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GBP AUD Exchange Rates Rally on Uncertainty for Commodity Currencies (James Lovick)

The Australian dollar has weakened again after coming under pressure from the recent trade tariffs being imposed by China and the US. The Australian dollar as a commodity currency is impacted negatively when there is a threat to global growth and that risk is very real in the current climate. With tit for tat trade tariffs being imposed by both nations there have been concerns that things could escalate and end up in a global trade war.

Chinese President Xi Jinping made a conciliatory speech this morning and even suggested opening trade which would include a reduction on import tariffs on vehicles and even hinted at encouraging imports. It follows a tweet from Trump yesterday which highlighted that China has been slapping on tariffs to the tune of 25% whilst in the US that tariff has only been 2.5%

I don’t think anyone is expecting a fully blown trade war but there is still some nervousness about the trade disputes which also moves into the realms of the NAFTA trade agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico. The Canadian dollar is another commodity currency also feeling the pinch and how Trump handles these negotiations will almost certainly have a knock on effect on the Aussie.

Those clients looking to buy Australian dollars with pounds could see some more positive movement as the trade disputes intensify but at some point an outcome should be reached and this should be beneficial for the Aussie. Rates for GBP AUD are hovering around 1.83 and are proving to be some of the best levels we have seen for some time. A rally in commodity prices on brighter global outlook could see material gains for the Aussie and reverse the good gains that have been witnessed.

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Sterling to Australian Dollar rate remains above 1.80, is a move towards 1.90 now a possibility?

The Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate has managed to hold onto the gains it made recently, which could be a key indicator for future movement between the pair.

The key level of 1.80, which had acted as a resistance for almost two-years was broken easily by the Pound as news broke that the UK and EU negotiators have come to an agreement regarding the transitional Brexit agreement.

This news boosted sentiment surrounding the Pound as it saw a boost across the board of major currency pairs, but the gains against AUD have been exaggerated as AUD has been coming under some pressure of its own.

AUD has lost its status as one of the highest yielding major currencies after the US Fed Reserve bank has begun hiking rates in the US, with plans of further hikes this year on the cards. This in-turn has made the Aussie Dollar less attractive, which has helped the Pound hit these high levels.

Despite some poor data out over the last week in the UK’s construction, manufacturing and services sectors the Pound has manged to hold on to its gains which I believe is a positive sign for the Pound moving forward.

There is quite a quiet week of data scheduled for this week out of the UK, but I do think tomorrow could be the busiest day as UK GDP and Industrial and Manufacturing production figures are set for release all before lunchtime.

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