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Turkish situation helps the Pound (Daniel Johnson)

GBP/AUD – Sterling has gained ground against against the Aussie of late. I would not put this down to Sterling strength however. I think the rise in the Pounds value can be attributed to a lack of investor confidence in commodity based currencies following the situation in Turkey.

With the severe fall in Turkish Lira and the lack of monetary policy intervention investors have been seeking safe haven investments. If the US-Turkish trade war escalates this could again have knock on affects to the Australian Dollar. We have seen the situation ease in the last 24hrs as Qatar have offered financial support to Turkey.

Despite the Australian monetary policy outlook not being particularly favorable the uncertainty on the Brexit situation outweighs any concerns for the Australian economy.

GBP/AUD now sits just above 1.75. I believe there is potential for Sterling to fall further due to the lack of clarity surrounding Brexit. With a “no deal” scenario still a possibility the Pound remains anchored at low levels against the majority of major currencies.

If you have to move short term buying the Aussie I would take advantage of current levels.

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AUD Forecast – Economic Crisis in Turkey is Negatively Impacting the AUD (Matthew Vassallo)

Sterling has made inroads against its AUD counterpart over the past few days, with GBP/AUD rates moving back above 1.76.

The AUD and other commodity-based currencies have seen their value dip, since the Turkish economic crisis deepened towards the later part of last week.

The Turkish Lira (TYR) has hit record lows against the USD, with inflation levels in Turkey hitting a staggering figure of 15%. The Turkish stock market has fallen by over 17%, causing investors to panic, whilst also sapping their risk appetite.

When the global markets stutter and investors risk appetite falls, usually commodity-based currencies feel the negative effects first. These are considered riskier assets by investors, which are generally sold-off in times of global market uncertainty. This is one of the reasons why the Pound has made inroads against the AUD over the past few days but the key question now, is how much higher is Sterling likely to go?

With UK Prime Minister Theresa May on holiday, Brexit talks will remain on hold until her return. This means that the current crisis in Turkey is likely to dominate headlines over the coming days, which could lead to further pressure on the AUD.

The UK economy also received a boost this morning, following the release of the latest UK Unemployment data. The official Unemployment Rate fell to 4%, which could also help to support GBP around its current levels.

Moving forward and the markets concerns over Brexit have not disappeared and are likely to resurface before long. Therefore, if I was holding Sterling and looking to buy AUD, I would be keeping a close eye on market developments in the short-term, rather than holding out for any longer-term sustainable gains.

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GBP/AUD – Breakthrough in Brexit Talks? (Daniel Johnson)

GBP/AUD – Reports yesterday emerged which indicate the EU could provide concessions on the Brexit deal. There could be the possibility that the UK  will have access to the single market for goods and services whilst opting out of the free movement of people. The UK would have to replicate all EU social, environmental  and customs laws.

We did see Sterling strengthen slightly, but firm news will be needed to see substantial gains. There is still the possibility of a “no deal” scenario which is keeping Sterling anchored against he majority of major currencies. Trade Secretary,  Liam Fox recently stated he believes there is a 60% chance of a “no deal” which hit the Pound hard.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to keep interest rates on hold this week and the speech relating to the decision by RBA Governor , Philip Lowe was slightly pessimistic which would normally cause AUD weakness. This was not the case against Sterling however, Brexit uncertainty outweighed the poor monetary policy outlook from down under and Sterling continued to suffer. This is a very worrying market reaction and shows the lack of investor confidence in Sterling.

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Sterling Falls Lower against Australian Dollar – Brexit Jitters (James Lovick)

The pound has fallen even lower against the Australian dollar with rates briefly falling below 1.73 for the GBP AUD pair. The Australian dollar outlook isn’t looking that great at the moment with the ongoing trade war between the US and China. Only yesterday the US agreed a further 25% tariff on Chinese imports worth $60 billion. China is likely to retaliate further and it has even been reported that President Donald Trump is considering putting tariffs on everything the US imports from China which equates to about $500 billion. Already the Chinese stock markets are taking the brunt of this and if China does move into a downturn then this could end up harming the Australian dollar. Australia’s major export iron ore is sent to China in large volumes for steel production and so any global slowdown could see demand for this commodity fall sharply proving negative for the Aussie as a commodity currency.

The Reserve bank of Australia will be releasing the Monetary Policy Statement tomorrow which could offer some more clues as to when then the central bank may look to raise interest rates again. Although the next move is anticipated to be upwards the next hike is likely to be someway off yet.

