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Sterling suffers against AUD (Daniel Johnson)

Poor inflation and poor Retail Sales data could push back BOE rate hike

We have seen very positive news from the UK of late. We have had UK unemployment come in at a 43yr low, a rise in average wage growth and previous retail sales figures came in at 0.8%, well above the expected 0.4%.

We have also recently had news that a Brexit transitional deal has all but been agreed, with the UK having access to the single market until full exit.

GBP/AUD moved as high as the 1.84s. We have seen the Pound take losses over the last few days however. It first took a hit following a fall in inflation pushing away the probability of a rate hike from the Bank of England (BOE) in May. Inflation has now fallen below average wage growth which some may deem as positive, but if people are making more money and not spending it, it does not bode well for the UK economy.

Yesterday there was a sharp fall in retail sales. There was predicted to be a drop from 0.8% to – 0.5%, but they landed at a shocking – 1.2%. The markets remained muted, which surprised me as this surely brings into question a rate hike in May. There was little Sterling weakness.

It was a dovish speech from the Head of the BOE, Mark Carney to convince investors the hike could be put off until later in the year. The pound weakened as a result.

Despite this I still feel the Aussie is fragile. With no hikes planned by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) this year and the US dollar proving to be far more attractive to investors due to higher returns and safe haven status I am not convinced we will see GBP/AUD drop below 1.81. If I was an Australian Dollar seller buying the pound I would take advantage of current levels. Aussie Buyers aim for the 1.84s, 1.85 is proving to be a firm resistance point.

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AUD Forecast – AUD Fights Back After Recent Losses (Matthew Vassallo)

Sterling came under pressure against the AUD yesterday, following the release of the latest UK inflation data.

GBP/AUD rates have fallen back towards 1.82, a dip of almost 4 cents from last week’s high.

Inflation fell to 2.5%, which was under the markets predicted market figure of 2.7%. Whilst this could be viewed as a positive in the sense that it is creeping back towards the government’s target level of 2%, it has also dampened expectations of a prospective interest rate hike by the Bank of England (BoE).

This potential rate hike had most likely  been factored in to Sterling’s value, at least to some extent by investors, as such yesterday’s data has dampened the markets expectation and as investors have sold off their Sterling positions.

Looking at the AUD and it had started to find support against the Pound around 1.85, with the realignment welcomed by any clients looking to sell AUD.

One of the main reasons the AUD has struggled of late, is due to pressure on the global markets. Generally, when there is an upturn in global growth currencies such as the AUD will prosper as investors look towards riskier assets, with generally higher interest returns. When the global markets are under pressure, investors will move their funds away from these currencies and back into safer havens such as the USD or CHF.

President Donald Trump’s recent trade tariffs are  putting a huge strain on commodity based currencies such as the AUD, which is why clients holding AUD may wish to take advantage of the current spike and remove any market risk.

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What can we expect in the future from GBPAUD exchange rates?

GBPAUD exchange rates have been improving lately reaching some of the best rates to buy Australian dollars with pounds since the Referendum in June 2016. This is very good news for any clients looking to make an international transfer in the future as the last few months have generally been difficult for the pound. The good news may well continue further but with plenty of potential for the pound to struggle clients buying Australian dollars with pounds should I believe be thinking very carefully about what they are aiming for.

The Australian dollar has weakened as a consequence of a much stronger US dollar which is seeing investors transfer their holdings in Australian dollars through to the US dollar. With higher base interest rates than Australia the US dollar has become a much more attractive currency to hold and the previous arguments for holding onto the Australian dollar diminish.

The RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) is likely to be very much on course to be raising interest rates down the line but with the UK and also the US likely to be raising interest rates before the RBA, the prospect for the Aussie to weaken further seems high. Expectations for the GBPAUD rate are in my opinion that it will rise further so if you are looking for any transfers in the future and wish for updates on what is likely to happen, please contact myself, Jonathan Watson, directly.

Please email for more information and thank you for getting in touch.

