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US/China Trade War hurting AUD (Daniel Johnson)

Australian Dollar Forecast

AUD  has proved fragile of late due to several contributing factors. There are domestic issues, such as the high value of living in high wage growth areas. This is causing Australian residents to cut back on retail spending. One of the key issues at present is the knock on effect from the US/China trade war.

Australia has a heavy reliance on China purchasing its’s goods and any effect on Chinese growth can have ramifications on the Australian economy. As the trade war escalates so does the potential for the Australian dollar to weaken. President Trump has recently implemented a further 10% tariff on $300bln worth of Chinese products. The Chinese have retaliated by urging  Chinese businesses  to cease purchasing US agricultural products.

Goldman Sachs believe the trade war could continue for some time which does not bode well for the global economy let alone for Australia who has close economic ties with China.

There is the possibility of further interest rate cuts from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) in 2019 according to the bank Governor, Philip Lowe. This could cause movement for the Australian dollar.

Despite the problems surrounding the Australian economy unfortunately it seems that the problems surrounding Brexit outweigh those down under. Until there is some sort of clarity surrounding the Brexit debacle, I can find  little reason to justify significant gains for the pound.

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Australian Dollar under pressure against the Pound owing to Chinese data

The Australian Dollar has experienced a problem in recent times vs the Pound owing to a number of different factors.

The Australian economy is currently under pressure domestically caused by the cost of living in high wage growth areas.

This is causing Australian citizens to limit their spending but I think the main issue is that of the uncertainty caused by what is happening with the ongoing US China Trade wars.

Australia is heavily reliant on what happens in the world’s second leading economy so any negative effects on Chinese growth can cause problems for the Australian economy.

US President Donald Trump has recently imposed another tariff, this time totaling 10% on US$300bn worth of Chinese goods. This has caused the Chinese to retaliate by attempting to stop Chinese companies from buying agricultural products in the US.

In the meantime Goldman Sachs have suggested that the trade war could continue to rumble on which does not bode well for the Australian economy and therefore this could continue to negatively impact the Australian Dollar vs the Pound.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut interest rates a couple of times already this year and I think we could see more rate cuts coming in the future especially if economic data continues to see a slow down in Australia.

On Thursday, Australia will release it latest unemployment figures. Expectations are for a figure of 5.2% in July so anything different could cause movement for GBPAUD exchange rates. Therefore, if you’re planning a currency transfer involving Australian Dollars in the near future make sure you pay close attention to the data.

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Pound to Australian Dollar Forecast (Daniel Johnson)

Inflation & US/China trade war a concern for Australian Dollar Investors

The Pound has lost ground against the Australian Dollar of late which can be largely attributed to the lack of clarity surrounding Brexit.  Australia has had it’s own trouble however.  Inflation continues to be a problem down under and it is still some way behind the Reserve Bank of Australia’s  (RBA) 2-3% target. The RBA cut rates earlier in the year to 1% in an attempt to combat inflation and there is the possibility of further rate cuts during 2019. The next interest rate decision is due during the early hours of tomorrow and although rates are expected to remain unchanged the statement following the decision from the RBA could influence markets if it is again reiterated there is the possibility of further cuts later down the road.

The heavy reliance on China purchasing Australia’s exports is also causing problems for the Australian Dollar. As the US impose increased tariffs on China, China’s growth slows which in turn has a knock on effect to the Australian economy. Investors are choosing to move away from riskier commodity based currencies in favour of save haven currencies such as the Swiss Franc or US Dollar.

Increasing probability of a Brexit No Deal

Despite the problems in Australia, Sterling still could face further losses. Boris continues to threaten no deal and stated last week he would be ‘turbocharging’ preparations to leave the EU without a deal. Boris is using the threat of a no deal as ammunition to gain a more favourable deal on Brexit. Basically speaking however, the higher the probability of a no deal the weaker you would expect the Pound to become. Brussels stance remains unchanged again reiterating there will be no concessions to the current deal on the table. It is not in Brussels interest to let the UK leave with a decent deal, they do not want other members of the bloc to consider following suit.

The timeline is also a concern. The parliamentary recess concludes 3rd September leaving less than 8 weeks to get a deal in place, keep in mind Theresa May had two and a half years. According to Bet Fair there is a 57% chance of a general election, if you look at when previous elections have taken place the currency in question tends to considerably weaken.  The British 2010 general election serves as testament to this.

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Australian dollar forecast – Will the Aussie weaken?

The Australian dollar has been stronger in recent weeks as investors back the currency, following a series of events which were originally predicted to weaken the currency. Firstly, we saw the trade wars of the last 2 years escalating to the point the Australian central bank were keen to cut interest rates. This saw pound to Australian dollar exchange rates rise to almost 1.88 on the interbank rate. We are currently 1.77, and part of the reason for this is a much stronger Australian currency.