Despite the above the pound has still managed to fall considerably lower against the Australian dollar this week although this is down to Brexit uncertainty in the UK following comments from both Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and Trade Secretary Liam Fox. Both have suggested there is a strong likelihood of a no deal Brexit which is spooking the markets and seeing the pound tumble. Until clarity is offered which is not likely to come until after the summer parliamentary recess the pound could see further losses. If the UK & EU cannot agree in the coming months on a withdrawal agreement then sterling is likely to fall lower.

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GBP/AUD Forecast – AUD Makes Gains Against Sterling as Brexit Crisp Deepens (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/AUD rates have fallen by over 4 cents in the past week, as fears over a no-Brexit deal continue to intensify.

Reports this week have indicated that there could be a 60% chance that no deal is reached, a scenario that could have potentially devastating consequences for the UK economy.

Sterling had been trading above 1.78 last week but has fallen below 1.74 during this morning’s trading. It is clear that investor confidence in the UK economy is on the slide, with the Pound coming under pressure against all of the major currencies, including the AUD.

Those clients holding the Australian Dollar have been given some respite, with the AUD finding some much-needed support over the past couple of weeks.

Whilst its value has been somewhat artificially boosted following a sell-off of Sterling positions, there seems to have been a cooling of the trade standoff between the US & China (Australia’s largest trade partner). President Donald Trump has turned his attentions to Iran, hitting the country with increased sanction, whilst also vowing to alienate any country or company who attempts to do does business with them.

This in turn has moved the markets focus away from the US’s trade standoff with China, as such boosting global market confidence. When this happens, investors risk appetite goes up and commodity-based currencies such as the AUD can benefit.

The AUD’s run has continued, hitting 1.7346 against Sterling at its high this afternoon. This level seems to offer good value for those clients selling AUD, especially when you consider it’s recent woes.

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Australian dollar rises slightly on RBA decision and a more positive outlook!

The Australian dollar has strengthened slightly on a more positive backing from the RBA, Reserve Bank of Australia. By not being too dovish or soft in their outlook, the Australian dollar has risen. The market is loosely expecting an interest rate hike in the future but this could now be as far ahead as 2020! Some had expected the RBA to be more negative last night, however they were quite positive about the Australian economy.

This has seen the Aussie dollar rise against all currencies, notably the pound and even the US dollar. GBPAUD has been driven into the 1.74’s whilst AUDUSD has risen to 0.7430. Expectations for the Australian dollar centre around the progress of their economy, Governor Lowe will give a speech later this week which could see further news to move the Australian dollar.

Last night’s interest rate decision moved the market as it was more positive than many had expected. It is now believed that in the future the global trade wars which have been raised as a concern which might negatively impact the Australian dollar, may not been such bad news. Tracking the data from China and the commentary from the RBA shows that perhaps this issue will not be as detrimental for the Australian dollar as believed.

Whilst stating they were not overly concerned at the moment from the slowdown in China, this was highlighted as a potential issue for the future and this could well be something that weakens the Australian dollar in the future.

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Australian Dollar Boosted on Stronger Retail Sales (James Lovick)

The Australian dollar has been boosted following a jump higher in Australian retail sales which saw the best performance in over a year. The better data signals a buoyant consumer market which should lend support to the Australian economy. The numbers jumped 1.2% for the last quarter which is considerably higher than the 0.8% that was expected and welcome news in that Australia has also suffered with weak wage growth which has been squeezing pockets down under.

The Reserve Bank of Australia meet on Tuesday to discuss interest rates although there is unlikely to be any change at this meeting. Interest rates are currently set at 1.5% and whilst no change is expected any comments following the meeting from RBA Governor Philip Lowe could see a market reaction for the Aussie.

Rates for GBP AUD are currently hovering around 1.75 for the pair and testing the lower levels seen in its recent range. Much of the slide has stemmed from the uncertainty in the UK over Brexit in recent weeks. Despite an interest rate increase last week from the Bank of England the pound has actually fallen after Governor Mark Carney suggested that the chance of a no deal Brexit was uncomfortably high. The pound has been trading on the back foot following on from his comments which have made the markets uneasy hearing this from the top. Until clarity is offered the pound is likely to remain under pressure against the Aussie. There is currently a good opportunity to sell Australian dollars for pounds and any additional uncertainty on Brexit could see the pound weaken further. British politics have gone into sleep mode with the summer parliamentary recess but expect more volatility for the pound towards the end of the month.

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Australian Dollar still weakens as ASX falls due to U.S-China trade tensions

The Australian Dollar has had another fairly tough week against most major currencies, with the main reason being put down once again to the growing trade tensions between the U.S and China that do not appear to be going away soon.