Pound to Australian Dollar rate trading at annual high, will the pair now climb higher? (Joseph Wright)

The exchange rate for changing Pounds into Aussie Dollars has traded within half-a-cent from its annual high today, as the almost hit 1.85 again during today’s trading session.

As many of our regular readers will be aware, sentiment surrounding the Pound has improved quite considerably recently after roughly a month ago the UK and EU Brexit negotiators came to an agreement regarding the Brexit transitional deal. This was a topic that limited the Pound’s value prior tot he agreement, as there were concerns that there would be a Hard Brexit which most likely would’ve resulted in a weaker Pound due to the shock to the UK economy.

Now that there is likely to be an interest rate hike from the Bank of England next month, sentiment is improving as the UK economy is showing signs of picking up, even if the Brexit has slowed the economy somewhat.

Moving forward, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pound climb from its current levels as I think AUD will continue to lose value throughout the year. Now that the Fed Reserve has begun hiking interest rates in the US, AUD is likely to lose some of its attractiveness as it will no longer be offering one of the highest interest rates within the developed world. At the same time trade tensions between the US and China are likely to limit upside for AUD in my opinion.

There are expectations that the Reserve Bank of Australia will increase interest rates to 1.75% at the end of this year, although up until this stage the RBA has been skeptical due to the overheating property market down under, particularly on the East coast. With the RBA being weary of the effects this could have on the Australian economy, I think they will leave it late before making an amendment.

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GBP/AUD – Is there the chance for further gains for the Pound? (Daniel Johnson)

Are we now witnessing new Buoyancy levels on GBP/AUD?

Sterling has advanced considerably against the Aussie of late due to several contributing factors. UK retail sales was impressive, figures sat at – 0.2% and were predicted to land at 0.4%. They came in at 0.8%. We also saw UK average wage growth move closer to parity with inflation which is a  sign of a very healthy economy.

There was already the strong possibility of an interest  rate hike from the Bank of England (BOE), but these date means it is almost a certainty.

It has also been confirmed the UK will have access to the single market during the Brexit transitional period  which will relieve a great number of UK firms.

On the back of this GBP/AUD went as high as 1.85, but quickly retracted. I am of the opinion this will be a new resistance point on GBP/AUD so if you are an AUD buyer and you have to move short term I would consider moving in the 1.84s.

The Aussie is losing its attraction to it’s investors due to the US now offering higher returns and future rate hikes. I am of the opinion the hike by the Federal Reserve however are already factored into current levels.

Be sure to keep an eye on Australia’s primary export, Iron Ore. china is the main purchaser and the current trade war with the US could well influence AUD value.

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Will GBPAUD rates remain above 1.80?

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has been above 1.80 comfortably now for a period and the outlook is now much more positive for the future. The Australian dollar has been losing its shine as investors look for more profitable avenues overseas which include the US dollar. A key driver of late on GBPAUD has been the interest rate changes in the US and the UK, with them hiking, as in the US, or on the way to hiking – the UK.

This difference in outlook compared to the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) who are currently refraining from hiking has allowed big movements on the pound and US dollar against the Aussie. The RBA has been monitored very closely over its performance and attitudes to raising interest rates and this will likely continue to be a feature in the coming months.

Generally speaking, I would imagine the RBA will continue to be soft in its assessments moving forwards and this will keep the Australian dollar on the weaker side. Despite this, the Aussie may well find some favour if there are any unexpected twists and turns or bumps in the road on the US and UK path to raising interest rates.

Another factor which will likely weigh on the GBPAUD rate will be the progress on Brexit which could see the pound to Australian dollar rate fall below 1.80 if there are further troubles over the Irish border or concerns over what type of trade deal the UK will get. Any surprisingly strong data from down under might see the Australian dollar fight back against sterling too.

In April I expect a range between 1.78-1.85 as the conditions that have seen us hit the current rates of exchange continue to act as a driver on the pair. Thank you for reading and if you have any upcoming transactions and wish for some insight and information on achieving the best rates of exchange, please do get in touch with me Jonathan Watson by emailing directly.