The pound has also weakened following the continued uncertainty relating to the Brexit, which so far has seen the pound losing value as no-deal Brexit becomes more likely, as both Conservative leadership candidates look to keep a no-deal Brexit as an option. It has been said Boris is perhaps more keen on no-deal, with the possibility of him as leader opening a greater prospect of this market viewed, potentially pound sinking option.

This week will see increased news also on Australian interest rate prospects, with the latest Speech by RBA (Reserve Bank Australia) Assistant Governor Kent potentially offering up some news. The market is eagerly awaiting to see if the RBA will be looking to cut levels again in the future, the market has been getting mioxed signals with Chinese growth coming in at 27-year low, but still continuing world beating growth and creating demand for Australian exports.

GBPAUD levels could be influenced by the latest news on the Brexit from the new UK Prime Minister, who will be announced tomorrow morning, before being sworn in on Wednesday evening with a speech planned for around 5pm. Any clients with an interest in GBPAUD exchange rates have plenty of news to be conscious of for this week ahead, please do contact our team to learn more.

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Pound to Australian Dollar Forecast – GBP AUD rises over 1.80 after Weak Consumer Confidence

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has pushed slightly higher breaking over 1.80 again for the GBP to AUD pair. The National Australia Bank’s business survey yesterday disappointed the markets and has placed some pressure on the Australian dollar. However the Westpac consumer confidence numbers for July released overnight took a major fall into negative territory at -4.1%. The particularly low numbers signal a bumpy ride ahead with consumer confidence running low.

The weak numbers follow two consecutive interest rate cuts from the Reserve Bank of Australia although these cuts may take some time before any improvement in the economy is seen. The AUD to GBP pairing is likely to now be heavily influenced by any developments with the ongoing US China trade war and also the outcome from the next US Federal Reserve meeting later this month. The US Fed are widely tipped to cut interest rates at the July meeting and there are some expectations that there could even be a 50 basis point rate cut.

The Australian dollar as commodity currency will likely be impacted by any such move although the markets would appear to have started adjusting and pricing in prior to the event. In Australia, rates now sit at just 1%, the lowest on record and substantially lower than the average base rate which has been 4.39% since 1990. With rates so low the Australian dollar is currently disregarded as a high yielding currency and so there could be further weakness for the Aussie.

Brexit meanwhile continues to be the single biggest driver for sterling exchange rates and the GBP vs AUD pair. As the two Conservative runners battle it out for the top job the pound is likely to see a very volatile few months ahead. The new Prime Minister is expected to be announced 23rd July and the course of action he takes on Brexit will likely dictate the direction of travel for the pound vs Australian dollar. Any further rhetoric of a no deal Brexit is only likely to help see the pound weaken further. The fact that the favourite Boris Johnson has made so clear that Britain must leave the EU by 31st October with or without a deal is likely to be the main talking point for these coming months ahead of the deadline.

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Further rate cuts from the RBA could push AUD exchange rates lower, even against the struggling Pound!

The Australian economy is continuing to show signs of struggling despite the Reserve Bank of Australia’s efforts to mitigate the slowdown, after the RBA cut rates down to the lowest level in it’s history at the beginning of last month. As it stands the base rate of interest sits at 1.25% and there are some market commentators that now believe that the rate could be cut again at least once this year, which some outlining the next cut coming as soon as next month on the 18th of July, which will be the central banks next opportunity to make the decision.

Westpac Bank, which is one of the biggest lenders down under believes that there could be two cuts this year, which demonstrates the perceived weakness in the outlook for the Aussie economy moving forward. Inflation levels are stagnant in Australia and the unemployment level has also been picking up. Property prices have dropped quite dramatically throughout the major cities also and there are no concerns surrounding the construction sector so we could continue to see a sell off in the AUD’s value if these predictions materialise.

The main driver of the Pound will continue to be the Conservative leadership contest which will determine the UK’s next Prime Minister, and also the route for Brexit. Boris Johnson remains the frontrunner, and his outlook differs from that of Jeremy Hunt’s so we could see volatility for the Pound regarding this matter.

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Australian dollar news

The Australian dollar had a strong Monday trading session, strengthening against its US and sterling counterparts. Investors are looking ahead to Presidents Donald Trump of the US and Xi Jinping of China’s meeting at the summit this week on the 28th and 29th. Donald Trump took to his twitter account last week to announce that talks had been positive and would resume this week. The Chinese economy has been slowing of late due to the ongoing trade war, and this is having a direct impact on the Australian dollar. If talks this week are positive, even though a deal is unlikely, the Australian dollar should benefit.

However the problem for the Australian dollar is that the markets are expecting another interest rate cut next month due to weak wages, employment and inflation data. Furthermore the RBA have even hinted to using other measures to stimulate the economy and I expect this would be quantitative easing (printing money). History tells us when a central bank cuts interest rates investors tend to shy away from that particular currency, therefore the Australian dollar is set to face a tough time in the upcoming weeks.

