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Where Next for the Australian Dollar – Stock Market Crash Impact (James Lovick)

The Australian dollar has seen a very volatile week with lots of events happening globally since Monday which have had a direct and considerable impact on the strength of the Aussie. The Australian dollar has come under pressure after $66 billion was wiped off Australian shares earlier in the week following a global sell off with considerable losses also seen in the US and UK stock markets.

The Australian dollar which is regarded as a commodity currency normally comes under pressure in times of global uncertainty and this happening again now. This new wave of uncertainty in the global economy could see further problems for the Australian dollar and the Aussie may have further to fall.

However the Reserve Bank of Australia may intervene before that happens and any signal from the central bank that it is keen to raise interest rates later this year could see the dollar bounce back. Clients looking to buy Australian dollars are seeing some excellent buying prices which have stemmed from the perceived extra global risk and there may be some more gains to be had in this rally. Any further shocks from the US are likely to result in further weakness for the Aussie.


Rates for GBP AUD have seen a good week with levels for this pair now sitting at around 1.77. The Bank of England meet tomorrow to discuss interest rates and any change in policy could see movement for sterling exchange rates. The Bank of England Governor however is more likely to cause a market reaction on the back on any commentary on Brexit. The central bank is unlikely to make any changes to interest rates although any suggestion that there is likely to be a rate increase later this year should help support the pound.

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Interest Rates in the UK and Australia to set the tone for GBPAUD exchange rates – Could we see GBPAUD rates move towards 1.80? (Tom Holian)

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia interest rates down under may be kept on hold for quite some time. In their most recent statement earlier this week the central bank has suggested that any change will be ‘gradual.’

The latest set of growth forecasts from the RBA will be announced on Friday and although unemployment is looking very strong in Australia there are concerns being raised that Retail Sales are struggling.

Indeed, the RBA governor Philip Lowe has said that ‘household incomes are growing slowly and debt levels are high’, which leads me to think the RBA will keep monetary policy the same until we see more positive news.

The last time we saw an interest rate hike in Australia was back in 2010 and rates have remained on hold down under now for a year and a half so don’t expect any rate changes to be coming anytime soon.

The problem for the economy in Australia is that over the years it has benefited from a higher yield in interest rates for global investors than many other developed economies.

However, with the US having increased interest rates three times during 2017 and on course to increase interest rates again in March this is leading investors to move their money away from commodity based currencies including the Australian Dollar and into the US Dollar.

Overall this is fairly good news for anyone looking to send money to Australia as it means GBPAUD exchange rates have remained positive recently and although we have seen the odd drop in rates, generally speaking the direction has been positive in Sterling’s favour.

Looking ahead to tomorrow the Bank of England are set to meet to announce their latest monetary policy decision and although no change is expected any hints of a rate hike coming further down the line to control inflation could see the Pound go in an upwards direction.

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