Australian Dollar Strength following RBA announcement (Tom Holian)

GBPAUD exchange rates have fallen overnight following the announcement made by the RBA to keep interest rates on hold.

There was various speculation that the RBA may have cut rates but this did not occur which has given the Australian Dollar some short term relief against Sterling.

This positive movement for the AUD could be short term however as it is likely that the RBA will cut rates in the next few months in an attempt to keep the Australian Dollar weak to help exports down under.

Governor Glenn Stevens has warned against the high value of the Australian Dollar saying it still remains high compared to its ‘fundamental value.’

He went on to say ‘a lower exchange rate is likely to be needed to achieve balanced growth in the economy.’

Therefore, we could expect to see Sterling move in an upwards direction longer term against the Australian Dollar.

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Very busy week for Australian dollar exchange rates!

If you need to buy or sell Australian dollars in the future now is the right time to be thinking about when to make your exchange. The rate has recently reached levels not seen for 6 years! Begging the question what can we expect next? Well this week is a range of data likely to move the market. For more information on when is the best time to change up your currency please contact me Jonathan on

This evening is the Australian Interest rate decision and then tomorrow is Australian GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Following a slowdown in Australian and a general decline in the Chinese economy, the boom that has helped keep the Aussie currency so strong for so long is now day of the Aussie looks over.

With a strong likelihood the AUD will weaken further AUD sellers shouldn’t in my opinion hang on too long. For assistance moving funds from Australia back to the UK at the best rates please contact me Jonathan on

Upcoming RBA Interest Rate Decision (Tom Holian)

Sterling Australian Dollar exchange rates have been getting close to hitting 2 recently and have on occasion just broken through on the mid-market level.

The surprise interest rate cut last month saw the AUD weaken by over 2% on the same day of the announcement.

With the RBA due to announce their next decision on Tuesday I think rates will be kept on hold and the RBA will comment on not if but when they’ll cut rates again.

However, as highlighted in last month’s minutes the RBA is concerned about the property market bubble and if they cut interest rates this could send property prices down under even higher which could cause a problem in the longer term for the economy.

On Wednesday Australian GDP figures are due out. Expectations are for 2.6% so anything different could cause volatility for Sterling vs Australian Dollar exchange rates.

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Will GBPAUD hit 2?

GBPAUD has improved this month but dipped lately I feel owing to some uncertainty as to just when we will see the RBA lower interest rates. If you need to buy or sell AUD then making some careful plans now could cause you to remove much of the uncertainty surrounding such a venture. The AUD has really struggled in recent years and I think this will only continue!

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Sterling AUD Exchange Rates trying to find their range (Tom Holian)

Sterling Australian Dollar exchange rates have fallen from their recent rise to 2 as they struggle to find their range at the moment.

It was announced yesterday that Chinese loans to Latin America have risen to USD$22bn last year which is the second largest amount lent on record.

This is arguably good news for the Australian Dollar as although the loans are not directly aimed at Australia it goes to show that there is still a huge amount of money available for investment by China.

China is Australia’s biggest trading partner and any growth signs will often result in AUD strength which is what has happened over the last couple of trading sessions.

Moving the focus back to Europe which has also weakened the Aussie Dollar during the last few weeks it was announced that Greece has been offered a 4 month extension to their current bailout terms.

Although the deal has been agreed this has still led to political unrest in Greece who were promised by the next Syriza party that the austerity measures would be reduced or removed.

Next Tuesday the RBA announce their next interest rate decision and after a surprise cut last month I think rates will remain on hold which could provide the Australian Dollar with further strength.

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GBP-AUD Rates – Sterling Gets an Unexpected Artificial Boost! (Daniel Wright)

GBP/AUD rates were hit by an artificial boost today as more capital came flying out of the Eurozone when an official at the Federal Reserve Bank of America stated that the Eurozone will have to undergo larger amounts of cash injections than they first suggested under their new Quantitative Easing Program.

This unexpected boost is a gift to those looking to purchase Australian Dollars, and a frustration to those hoping for the rates to calm down after such a mammoth start to the year for Sterling. Even with this the AUD has found support under the 2 level. Settling at the close of trading today in the 1.97’s.

There is little more that can be announced to test the exchange rates with the Australian Dollar. From this point commodity and energy prices can only really rise, and the dovish tone of the Royal Bank of Australia cannot be weakened really after repeated calls to lower the value of their currency they have still found resistance at 2. Essentially investors are still holding Australian Dollars and waiting for its value to rise up again, as there is much more room for them to do so.

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Will GBPAUD 2.0 return? RBA Interest rate decision

Sterling’s value has continued to climb this week against most major currencies including the AUD. Many traders are of the view that the magical 2.0 will be breached again and I personally agree but it could be weeks before we see this again.  The next key data release comes out next week when we have the Reserve Bank of Australia Interest rate decision. This is expected overnight, Monday – Tuesday GMT time. Glenn Stevens the head of the bank squashed forecasts of another interest rate cut earlier this month however he has surprised us before and will probably again.  Anyone with AUD exposure will be needing to make a decision on the level of exposure they want to hold over this event. If they cut rates GBPAUD rates will climb once more, if they don’t however it is likely that we will see rates fall once more.

To talk this through with live up to date data please get in contact with us here as per usual – my name is Steve Eakins and I can be contacted on email via

GBP/AUD Forecast (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/AUD rates have dipped slightly during Wednesday’s trading, ahead of tomorrow’s UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures. The Pound has enjoyed a fine run over recent weeks, with GBP/AUD rates getting close to a 6 year high on multiple occasions. However, the AUD has found support under the 2 level and I do feel it will require a further shift in market conditions to tip rates above this threshold.

Tomorrow’s data is key for the UK, as a bullish reading is likely to solidify the Pound’s position. Similarly any dip below expectation could push GBP/AUD levels back towards 1.95, which would certainly bring some respite to those clients looking to sell AUD after a tough couple of weeks. With little data of note for Australia in the run up to the weekend, I anticipate tomorrow’s figures to carry even weight than usual, in determining GBP/AUD positions over the coming days.

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Australian Dollar Exchange Rates ( Andrew Bromley )

The Australian Dollar at the best of times is very hard to predict, however it seems now more than ever. During yesterday afternoons trading, rates looked to be again knocking on the door of the 2.00 level. This can be tied with the neighbouring New Zealand Dollar Inflation levels, as the sentiment for the Southern Hemisphere currencies tends to spread locally. The New Zealand economy hit the headlines yesterday as inflation expectations were reduced, which goes hand in hand with overall expectation that interest rates wont rise for an extended period of time.

I personally feel that the trading range (pre UK election) is circa 1.96 to 1.99. Obviously the chances of hitting the extremes is much slimmer, however still achievable. Therefore if you have AUD to buy, my opinion would be aim for 1.98 +. Those selling may be wise to take advantage when levels are close to 1.96 – maybe not what you want to hear but may be the best of what is a worsening situation!

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Will GBPAUD rise above 2 for a sustained period?

GBPAUD appears to be on the rise once again but everytime we have hit or are close to hitting 1 GBP = 2 AUD something happens to knock down the price and find rates falling. I think if you need to buy AUD holding on too long expecting rates to just hit this level could be misplaced. The RBA (Reserve Bank Australia) have indicated that they will not be cutting rates further at this stage although much further down the line this may well happen.

If you need to buy or sell AUD in this current market making some careful plans now is the best way to avoid the losses that you could incur if you find rate have moved against you. If there is anything you wish to discuss relating to an exchange in the future please contact me Jonathan on