Daily Archives: May 16, 2018

Wage growth puts further pressure on the RBA

This week Australia have released the latest quarterly wage growth numbers and Australian dollar sellers have been left disappointing. The consensus was for wages to have grown by 0.6%, however in fact wages had grown by 0.5% for the quarter. The poor wage growth numbers are keeping inflation beneath the Reserve Bank of Australia’s target which is directly having an impact on Australian dollar exchagne rates.

If wage growth numbers continue to dwindle along and inflation remains below the RBA target, policy makers will have no choice but to leave interest rates on hold at record lows and this is what many leading forecasters are predicting, which is no surprise. Speculators move their assets chasing higher returns of interest and with the US marching ahead and potentially looking to raise interest rate another couple of times this year investment is going to leave Australian shores and land in the US.

In regards to GBPAUD exchange rates the pound has been performing worse than the Australian dollar as exchange rates have dropped below 1.80. UK economic data has disappointing which has stopped the Bank of England from raising interest rates and the Brexit negotiations continue to weigh on the pounds value. Today UK Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that the UK will release a whitepaper before the June summit which will outline the UK’s full position.

When the whitepaper is released this could have a clear indication about the future path of the UK and therefore GBPAUD exchange rates. If you are converting GBPAUD within the next 3 months this event should be monitored closely. 

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Australian Dollar weakens a little as U.S Bonds continue to rise – Poor wage growth continues to be an issue

The Australian Dollar has lost a little ground in trading this week with U.S Bonds being partially to blame for the latest bout of Australian Dollar weakness. The U.S treasury yield has recently hit its highest level in 7 years and the reason this is impacting the Australian Dollar is that this is causing a large flow of money to come back out of the Australian Dollar and into the U.S Dollar, making USD more expensive to buy and AUD a lot cheaper.

Over the past few years we have seen interest rates continue to rise in the U.S and remain stable in Australia and now that the USD is seen as a more attractive and less risky investment investors are starting to make their moves and to shift money back into the Dollar.

It does not look like we will be seeing a move from the RBA to raise interest rates until next year now which in my opinion will continue to hold the Australian Dollar back. Poor wage growth figures matching the 1.9% inflation figure released have shown that workers have not seen any growth in their wages for the past year and wage growth levels are currently sat very close to historic lows.

What this means is that the general consumer has less money in their pocket to spend and therefore this can impact the economy further. It also will hold back the Reserve Bank of Australia from raising interest rates as a move to hike rates now would put homeowners under pressure, so they really are stuck at the moment as to what is the right thing to do.

I believe the RBA will continue to monitor data before rushing anything, but the signs are there for me that we may see a little Australian Dollar weakness in the coming months.

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