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Pound to Aussie Dollar rate consolidates above 1.70, will the Pound manage to hit 1.80 this year? (Joseph Wright)

The price movement between the Pound and the Aussie has been interesting today, and may offer those planning a currency conversion between the pair with a indication of what to expect in future.

Sterling exchange rates came under pressure across the board during today’s trading session as late last night a YouGov poll suggested that Theresa May’s (the current UK prime Minister) Conservative Party may lose its majority in the upcoming election, and this political uncertainty is weighing on the Pounds value as is often the case.

Interestingly the currency didn’t come under pressure against the Aussie Dollar, as the currency appears to be under pressure at the moment which leads me to believe that if the gap between the Labour Party and the Conservative Party in the UK widens, we can expect to see the Pound make up ground on the Aussie Dollar and maybe even breach the 8-month high of 1.7635 it hit recently and trade towards 1.80.

The Aussie Dollar has come under pressure since China was downgraded by Moody’s earlier this month, as the Chinese economy appears to be slowing which isn’t a positive sign for the Australian economy due to the two countries close trading ties.

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Buying Australian Dollar rates slip with increased election uncertainty (Joshua Privett)

Buying and selling Australian Dollar exchange rates have been hit heavily heading into the Bank Holiday weekend, as uncertainty about the upcoming election, now just 10 days away, undercuts Sterling against its major currency pairings.

The resurgence for Labour is staggering. The same company which revealed the slim margin of 4% in favour of the Tories had identified a 20+ point lead at the beginning of campaigning season just over a month ago.

With the bank holiday UK markets are onlookers for the day today, and we are already seeing a small recovery in the Pound. However, this form of minor rebalancing is common after more serious movements the previous trading day.

Moving forward you can expect GBP/AUD exchange rates to continue to reflect the changing dynamics in the polls. Currently the Tories are still ahead, and anyone with an Australian Dollar buying requirement will need for this to remain this way.

Financial markets are keener for a strong Conservative victory, as they are hoping for continuation in policy, and expect a beneficial effect on having an elected PM with a mandate in the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

However, a 4% lead is what was expected for the Remain camp in the recent Referendum, which clearly did not manifest. So financial insitutions are unlikely to bet on a positive oucome without a more commanding lead for the Conservatives

Without demand for Sterling its value would career downwards, making the Australian Dollar a more expensive prospect for anyone with an upcoming requirement.

Anyone with an Australian Dollar requirement in the immediate term may be wise to contact me to discuss a strategy on how to approach the vote to secure any targetted peaks and ensure you are better protected from any downside risk.

It could even be that the slight resurgence on exchange rates recorded today will be the best buying levels available before the election itself.

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Pound falls against the Australian Dollar owing to opinion polls (Tom Holian)

Sterling vs the Australian Dollar has fallen at the end of this week after the latest polls showed that the vote between the Tories and the Labour party is getting much closer.

According to one poll the vote is as close as 5%. As demonstrated in 2016 opinion polls can be very wrong as we saw with both the Brexit vote and the Trump win but to me it highlights the importance of getting to the polling station and ensuring you vote for the party who you want to win.

If one party shows a huge lead in the polls it can mean complacency on the part of some voters and this could mean a difference to the expectation.

With the poll showing a much closer than expected difference this caused the Pound to fall. Typically if an existing government wins the election this results in economic certainty and this often will result in Sterling strength against all currencies including vs the Australian Dollar.

Therefore, with the change in opinion this is a big factor as to why the Pound has fallen from recent highs against the Australian Dollar and if the voting gets closer then this could potentially even see GBPAUD rates fall below 1.70 on the Interbank level.

However, in my opinion I cannot see anyone win but the Tories as shown with the recent local elections and once this happens this is likely to see GBPAUD exchange rates go back in an upwards direction.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about selling Australian Dollars then this could the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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Tom Holian

Australian Dollar getting shaky due to a number of factors (Daniel Wright)

The Australian Dollar is starting to feel the pinch a little in recent trading as a number of factors are leading to a little Australian Dollar weakness.

This week so far has already given us the news that China has had a credit rating downgrade by rating’s agency Moody’s due to concerns of the spiralling debt situation over there. On top of this, investors are rushing to second guess when we will see the next interest rate change over in America and this will also be of key importance to the Australian Dollar too.

Why the rate change is so important is due to where investors will seek to hold their funds. At present Australia presents a solid interest rate compared to many other parts of the world however the U.S are slowly catching up and this is when risk perception will come into play. The closer the U.S interest rate gets to the Australian interest rate you will start to see a flow of money leaving the Australian Dollar and moving into the U.S Dollar as investors will feel that the U.S is a more stable and safer bet for their funds, so they will feel more comfortable folding funds in USD if interest rates are fairly close if not the same.

