Australian dollar forecast – Will the Aussie weaken?

The Australian dollar has been stronger in recent weeks as investors back the currency, following a series of events which were originally predicted to weaken the currency. Firstly, we saw the trade wars of the last 2 years escalating to the point the Australian central bank were keen to cut interest rates. This saw pound to Australian dollar exchange rates rise to almost 1.88 on the interbank rate. We are currently 1.77, and part of the reason for this is a much stronger Australian currency.

The pound has also weakened following the continued uncertainty relating to the Brexit, which so far has seen the pound losing value as no-deal Brexit becomes more likely, as both Conservative leadership candidates look to keep a no-deal Brexit as an option. It has been said Boris is perhaps more keen on no-deal, with the possibility of him as leader opening a greater prospect of this market viewed, potentially pound sinking option.

This week will see increased news also on Australian interest rate prospects, with the latest Speech by RBA (Reserve Bank Australia) Assistant Governor Kent potentially offering up some news. The market is eagerly awaiting to see if the RBA will be looking to cut levels again in the future, the market has been getting mioxed signals with Chinese growth coming in at 27-year low, but still continuing world beating growth and creating demand for Australian exports.

GBPAUD levels could be influenced by the latest news on the Brexit from the new UK Prime Minister, who will be announced tomorrow morning, before being sworn in on Wednesday evening with a speech planned for around 5pm. Any clients with an interest in GBPAUD exchange rates have plenty of news to be conscious of for this week ahead, please do contact our team to learn more.

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Pound to Australian Dollar Forecast – New British Prime Minister Next Week

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has fallen significantly lower as Brexit drives the pound down ahead of a new British Prime Minister to be announced next week. GBP vs AUD has fallen to 1.7720 which has presented a good opportunity for those looking to sell Australian dollars to buy pounds. The direction of travel will now be heavily impacted by events next week once the new Prime Minister is in place on Wednesday. Boris Johnson is seen as the expected victor over Jeremy Hunt and any statements he makes will likely see considerable volatility for the GBP to AUD pair.

There have been reports that Boris could seek and early general election which would add another layer of political uncertainty to an already weak pound. The prospect of a Labour government or the alternative of a Conservative / Brexit party coalition of sorts would likely see the pound weaken in these outcomes both of which are credible. The reality is that there are a number of Conservative MP’s which may vote against the government in a confidence vote which would then lead the way to a general election. With a handful of remain MP’s who seek to remove a no deal Brexit in its entirety nothing can be ruled out at this stage.

The Australian dollar has proved extremely resilient against the pound despite weak growth number from China earlier I the week which showed growth to be the slowest in 27 years largely attributed to the US China trade war. With the trade dispute showing no signs of resolve just yet the Australian dollar could find itself reacting to any further developments and the performance of the Chinese economy. The markets at least took stock that some of the most recent numbers coming out of China were showing some signs of improvement. The truce on further tariffs between the US and China may help the Chinese economy for the time being but until a deal is in place it could be a bumpy ride for the Australian dollar.

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Australian Dollar highest against the Pound since January 2019

Last night the Reserve Bank of Australia published their latest set of minutes. The focus was aimed at the labour market as well as monitoring economic growth.

Earlier this month the RBA cut interest rates to just 1% which is now the lowest rate in history for Australia.

The general feeling is that the RBA will keep interest rates on hold but are ready to cut further if necessary.

One problem that the central bank faces is that as interest rates are at record lows this leaves them little room to cut even further.

On Thursday of this week the latest set of Australian unemployment data is due to be released.

Depending on the announcement, this could cause some movement for GBPAUD exchange rates so if you’re in the process of transferring Australian Dollars pay close attention to what impact this may have on exchange rates.

Over the weekend Chinese GDP data was published. The growth figures showed 6.2% which was similar to what was forecast.

The data was the lowest level since 1992 so although it is falling it is still extremely high compared to other Western economies.

GBPAUD exchange rates are now trading at their lowest level since January 2019 creating some excellent opportunities to sell Australian Dollars to buy Pounds.

Early next week the UK leadership election should be concluded.

The likely winner is Boris Johnson but whilst there is still some uncertainty as to who will become the next Prime Minister the Pound is facing some uncertainty.

Therefore, once we have a new leader in place could this provide the Pound with a small boost against a number of different currencies including vs the Australian Dollar?

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Could a slowdown in China result in a weaker Australian Dollar?

Our regular readers will be aware of the connecting between the Australian and Chinese economies, and in particular the importance of a strong Chinese economy and how this can benefit Australia along with the Australian currency.

In the early hours of this morning Chinese GDP figures were released by the National Bureau of Statistics and the data shows that in the second quarter of this year China’s economy grew at its slowest pace since 1992, which is growth at a rate of 6.2%. This figure was expected so we haven’t seen a sell-off in the value of the currencies tied to the Chinese economy which the Australian Dollar arguably is, but it could be a warning sign moving forward.