In regards to the pound vs Australian dollar, the ongoing embarrassment which is British politics seem to keep stealing the headlines and therefore driving the price of GBPAUD. Boris Johnson is still the front runner to become the next PM and therefore the chances of crashing out of the EU remain high. On the 22nd July we will find out if Mr Johnson is set to take over No10, and the weeks thereafter will be extremely important for the future price of the pound.

Since the UK voted out of the EU the pound to Australian dollar mid market rate dropped just below 1.60. My personal opinion is that we will see a snap General Election before a crash out Brexit, however if I am wrong I wouldn’t be surprised to the see pound fall further than 1.60 before the end of the year.

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Pound to Australian Dollar Forecast – Further interest rate cuts planned in Australia

Will Boris be the next Prime Minister?

The Tory leadership election is now down to the final two with Boris Johnson due to go head to head with Jeremy Hunt.

Johnson has been the clear leader since the votes began and the strong likelihood is that he’ll become the new Tory leader when it is officially announced on 22nd July. Johnson won the ballot with 160 votes compared to Hunt with 77. Therefore, unless Johnson makes a calamity in the next month I cannot see why he won’t win.

This has given the Pound some support against a number of different currencies but we are still in a fairly uncertain period for the Pound as we still do not what will happen with Brexit.

Australian interest rates to be cut again in 2019

In the meantime turning the focus back towards what is happening in Australia and things are not going well down under.

Following the federal election which gave the Australian Dollar a brief period of respite the currency has started to weaken again.

The Australian Dollar is close to its lowest level against the US Dollar in history and has started to weaken once again vs the Pound.

Blackrock Inc has shorted the Australian Dollar as they expect that the Reserve Bank of Australia will cut interest rates to 0.5% from the current levels of 1.25%. Australia has been one of the benefactors of having a highly competitive interest rate so with further interest rate cuts expected I think this could have a big impact on the value of the Australian Dollar.

The Australian Dollar has also felt the impact of the ongoing US-China trade wars which appear to have little signs of ending soon. As China is one of Australia’s leading trading partners any slowdown in the world’s second largest economy can often effect the value of the Australian Dollar.

RBA governor Philip Lowe has claimed that the most recent interest rate cut was an attempt to cut unemployment levels as well as helping inflation but I agree with both Blackrock and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia that there are further interest rate cuts coming during 2019.

Therefore, if you’re considering selling Australian Dollars it may be worth getting things organised in the near future.

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Tom Holian

Reserve Bank of Australia to drive Australian exchange rates

The Australian dollar has been struggling of late and is close to the lowest levels in a decade against its US dollar counterpart. The Reserve Bank of Australia only recently cut interest rates and further cuts are on the horizon. The central bank also hinted that other stimulus measures could be used in a bid to stimulate economic growth. Furthermore, the deputy Governor Guy Debelle earlier in the year stated that quantitative easing would be a good way to stimulate the economy. History tell us that if a central bank starts a QE program it causes the currency to devalue. For clients selling Australian dollars to buy another currency, its crucial that you keep an eye and understand the RBA next move. If you would like further information on the RBA feel free to contact me on the email below.

How will the Australian dollar perform against the pound?

Even though the Australasian dollar is set for a tough 12 months, the pound has problems of its own. Brexiteer Boris Johnson is the favourite to be the next Prime Minister and its clear that he will take a different approach compared to outgoing Theresa May. A crash out no deal Brexit is looking more likely by the day and consequently the pound is losing further value. As we approach the October deadline, if a deal isn’t in place I expect GBPAUD to fall.

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Australian Growth data causes Investor Concern (Daniel Johnson)

Pound to Australian Dollar Forecast

The Australian Dollar has suffered of late due to several contributing factors. The most significant catalyst for the fall in Australian Dollar value is the US/China trade war. Australia is heavily reliant on China purchasing it’s goods and due to this any slow down in growth in China will have an impact on the Australian Dollar.

The Trump administration has placed significant tariffs on Chinese goods and China has retaliated with it’s own tariffs. The trade war is set to escalate and could be ongoing which does not bode well for the Aussie. Iron ore is Australia’s primary export to China and at present demand remains healthy which is good news for the Aussie, that is not to say this situation will last however.

Due to global economic uncertainty investors are choosing to shy away from riskier commodity based currencies such as AUD in favour of safe haven currencies such as the Swiss Franc and the US Dollar.

There are economic problems down under such as consumer spending and the cost of living in high wage growth areas such as Sydney and Melbourne. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) took the decision to cut interest rates this month to 1.25% and there is the potential for further cuts.

The Australian economy is growing at its slowest rate in almost a decade, which has fuelled speculation surrounding how long Australia will sustain its run of over 27 years without a recession.

Despite the situation down under I believe the  problems in the UK outweigh that of those down under. We currently have no PM and are in complete Brexit limbo. If Boris gets in the probability of a no deal could increase as he will be using this scenario as a bargaining chip to get a better deal from Brussels. A no deal is the investors worst fear and has the potential to cause further woes for Sterling.

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