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Pound to Australian Dollar rate hits a 5-month high, will the upward trend continue? (Joseph Wright)

Those following the GBP/AUD rate will be aware of the positive moves for the Pound recently, and within the past 24 hours the rate has hit a 5-month high making it a good time for Sterling sellers.

The rate has traded within just 2 and a half cents of the best levels in the last year, so the questions are now being asked as to whether the pair can reach a new 1-year high.

Those with a currency requirement involving the pair should be aware that the Pound isn’t trading in such a strong fashion against many other major currency pairs, and that in my opinion there is potential for the Pound to fall for a number of reasons.

The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May is currently under pressure as rumours build that there a a number of members of her party prepared to sign a vote of no-confidence regarding her position. Should this issue surface I would personally expect to see the Pound fall quite dramatically against the Aussie Dollar amongst other major currencies.

At the same time inflation hasn’t quite hit the high levels the Bank of England was expecting to see so the chances of future rate hikes have diminished somewhat, certainty regarding the short term future.

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Poor wage growth leads to Australian Dollar weakness despite better unemployment figures (Daniel Wright)

This week has been a mixed one for the Australian Dollar so far, with a fairly week start and a flatter past 24 hours.

The reason the Australian Dollar lost strength earlier in the week was due to news of slower wage growth than expected.

Wage growth yesterday came out at 0.5% against analyst’s expectations of 0.7% which is the reason why we saw Australian Dollar weakness.

Wage growth is a really important release in the current climate, if wage growth ( the increase in how much people are earning)  is a lot lower than inflation (the increase in the costs of goods and services) then you can generally expect an economy to drop off a little, as people will have less money in their pocket to spend. Bad economic data can then in turn lead to weakness for a currency, and with markets moving well in advance of an event actually happening this is why we are seeing a good opportunity to buy Australian Dollars at present.

Unemployment figures came out today and despite the fact that they actually showed an improvement, the Australian Dollar failed to make any vast improvements against most major currencies.

The rest of the week is fairly quiet but do not be fooled into thinking that the Australian Dollar will remain flat, being perceived as one of the ‘riskier’ currencies there is always the chance of movement should global attitude to risk alter.

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RBA leave interest rates on hold as expected (Daniel Wright)

This morning the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) announced that they would be leaving interest rates on hold at 1.5% which was exactly as the markets had originally expected.

The decision didn’t have a huge impact on the value of the Australian Dollar as it had been widely expected that rates will remain on hold for the coming months.

An interest rate hike is generally seen as positive for a currency and a cut in rates is seen as negative so interest rate movements can be key for a currencies strength. Even the mere mention or speculation of a hike or cut in interest rates can lead to exchange rates moving quite a lot, so any hints or change to the likelihood of a rate change may be of great importance if you have a pending exchange to carry out.

I still personally feel that the Australian Dollar may have a slightly rough patch coming up, although it does have a great backbone and constantly seems to fight back even in the toughest of times.

We have a huge amount of economic data due out in China tomorrow which will be key for where Australian Dollar exchange rates head for the rest of the week, along with Chinese inflation data on Thursday too. We have very little out from Australia over the course of the week that should impact the value of the Australian Dollar so focus will no doubt be on what the data from China brings.

Chinese data can have a large impact on the value of the Australian Dollar due to Australia’s large amount of exports to China so this data is important for anyone looking to buy or sell Australian Dollars.

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Political issues in Australia may weigh on the Australian Dollar (Daniel Wright)

We have recently seen a number of resignations from MP’s in Australia due to the issue with dual nationality which has caused a little political uncertainty, generally seen as negative for a currency.

This current issue surrounds a constitutional law from 1901 that anyone holding a duel nationality is unable to serve in the House of Representatives. It appears that numerous MP’s had no idea about this need, hence the fact some have now been caught out. There is now growing pressure on the Australian Government to carry out checks on at least another 200 members to ensure they do not fall foul of this too. Any further news of more resignations coming may add weight to the pressure on the Australian Dollar, leading it to get a little weaker.

There are four main factors that can impact the strength of a currency, these are economic stability, political certainty, acts of terror and acts of god and political problems can lead to weakness for a currency, just as much as economic issues can too.