The trade war between Australia and the US appears to have taken its toll on the Chinese economy, and the efforts of the Chinese Central Bank don’t appear to have has d the intending effect which is why the economies growth is shrinking. Through 2018 the growth figure for the year was 6.6%, and I think that those of our clients and readers that are hoping for a stronger Aussie Dollar should continue to monitor the Chinese economies performance.

Although there will be no data releases out of the UK today, there will be a number of key releases this week such as Earnings Data tomorrow morning and a speech from Bank of England governor Mark Carney tomorrow amongst other releases throughout the week. Do feel free to register your interest with me if you wish to be updated in the event of a major market movement between the GBP/AUD pair.

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Best time to sell Australian dollars for pounds since January : Will the Australian dollar rise further?

The Australian dollar has very recently hit the best time to be sold against sterling at 1.7868, since January 2019. This is a combination of factors including the strength of the Australian dollar, and also the weakness in the pound. A fine example of the strength on the Aussie was shown last week when the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) only cut their rate by 0.25%, with the market predicting 0.5% potentially and also signs of future cuts.

By refraining from committing to further cuts, the Aussie found some strength. Sterling is of course suffering under the pressure of Brexit uncertainties, as the market continues to attempt to digest what Brexit means and prepare for a no-deal.

On the Aussie, the market was also recently offered some good news with the G20 Summit not resulting in a severe deterioration of relations between the US and China. In fact, the two sides found some loose agreement and compromise and with the situation not destabilising majorly, the Aussie has again found some form. Investors are still preparing for future concerns on the trade wars and also the possibility of future cuts, but with these not manifesting immediately as troubles, the Aussie has risen.

The pound looks like it might well struggle ahead as both Conservative Party leadership and future UK Prime Minister candidates seek to embrace a no-deal Brexit. Sterling has suffered in the face of the uncertainty and we have seen the pound lower, it is not straightforward to see where future strength will emanate from, although some clarity over who will be the UK PM might help the pound.

Expectations are still mixed on the type of Brexit we will see, with Labour backing a second referendum more strongly, and many seeing the chance of a General Election increasing, there could be more volatility ahead.

Pound to Aussie dollar rates look due to remain below 1.80 but any sudden changes in sentiment could well see a quick reversal of the current trend, particularly with the higher level concerns on trade wars and interest rate cuts for the Aussie still remaining a longer term concern.

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Pound to Australian Dollar Forecast – GBP AUD rises over 1.80 after Weak Consumer Confidence

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has pushed slightly higher breaking over 1.80 again for the GBP to AUD pair. The National Australia Bank’s business survey yesterday disappointed the markets and has placed some pressure on the Australian dollar. However the Westpac consumer confidence numbers for July released overnight took a major fall into negative territory at -4.1%. The particularly low numbers signal a bumpy ride ahead with consumer confidence running low.

The weak numbers follow two consecutive interest rate cuts from the Reserve Bank of Australia although these cuts may take some time before any improvement in the economy is seen. The AUD to GBP pairing is likely to now be heavily influenced by any developments with the ongoing US China trade war and also the outcome from the next US Federal Reserve meeting later this month. The US Fed are widely tipped to cut interest rates at the July meeting and there are some expectations that there could even be a 50 basis point rate cut.

The Australian dollar as commodity currency will likely be impacted by any such move although the markets would appear to have started adjusting and pricing in prior to the event. In Australia, rates now sit at just 1%, the lowest on record and substantially lower than the average base rate which has been 4.39% since 1990. With rates so low the Australian dollar is currently disregarded as a high yielding currency and so there could be further weakness for the Aussie.

Brexit meanwhile continues to be the single biggest driver for sterling exchange rates and the GBP vs AUD pair. As the two Conservative runners battle it out for the top job the pound is likely to see a very volatile few months ahead. The new Prime Minister is expected to be announced 23rd July and the course of action he takes on Brexit will likely dictate the direction of travel for the pound vs Australian dollar. Any further rhetoric of a no deal Brexit is only likely to help see the pound weaken further. The fact that the favourite Boris Johnson has made so clear that Britain must leave the EU by 31st October with or without a deal is likely to be the main talking point for these coming months ahead of the deadline.

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Pound to Australian Dollar remains below 1.80 for now, but could AUD come under pressure and reverse the trend?

The Pound to Australian Dollar rate remains below the 1.80 level, although judging from the trend so far today it looks like we could see this level tested again soon as the Australian Dollar comes under pressure.

In the early hours of this morning it was confirmed as expected that Business Confidence within the country is declining and this has added pressure on the Australian Dollar. The currency has also been coming under pressure due to expectations of further interest rate cuts from the Reserve Bank of Australia later in the year, and now that the Central Bank of the US, The Federal Reserve Bank is expected to make less cuts than expected, we could see the the Aussie Dollar continue to soften. Previously AUD had been in high demand due to the high returns offered by banks down under but now that the base rate of interest has been cut to its record low of 1%, with further cuts expected AUD has lost some of its attractiveness especially against the US Dollar.