Regarding the issue with China, any bad news from China tends to be negative for the Australian Dollar as Australia exports so many goods to China so it will have an impact on the Australian economy eventually. Rising debt in China has been a concern for a long time and personally I would not be overly surprised to see Chinese debt hit the headlines on a larger scale again soon.

With this in mind we may see a tricky period for the Australian Dollar come up so there could be some great opportunities for anyone looking to buy Australian Dollars in the near future.

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Will the issues surrounding the Australian property market weaken AUD further? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate hit 1.7430 at it’s highest point during today’s session, although at the time of writing the Pound appears to have lost all of today’s earlier gains.

It’s difficult to tell which way the rate will move next, although I think that it will be underlying weakness that results in the next big move for the GBP/AUD pair as both currencies are coming under pressure for differing reasons.

China was downgraded by Moody’s (a credit rating agency) for the first time in 30 years due to slowing growth in the region although markets haven’t overreacted as a slowing in growth was inevitable.

This could spell bad news for the Aussie Dollar moving forward due to the interconnected economies (Australia and China) being quite reliant on each other. At the same time further talk of the property markets in Sydney and Melbourne overheating are surfacing again, and with a slowdown in the construction sector down under becoming a talking point as well I think there could be issues for AUD later down the line.

The Pound has also come under pressure due to the terrorist attack earlier this week, and with the election just around the corner we could see further headwinds for the Pound as we get closer to the election date (the 8th of June).

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Australian dollar falls due to China’s credit rating (Dayle Littlejohn)

This morning China’s credit rating has been cut by Moody’s by one level to A1. A1 is the fifth highest credit rating by the well established Moody’s, and indicated that the country can meet debt requirements however are susceptible to change due to economic changes.  The reason why China have been cut is that debt levels are continuing to rise and will continue to rise in a bid to keep the economy growing. Moody’s stated “Rising Debt will erode China’s credit metrics, with robust growth increasingly reliant on policy stimulus.”

The slowdown in China is having a direct impact on Australia’s largest export Iron Ore. Fortescue, on of the largest producers of Iron ore have warned that Iron prices could continue to fall in the upcoming months. Since February Iron ore has dropped from $95 dollars per tonne to $60 dollars. With this in mind I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Australian dollar lose value in the upcoming months. Good news for Aussie buyers bad news for Aussie sellers.

However when buying or selling Australian dollars it is always important to analyse the other currency you will be converting. If you are a regular reader you will know that the brokerage I work for is based in the UK and therefore I write many articles including the pound. In regards to GBPAUD exchange rates the pound is under pressure due to the upcoming UK General Election and Brexit negotiations however I wouldn’t be surprised to see a slight rise in the upcoming weeks.

The problem I have longer term for Australian dollar buyers that will be using sterling is that any point I believe Brexit negotiations could stall due to the €100bn divorce settlement. If this occurs I expect exchange rates to fall back to the levels we become accustom to over the last 6 months (1.60).

If you are buying or selling Australian dollars in the future, I would strongly recommend getting in contact to discuss your situation. The company I work offers a proactive service to offering economic information whilst having the ability to offer award winning exchange rates. Feel free to email me with your requirements along with the timescales you are working to and I will respond with my forecast and the process of using our company

Will the pound to Australian dollar rate rise or fall on the UK election?

Most reports suggest the pound is likely to rise if Theresa May wins a strong majority in the UK election on June 8th. Potentially this could see GBPAUD busting through the 1.80 level but there are of course never any guarantees with the currency markets! I am of the impression that expectations for sterling have actually been set too high and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the pound coming under pressure. I do actually feel the 1.70 level could be in focus and that after a few tricky weeks for AUD sellers the trend will now actually favour selling AUD for sterling, although of course we are unlikely to see a return to quite the same rates as we had earlier in the year.

The polls currently show Labour winning many more seats than previously expected which would see the Tory majority increase but not perhaps by as much as many believed some weeks ago. The general impression is of course a Tory and Theresa May win but, with the market pricing in a larger Tory win than expected the risk to me is to the downside, ie sterling could fall.

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UK Mourns Terror Attack – AUD Market Update (Matthew Vassallo)

The UK is in mourning once again following last night’s horrific terror attack in Manchester, the worst on these shores since the London bombings.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims involved, with the UK needing to pull together in times of such adversity.

The markets have just started to react following the disaster and as the trading day gets underway, the Pound still finds itself under pressure against the AUD.

GBP/AUD rates have dropped to 1.73, with the AUD benefiting from Sterling’s downfall. In truth, the Pound was struggling for much of yesterday, having made inroads against the AUD last week.

Sterling had threatened to make a move to 1.80, as the Pound found plenty of market support before hitting resistance under this key threshold. This negative trend was intensified yesterday, with reports surfacing that Brexit negotiations have already hit a wall already.

The UK have said they are willing to step away from negotiations, which backs up the Prime Minsters tag line that “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

The AUD gained almost two cents at yesterday’s high and the question now is whether this trend is likely to continue over the coming days?