Today will be important for anyone looking to buy or sell Sterling against the Australian Dollar, as we have the latest Bank of England interest rate decision in the U.K where the Bank of England are expected to look at raising interest rates by 0.25%.

Should this happen then the Pound may gain a little value against the Australian Dollar, although we may have seen much of this movement priced in over the past week or so. Be aware that if the BOE do not hike rates, or should they hike with 0.25% but release fairly negative comments about future hikes then we may see a drop off in the value of Sterling, making Australian Dollars more expensive to buy with the Pound.

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Sterling – Australian Dollar rate flies through 1.70 – Australian Dollar weakness and Sterling strength (Daniel Wright)

For a few weeks now I have had many clients waiting to be able to achieve the 1.70 mark for their exchange of Pounds into Australian Dollars and finally I have been able to give some of them the rate they have been waiting for.

Overnight on Tuesday, or Wednesday morning for those in Australia we had news that Australian inflation levels had dropped off to 1.8% from a predicted 2%, leading to the Australian Dollar weakening a little against most major currencies.

The reason a lower inflation figure usually leads to a currency dropping off is due to the fact that lower inflation figures decreases the chance of an interest rate hike. An interest rate hike is generally seen as positive for the currency concerned so if the chance of that happening decreases then usually so does the value of the currency involved.

For those that are tracking GBP/AUD exchange rates, you received a second piece of good news on Wednesday morning (or evening for those in Australia) as we had U.K growth figures released and they too, were a little better than expected year on year.

We have seen GBP/AUD exchange rates creep up because of these two factors and they are now almost at the best exchange rate they have been at this year, as an example a £150,000 exchange into AUD now compared to a few months back will net you almost AUD 15,000 more!!

If you are in the position where you may wish to purchase or sell Australian Dollars in the coming days, weeks of months then this can be seen as a fantastic opportunity for you, with brexit still hanging over the head of the Pound there is always that chance it may drop back again at any time.

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Australian Dollar makes gains overnight against most major currencies following positive unemployment data and data from China (Daniel Wright)

The Australian Dollar has made solid gains overnight against most major currencies, following positive unemployment figures released a few hours ago in Australia.

The main unemployment rate moved from 5.6% to 5.5% which was slightly better than expectations and showed a small improvement in the Australian jobs market.

On top of this a short while after we had Chinese Retail Sales and industrial production figures which were both slightly better than expectations too. Economic data from China can have a fairly large impact on the value of the Australian Dollar as Australia does rely on China for many of its exports so positive news from China generally gives the Australian Dollar a boost whilst negative data can lead to Australian Dollar weakness.

We have very little economic data left to come out from both Australia and China for the rest of the week so focus for the Australian Dollar will more likely be on global attitude to risk and any hints on interest rate change from the few members of the federal reserve that are due to speak this week in the U.S.

Next week heads will turn towards Australian inflation data, released on Wednesday morning in Australia or Tuesday late at night if you are following from the U.K.

It does appear that inflation is still outweighing wage growth in Australia, just like we are witnessing in the U.K too at present which is a slight concern for the economy and may be one of the reasons why the RBA are more than likely to hold off on any interest rate change in the coming months.

Personally I still feel that the Australian Dollar is a little stronger than it should be and that it may weaken off in the coming weeks but with economic data giving it a backbone this week then it may continue to gain over the next few days.

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Australian Dollar gains a little strength after higher inflation expectations (Daniel Wright)

The Australian Dollar gained a little ground against most major currencies during trading yesterday, following news that expectations for inflation over the next 12 months had risen from 3.8% in September to 4.3% currently.

On top of this, the number of participants in the inflation survey expecting inflation to be on the up rose from 58.4% to 62.8%, with only 3.8% expecting inflation to fall.

The reason that this has led to a little Australian Dollar strength is that it increases the chance of an interest rate hike. An interest rate hike is generally seen as a positive for a currency as it makes it more attractive to investors and a cut in interest rates is generally seen as negative.

One way of slowing rising inflation is to hike interest rates, so the fact that inflation is expected to continue rising at a fairly rapid pace may well lead to the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) having to reconsider when they next intend to hike interest rates. At present some institutions feel that we may see a hike in early 2018 whilst others are not expecting any rate hikes now until at least 2019, the market appears to be split.

