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A quiet week for Australian data but that does not mean the Australian Dollar will remain flat

We have not seen any major movements from the Australian Dollar against other major currencies this week, but that does no mean that the rest of the week the volatility will stay away.

Most Australian Dollar movements for the rest of the week will come from other announcements around the globe, including numerous economic data releases and speeches from the U.S.

New Federal reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is currently speaking and is also due to speak again tomorrow, due to the fact that these are his first speeches since taking control, any hint on his personal plans for fiscal policy will be of great interest to investors and speculators alike.

At present it seems that the markets are expecting three interest rate hikes from the U.S in the year ahead and should the new man in charge confirm that he plans to progress along the same lines then this may lead to the Australian Dollar losing value in the coming weeks and months.

As mentioned a number of times before on this site any further hikes in interest rates from the U.S will make their interest rate higher than that of Australia, therefore you would expect investors to shift money from the Australian Dollar into the U.S Dollar, not only to ensure that they get a better return but also due to the USD being seen as a safer haven and less volatile.

Commodity prices will still also be of great importance to those following the Australian Dollar in the year ahead and with projections of a slight drop off in commodity prices as the year progresses this could also weigh on the Australian Dollar too.

For anyone specifically with an interest in AUD/GBP no matter which way you need to move money, Friday morning will also be key for you as Prime Minister Theresa May is due to be speaking to the British public with an update on  Brexit, so this could lead to volatility for Sterling hence moving the AUD/GBP rate.

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Fed Interest Rate outlook could hurt the Australian Dollar (Daniel Johnson)

Inflation holds back RBA rate hike

GBP/AUD remains range bound at present. Sitting between 1.75-1.80. Recent news from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is that there is little chance of an interest rate hike this year. Inflation is the key restraint on a hike.

This could cause prolonged Australian dollar weakness as investors will moving to the green back. The US dollar is considered a safe haven currency and currently offers the same level of returns as the Aussie at 1.5%.

There are also several rate hikes expected by the Federal Reserve later in the year which again will push investors toward the US dollar and away from the Aussie which is considered a riskier currency.

It will be interesting to see how the newly appointed Fed chair, Jerome Powell will address interest rate policy. His tone will no doubt influence the markets as investors wait with baited breath for any news on rate policy moving forward. The current state of affairs does not bode well for the Australian Dollar, the one positive for Australian Dollar sellers buying sterling is the 1.80 resistance point remains intact at this point.

Iron Ore Pricing heavily influences

Regular readers will be fully aware of the influence Iron Ore prices can have on the Aussie. Australia’s primary export is Iron Ore and as such movements in Iron Ore price can affect the Australian Dollar. China is the main purchaser so if you have a trade involving the Australian Dollar it is worth keeping an eye on Chinese growth data.

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