Australian Dollar exchange rates look ahead to RBA interest rate for next stages of movement

Australian Dollar exchange rates have weakened against a basket of major currencies this week so far and depending on just what we hear back from the RBA during their interest rate decision and monetary policy statement next week. Expectations are for no change to interest rates either at this particular decision or for the coming months but what will be key for the Australian Dollar will be the comments in the monetary policy statement afterwards, and the tone taken by the RBA.

Recent comments from the RBA have suggested that they are not happy with Australian economic data at present and that this will hold them back from looking to raise rates in the near future. This is slowly dropping Australia behind, investors are pulling their money out of the Australian Dollar to seek higher returns elsewhere, for example moving money into U.S Dollars where the interest rate is now higher and the currency is perceived as a safer option.

One of the key issues for the RBA at present is the fact that average earnings/wage growth is not picking up at the pace they would like it to. This causes an issue as if the general consumer’s earnings are not moving up in line with inflation, then essentially people are going to have less money in their pocket to spend which leads to the economy weakening slightly.

This issue has been quite common around the globe, however many other regions are now starting to find that their average earnings figures are rising which is giving them more room to raise interest rates which is why the Australian Dollar is starting to suffer as a result.

My personal view has been that we will have a weak year for the Australian Dollar this year, and I have been saying that for a number of months now. It does appear at present that these predictions are starting to come true.

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Get the most out of your Australian Dollar exchange rate – How we can help

With very little in terms of economic data out to impact Australian Dollar exchange rates this week I thought I would remind our regular readers that not only can we offer up to date and informative market information but all the writers on this site also work for a currency brokerage too.

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Will GBPAUD remain above 1.80?

The pound to Australian dollar rate is looking like it might rise further in the future so for clients looking to sell AUD for pounds a quick move is probably sensible. With the levels now safely above 1.80 fr over a week the prospect for it to dip back below 1.80 seems unlikely. Overall the expectation for clients who will need to buy pounds with Aussies is that moving sooner will probably be best.

We learned this week that the pound should find more favour against the Australian dollar on the back of improved expectations relating to the prospect of interest rate rises. The GBPAUD rate was dealt a double whammy when the US raised interest rates but also confirmed extra buoyancy in future hikes which has kept the AUD weaker against both currencies.

We learned very recently that the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) will be looking less likely to raise interest rates in the future, this has seen the Australian currency weaker. Interest rates are a major barometer of what will happen to a currency in the future, the expectations that the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England will raise interest rates ahead of the RBA is putting the Aussie on the back foot.

The next stages of progress will be made in the coming weeks, any surprise twists and turns on Brexit could unsettle the pound GBPAUD rate but the overall impression looks more positive. If you have a transfer buying or selling pounds and Australian dollars making plans ahead of any spike is the best course of action.

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Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Australian Dollar still losing ground against most currencies – Interest rates are key globally

The Australian Dollar is not having a great run of things lately, as numerous economies appear to picking up and the U.S have once again raised interest rates, bring them ahead of the current rate in Australia.

The reason this current movement is important is that U.S interest rates are now higher than interest rates in Australia, so what essentially happens is investors will move their funds out of the Australian Dollar and into the U.S Dollar, as it offers a more attractive return on their money and is seen as a more stable currency.

The outlook for Australian interest rates still does not suggest any hike in the near term, however the Federal Reserve in the States did dampen expectations a little for the year ahead in last nights monetary policy statement.

I still feel there is further room for Australian Dollar weakness in the coming weeks, most notably we have seen a big movement for Sterling against the Australian Dollar over the past week or so, breaking through the key level of 1.80 and not stopping there.

Sterling is on a good run at present, and now that average earnings figures have fallen in line with inflation there is room for interest rates in the U.K to start coming up again too, the Bank of England interest rate decision later this morning will be key and so will the minutes from the meeting, as they may give an indication on future plans.

If you are in the position that you may need to carry out a currency exchange in the coming days, weeks or months ahead then it is well worth getting in contact with me directly, you can email me (Daniel Wright) on and I will be more than happy to contact you directly with live quotes and to help you develop a strategy as to how to move forward with your transaction.