These tensions are also weighing on the Australian share market, with commodities prices losing value the higher the tensions are.

U.S proposals are still not being taken well by China and the threats from China to take countermeasures are merely adding to global investors steering away from the perceived risk of the Australian Dollar and moving into safer haven currencies.

I have personally felt that the Australian Dollar would be in for a tough time for a while now, it is still managing to hold it’s ground at the moment with everything being taken into account, but I do feel that the issues with China will continue to weigh on the value of the Australian Dollar, not just the trade wars but also the growing levels of debt in the Chinese economy which have been a problem for quite some time now.

As many regular readers will know Chinese issues can impact the value of the Australian Dollar due to the sheer volume of goods and services that China import from Australia and also the huge amount of tourism that China provides to the Australian economy too.

All eyes will continue to be on Trump’s next move and also the U.S data release which is Non-Farm payroll data due out during trading on Friday. This release can impact global attitude to risk therefore can impact the value of the Australian Dollar too.

If you have a transaction to carry out involving exchanging Australian Dollars into any major currency, or buying Australian Dollars with any major currency then it would be well worth getting in touch with me directly.

You can contact me, Daniel Wright on if you would like more information on how I can help you and I will be happy to get in touch personally.

BOE Interest Rate Decision (Daniel Johnson)

GBP/AUD – Tomorrow we will see the Bank of England (BOE) interest rate decision. There is a high probability of a hike to 0.75% although personally I feel it would not be justified. There has been several poor data releases, average wage growth has fallen along with retail sales. Unemployment is being lauded as the lowest in over forty years, this however is misleading as current data includes zero hour contracts which is far from a stable form of employment.

Be wary of thinking a hike could strengthen the pound. The market moves on rumour as well as fact so it could well be the case that you will not see Sterling rally if a hike goes through. The real market mover will be Mark Carney’s speech following the decision. This is where he will discuss future monetary policy, if a hike goes ahead Carney could indicate that there will be any further rate hikes for the foreseeable future.

If this does occur we could see Sterling weakness following the decision.

GBP/AUD still remains range bound between 1.75-1.80. The Aussie is currently being held back by the ongoing trade war between the US and China. Australia is heavily reliant on China purchasing it’s exports. China’s growth could be effected by the trade war which in turn will hit the Australian economy. Investors are moving from riskier commodity based currencies to safe haven currencies. The US Dollar is currently the destination of choice despite the US involvement in trade wars on several fronts. Ten year treasury bonds are currently offering the best returns in years and interest rate levels are impressive, there could also be further hikes from the Federal Reserve this year.

If you have to move short term buying AUD aim to move if Interbank is in the 1.78s.

If you have a currency requirement I will be happy to assist. It is crucial to be in touch with an experienced broker if you wish to maximise your return. If you let me know the details of your trade I will endeavour to produce a free, no obligation trading strategy for you. If you have a trade to perform I will also happily provide a free quote and I am confident our rates are among the best in the industry. I would be willing to demonstrate this in form of a comparison with any competitor. You can trade in safety knowing you are dealing with company FCA registered and one that has been trading for 16yrs. Foreign Currency Direct PLC.

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Will the Bank of England increase interest rates and what will happen to the Pound vs the Australian Dollar?

The big news this week for anyone looking to make a transfer with Australian Dollars and Sterling will be the latest interest rate decision due to be released on Thursday by the Bank of England.

The chances have been increasing recently that the central bank will be looking to increase interest rates in the UK as inflation still remains relatively high. UK mortgage approvals have also gone up recently with the number of approved mortgages having risen to a 5 month high combined with a 2 year high for consumer confidence.

However, I think there could be more reasons behind a rate hike than just inflation.

If we cast our minds back to what happened two years ago the Bank of England slashed interest rates very quickly after the Brexit vote in order to stabilise the economy and encourage consumer spending.

Therefore, I think an interest rate hike this week could happen in order to allow the BoE room to cut rates next year if the Brexit talks go badly and we are left with a ‘no deal’ situation.

Even if we do see a rate hike we may not see the usual increase in the value of the Pound vs the Australian Dollar as it will be the accompanying statement and press conference held by the Bank of England governor that will likely affect the value of the Pound vs the Australian Dollar.

Carney has often been a big critic of Brexit and warned that this could cause a lot of pressure on the British economy so I think the rate hike will be closely followed by a rather dovish tone and this could hold back any Sterling advances against the Australian Dollar.

If you would like a free quote when exchanging Australian Dollars or further information then contact me directly and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Holian