I have continually advocated that clients look for short-term opportunities in the current market and the recent downturn is testament to this.

No one can predict exactly how a currency pair will evolve but with so much uncertainty surrounding the UK, in regards to what deal we will negotiate in our exit from the EU and upcoming general election, now is not the time to be gambling on a consistent upward trend for Sterling.

Similarly, the AUD itself is struggling again a backdrop of uncertainty. Iron Ore (Australia’s largest export) prices have fallen sharply, which is bad news for commodity and export economies such as Australia’s. The reasons attributed to this fall was put down to recent oversupply but with China’s (Australia’s main purchaser of iron ore) economy clouded in mystery, there are many variables to consider and the AUD has lost investor confidence as a result.

Whilst the current malaise is likely to restrict any major advancements for the AUD, as I’ve already alluded to investor confidence in the UK economy and the Pound, is fragile at best.

Client should look to protect their upcoming currency transfer by way of a forward contract wherever feasible and be realistic with any rates they are targeting in the current market.

If you have an upcoming GBP or AUD currency requirement and would like to be kept up to date with all the latest market movements, or simply wish to compare our award-winning exchange rates with your current provider, then please feel free to contact me on 0044 1494 787 478 and ask one of the team for Matt.

Alternatively, I can be emailed directly on

GBP AUD Exchange Rates Near to 8 Month High (James Lovick)

The Australian dollar has bene impacted by new developments of late and much of it revolves around the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) thinking. Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Philip Lowe will be speaking this evening and he is likely to reflect on the state of the economy to include the Australian housing market and future interest rate policy.

There have been recent concerns as to the health of the property market down under and suggestions are being made that mortgages offered without deposits could be the trigger for something more sinister and may have some similarities to the Sub Prime crisis in the US which triggered the financial crisis of 2008. The RBA are therefore highly unlikely to want to raise interest rates and cause a potential collapse in confidence. If anything it looks to me like an interest rate cut could be just around the corner and this could result in further dollar weakness.

Developments in the US are also helping keep pressure on the Aussie considering trade agreements are all at stake. The US only recently slapped on tariffs on Canadian lumber and there is a strong chance that other tariffs may be imposed elsewhere. The Australian dollar which is perceived as a riskier currency does not perform well under these conditions.

Those clients with a GBP AUD requirement should pay close attention to the UK general election. The pound has started to soften over the last week after the very high inflation numbers from last week showed British pockets are being squeezed by a lack of real wage growth. The week data and uncertainty of a general election are likely to keep the pressure on the pound in the run up to 8th June. Clients selling Australian dollars may see a good win opportunity in the next couple of weeks. Assuming the election result is a conservative majority as widely expected then the pound could see a good rally on the 9th June after the winning party is announced. Sellers may wish to secure before this important date in the calendar

If you would like further information on Australian dollar exchange rates or any of the major currencies and to discuss how we can assist then please feel free to contact me on 0044 1494 787 478 and ask one of the team for James. Alternatively, I can be emailed directly on

Factors impacting GBPAUD exchange rates (Dayle Littlejohn)

In recent months the Australian dollar has been losing ground against sterling for a few reasons. Firstly Iron ore prices, Australia’s largest export an a commodity that Australia heavily rely on has been falling in value. Last week Iron ore stockpiles at Chinese ports rose 1.7% to a record 134.25 million tons as of Friday, according to weekly data from Shanghai Steelhome E-Commerce Co. With reports suggestions China are having a slow down these stock piles continue to rise which in turn would have a negative impact on iron ore prices. Secondly the UK Prime Minister called for a snap election which also provided strength for the pound as a Conservative majority is likely which in turn would give the PM more power when negotiating Brexit.

However recent poor UK economic data has stopped the pound for making any further gains against the Australian dollar. The Bank of England have announced inflation is outpacing wage growth which is real problem for the UK public, however the Bank of England are not in the position to raise interest rates which would combat the inflation pressures.

Looking ahead I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Australian dollar continue to devalue as the FED are likely to raise interest rates in the upcoming months which would lead to a sell off of Australian dollars to buy US dollars and the also the problem with Iron ore is not going away. As for the UK as soon as the General Election is over Brexit negations will be in full swing.

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research have exclaimed Brexit negotiations could cause major swings for sterling exchange rates.  They told their clients they believe sterling’s good run is coming to an end. Personally I think it is impossible to predict how Brexit negotiations will unravel therefore gambling on this could go either way.

The currency company I work for has won numerous awards for exchange rates therefore it enables me to trade Australian dollars at rates better than other brokerages and high street banks. I would recommend sending an email with a brief description of your requirements and your timescales (this is very important, the length of time you have will change your options) and I will email you with my strategy and the process of using our company Alternatively if you would like to discuss your requirements over the phone call 0044 1494-787478 and ask to be put through to Dayle Littlejohn.