The Australian Dollar has had a fairly flat period this week against most majors, and with little data for the market to feed off of for the rest of the week I would expect this trend to continue. Next week focus will be on the RBA meeting minutes from their last interest rate decision and unemployment data too, so there is certainly potential for a lot more movement.

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Will the Australian Dollar drop in value in the coming months? (Daniel Wright)

Many clients have been asking me recently where the Australian Dollar may head next, with no interest rate move on the cards in the near term and numerous global problems at present I feel that the Australian Dollar may get a little weaker in the coming months.

A recent article in the Sydney morning herald suggests that many feel the same. Much of the article is based around the U.S Dollar and Australian Dollar flows. The Federal Reserve in the States have hinted at a further three interest rate hikes in 2018 and many analysts still believe we will see very little movement on interest rates throughout 2018.

An interest rate hike is seen as positive for a currency and a cut is seen as negative, as a hike will make that currency more attractive to investors. On top of this, you tend to find that you can see a flow between USD/AUD when there are times of global issues. The Australian Dollar is perceived as a ‘riskier’ currency and the U.S Dollar still held in regard as safer haven currency.

As many regular readers will know, there are a huge amount of problems around the world at present, both in terms of economies around the world and politically too, I don’t see many of these going away anytime soon, so we may see the Australian  Dollar take a few knocks as and when there are further issues that crop up.

My personal opinion is that although the Australian economic data has been ok, the economy still isn’t flying and there is still an issue with house price inflation in many areas and that is a problem that is hard to resolve as the RBA are still not in the position to raise interest rates at present.

Overnight last night we saw extremely poor Retail Sales data for Australia, leading to Australian Dollar weakness overnight.

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Australian Dollar exchange rates have a volatile 24 hours – Lowe sees a bright outlook (Daniel Wright)

The Australian Dollar has had a fairly turbulent time over the past 24 hours, with fairly large swings against most major currencies.

Leading up to the Federal Reserve interest rate decision over night the Australian Dollar initially gained ground. Janet Yellen, Chair of the Fed then announced that the U.S will aim to start cutting back its QE (Quantitative Easing)  program and that they still plan on an interest rate rise in the coming months.

This led to a little USD strength and weakness for the antipodean currencies (AUD,NZD and ZAR) as we saw investors shift funds out of riskier currencies and into the Dollar following this slightly more positive news.

Earlier today we then saw Governor of the RBA Philip Lowe comment to the American Chamber of Commerce in a speech he called ‘the next chapter’. Lowe was fairly positive about the economy going forward and this gave the Australian Dollar a minor boost back once again in a volaitle period for those that have Australian Dollars to buy or sell in the coming days, weeks or months ahead.

For anyone with an interest in GBP to AUD or AUD into GBP you should be aware of Prime Minister Theresa May speaking about Brexit tomorrow which may lead to a particularly volatile day for the Pound.

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A fairly quiet end to the week for Australian economic data – Bank of England interest rate decision is key today on the markets (Daniel Wright)

The Australian Dollar has remained fairly strong over the past few weeks, mainly down to the Australian economy still posting fairly strong GDP, a strong labour market and solid business investment in recent data.

The one thing that has held the Australian Dollar back has been the weakening of commodity prices and the issues with North Korea causing the perceived ‘riskier’ currencies to lose a little strength.

Chief economist at NAB (National Australia Bank) recently commented that he feels the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) may look to raise interest rates in mid 2018 should this trend of positive news continue.

Today will be key for anyone with an interest in buying Australian Dollars with Sterling or selling Sterling to buy Australian Dollars. At Midday in the U.K we have the Bank of England interest rate decision and monetary policy statement. Recent news this week has shown that inflation in the U.K is rising at a fairly rapid pace and currently is sat at 2.9% whilst average earnings figures are only creeping up at 2.1%.

It is doubtful that we will see any changes to interest rates from the Bank of England but what will be key is any indication that the rates may move sooner than the expectation of 2019 then GBP/AUD exchange rates may well be in for a volatile afternoon, or night if you are based in Australia.

If you have a currency exchange to carry out in the coming days, weeks or months then it would be prudent to get in touch with us directly here as we are experts in this field and can both save you money and ensure your funds arrive where they need to be in a smooth and efficient transaction.

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