Sterling is likely to continue to be driven by the Conservative Leadership contest as anyone following UK politics will be aware. The Pound has been trading in a flat fashion recently and until the contest is over and we get an idea of the next steps for Brexit I expect this to continue.

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Australian Dollar set to improve further against the Pound?

The Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates this week to its lowest level in history at 1%. As it was widely expected the markets priced in the rate cut so the value of the Australian Dollar did not feel too much of an impact.

The RBA also hinted that it may be prepared to cut interest rates even further. Since June the RBA has cut rates by 0.5% and so I think the RBA may be tempted to adopt a wait and see approach before changing monetary policy once again.

With the markets expecting interest rates to be cut to 0.75% the GBPAUD exchange rate did not move too much as there was little reason to sell the Australian Dollar.

RBA governor Philip Lowe is due to be speaking on Tuesday and his speech should provide further clues as to when they may make further changes to policy.

Therefore, if you’re in the process of converting Australian Dollars then make sure you pay close attention to Lowe’s speech next week.

The Australian Dollar also improved during the course of this week owing to the latest trade surplus figures on Wednesday. The increase in the goods and services surplus came about owing to the increase in the export market in May.

The other good news came from the Australian housing market as building approvals increased. Although house prices have fallen in recent times down under, the increase in building approvals should be taken as a positive as it means there is an appetite for making money once again in the property market.

Whilst the UK continues to struggle with the uncertainty caused by Brexit and the leadership election I think we could see further improvements in the value of the Australian Dollar.

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Australian dollar forecast: Will the Australian dollar weaken ahead?

The latest movements on the Australian dollar have seen the currency slightly stronger as investors buy into the Aussie following a more optimistic outlook on the Trade War concerns, plus the lack of any more immediate cuts from the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia).  The RBA in their commentary have seen potential for more cuts ahead but have not directly signalled them, hence the Aussie rising.

Clients looking to any Australian dollar transfers might wish to consider the latest developments in these scenarios, as whilst to a degree the potential for the Aussie to weaken is present, the actual turn of events does not seem to be causing this. Allow me to elaborate! Generally, the cutting of interest rates will cause the currency concerned to weaken.

Therefore, with the RBA cutting interest rates, it might be perceived that the Australian dollar would weaken. However, with the RBA not looking to make any more immediate cuts, the currency has actually strengthened. The cutting of rates up ahead could be a factor that would weaken the Australian dollar in the future, clients looking to buy or sell Australian dollars up ahead might benefit from a quick review of their situation with one of our team.

The Trade Wars are another example of the uncertainty up ahead that whilst generally negative for the Australian currency, have also been more positive for the currency lately. The Australian dollar is trading at some of the best rates this year against the pound as the uncertainty of Brexit, plus the recent optimism for the Aussie dollar itself, all helps to lead to the rate dipping below 1.80, into the 1.79’s.

The Australian dollar has not completely shifted the potential for weakness, but with the potential for further cuts ahead, and also the trade wars still possibly an issue in the future. If you have a Australian dollar transfer for the future, and wish for some of the latest news concerning the rates and the market, please do get in touch.


Pound to Australian Dollar – RBA Cuts Rates

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has weakened despite an interest rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia last night. The RBA have cut interest rates from 1.25% down to 1% as concerns over a global slowdown and a downturn in Australia continue to influence the central bank’s decision making. The cut last night had been largely priced into the markets and there hasn’t been a major market reaction to the news.

The pound is nonetheless weaker against the Australian dollar although this is more likely to do with the truce between the US and China which will stop further trade tariffs being applied. There is a better opportunity to convert Australian dollars into pounds on the back of these recent developments. This may not last as there are reservations that the issue of the US China trade war will be resolved. The RBA may or may not wish to cut interest rates again and this topic is likely to generate much discussion. The US Federal Reserve are also expected to cut interest rates this month and this could have a far reaching impact on the Australian dollar. There has been talk of a US interest rate cut of 50 basis points which would be more extreme in approach than we have seen in recent years.

Brexit meanwhile continues to be the main driver for sterling exchange rates and the GBP to AUD pair is likely to see a volatile few months ahead of the latest deadline of 31st October 2019. The Conservative leadership battle continues between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson both of who are pushing to deliver on Brexit. Boris Johnson however has been more forthright having stated that Britain will leave the EU by this date, come what may, do or die.

The prospect of a no deal outcome is now becoming a credible proposition and this has been reflected in the price of sterling across the board after Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister. Those with pending currency requirements either buying or selling Australian dollars would be wise to plan around these important events.

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