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Pound to Aussie Dollar hits its lowest level since April as the election approaches, will the trend continue? (Joseph Wright)

The Aussie Dollar bucked the trend today and actually gained value vs the Pound during today’s trading session.

As the election polls have swung back in favour of a Conservative majority the Pound has received a boost against most currencies, as the tightening in the polls over the past few weeks has put pressure upon the Pound as is often the case during times of political uncertainty.

The Aussie Dollar managed to buck the trend as in the early hours of this morning as both quarter-on-quarter as well as year-on-year economic growth figures (GDP) came out better than expected. This data release now means that Australia has recorded 103 successive quarters of growth which is a new global record, making the Aussie Dollar strength understandable.

Despite these figures from down under I am expecting to see the Pound climb further across the board of major currency pairs (including AUD) should the Conservative party win a majority when the election result is announced this Friday.

Another potential downside to the Aussie Dollar is the likelihood of another interest rate hike in the US which would limit demand for investors to hold funds in AUD. AUD has benefited from having such a high interest rate for a nation within the developed world, and should other nations, especially those considered less high risk such as the US, begin offering a similar or higher rate we could see a sell-off in the Aussies value due to selling pressures.

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Australian GDP provides strength for the Australian dollar (Dayle Littlejohn)

In the early hours of this morning Australia released their latest GDP numbers. As expected yearly and quarterly figures fell from previous figures however the numbers exceeded expectation. Yearly figures were released at 1.7% up 0.2%, and quarterly figures were released at 0.3, 0.1% higher than the consensus.

The Australian dollar has strengthened off the back of the next and GBPAUD exchange rates have dropped 0.65% and therefore 1 1/4 cents. To put this into monetary terms, for Australian dollars sellers buying £200,000 will now save themselves 2,500 dollars.

It’s a busy week for GBPAUD exchange rates as the UK General election is on the horizon. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are still touring the country trying to sway the undecided voter. In recent days security has been a major talking point and Jeremy Corbyn has been on the attack insisting Theresa May should resign as the Conservative parties police cuts have made the streets of the UK less safe.

Theresa May has hit back stating that the police are well resources however she has also stated that she will change human rights laws in a bid to crack down on terrorism.

Towards the end of the week I am expecting major volatility for sterling vs Australian dollar exchange rates. If Theresa May wins a majority I expect the pound to make inroads against the Australian dollar and rates to increase back towards the mid 1.70s and beyond. However any other result I believe GBPAUD will fall back towards the mid 1.60s.

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