchange rates. Year on year is expected to be 3.9% so anything different could cause volatility for GBPAUD exchange rates.

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GBP/AUD Levels Drop Following Positive Chinese Data (Matthw Vassallo)

GBP/AUD rates have dropped slightly over the past 24 hours, following the release of the latest Chinese GDP figures. Rates were sitting close to a 3 month high but despite the positivity surrounding the UK economy, Sterling was struggling to make any serious moves towards the four year highs we witnessed at the start of 2014. If we are going to see rates put pressure on 1.90 again, then another shift in market conditions is certainly required. Whether this is an interest rate hike by the BoE, or further cuts by the RBA, it needs to be significant enough to drive Sterling up by roughly another 7 cents.

Personally I feel this is unlikely in the current climate and even more so following the release of the latest Chinese data, which has boosted the AUD. The Australian economy relies so heavily on positive growth in China (they are Australia’s largest trade partners), which means that the AUD is likely to find market support in the short-term following the release and a move back towards 1.80 is now a strong possibility.

The current levels still offer some excellent buying opportunities and if you do have an AUD purchase over the coming months it may be prudent to consider a forward contract around the current levels; in order to protect yourself against any potential market losses.

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GBPAUD rates have climbed well

GBPAUD rates remain volatile this week with a majority of the movement coming from the UK.  The pound has gained significantly against a majority of currencies due to better economic data releases. This includes inflation and unemployment data which both showed significant improvements strengthened the pound as it gave the bank of England more scope to raise interest rates in the UK at the end of the year. Speculation around this topic remains one of the largest not if the greatest influential topic on the currency markets .  This has given GBPAUD buyers a great opportunity to buy, over a 3 month high, and ignoring the beginning of 2014 the best levels seen for a number of years. This in turn gives a significant reason for people to take full advantage

Here however a very popular question we are asked is whether the markets will improve for me? Firstly no one has a crystal ball so no one knows but I do have my own views built on over 7 years’ experience of trading in the market. My view is that current levels are the highest we will probably experience, or close to it, for the next 3 weeks.  I do however believe that rates could climb high still at the end of the year. So if you have a need in the near term I would move post haste, if you have longer to wait it may be worth too.

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Will the pound versus Aussie get back to 1.90?

The pound seems to be making further gains against the Aussie which would lead me to speculate that the rates would carry on, however such analysis neglects to take into consideration just how strong the Aussie could go if Chinese data continues to impress and we witness the AUD strengthen against the pound.

The Australian economy has really performed well in recent years primarily due to the mining boom as a result of Chinese demand for raw materials. Chinese data has recently shown the Chinese economy growing at 7.5%, growth rates we can only wish for and dream of in other parts of the world.

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UK News Boosting The Pound Versus The Aussie (Colm Gilhooly)

The pound has been having a good run of late, and after a few quiet days, it was given another big boost yesterday after inflation figures came out higher than expected, increasing speculation the Bank of England may raise rates sooner than many expect.  With the RBA sounding a slightly more neutral tone again in their Minutes the other day it suggests sterling could be in for a few good days, although we will see how UK unemployment goes this morning to really judge how much momentum is building and will this be reflected in the BofE minutes next week, as so far no member has actually voted to hike in the UK.

Official UK GDP comes out on the 25th and again assuming this is strong I think the pound could edge up versus the Aussie slightly.  Chinese data out overnight was pretty good but was unable to give the Aussie much of a boost.

The Euro is struggling again as Mario Draghi seems to be paving the way for the prospect of a European style Quantitative Easing, suggesting it was within the ECB’s remit to do so.  Yesterday’s economic sentiment survey hit the Euro again after it came in below forecast.  It will be interesting to see how European Inflation figures come out on Thursday because a weak showing could really ramp up the pressure for action from the ECB.  In all I suspect the Euro could get into more trouble.

I suspect the RBA will not allow the Aussie to appreciate too much based on recent comments however I think there is plenty of room for Aussie gains versus the single currency in the coming months provided it doesn’t also rally too much versus the USD as well.  So if you are transferring money from Australia to Ireland, or transferring money from Australia to anywhere in Europe for that matter, then there could be some good opportunities coming your way.

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RBA minutes give a neutral stance as GBP/AUD pushes through 1.83 (Mike Vaughan)

Early this morning the RBA released it latest minutes in which it suggested a neutral stance in regards to monetary policy, giving little clue as to when their next move with interest rates might be. It said low interest rates were working to support demand but expressed concern about whether that would be enough to offset economic challenges. As a result the Aussie fell against the pound this morning, a move that was compounded following the release of UK inflation at 09:30

UK inflation figures were stronger than expected and lead to a drive in the pounds favour as a common tool to counteract rising inflation is to raise interest rates. As the inflation level gets close to the Bank of England’s target level of 2% and beyond, the prospect of rising interest rates becomes more likely and hence a push in favour of sterling. The drive through 1.83 gives AUD buyers the best levels in nearly four months.

This recent pressure on the dollar may well continue, with UK unemployment figures tomorrow forecast to fall from 6.6% to 6.5% the pound could be set for another good showing with the market testing the 1.84 level.

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GBPAUD Rates on the rise (Tom Holian)

Sterling Australian Dollar exchange rates have been on the rise following the neutral stance provided by the Reserve Bank of Australia overnight.

Also, the release of the inflation data this morning in the UK has helped Sterling to hit 1.83 this morning presenting some excellent buying opportunities for those looking to transfer funds down under.

With the UK now performing extremely well and with inflation the highest since January this will likely put more pressure on the Bank of England to increase interest rates sooner than the market currently expects.

Sterling has hit recent highs against the Euro, US Dollar and now hitting the highest level in weeks against the Australian Dollar.

With the US announcing that the taper will come to an end by October global investors have been less prepared to have money in riskier currencies including the Australian Dollar which is why we have seen Sterling benefit across the board.

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