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What can we expect next for the Australian dollar?

The expectation is the for the Australian dollar to continue to face headwinds as the market tries to assess its attractiveness over the longer term. With Australia struggling whilst some other assets become more attractive, the pressure is on for the antipodean currency. Having lost value in recent weeks as market expectations deteriorate, what can we expect in the short term?

To answer some of the questions over the Australian dollar’s recent performance look no further than the United States. A key factor in this has been two fold from the US with raising interest rates and the Trade Wars both weighing on the performance of the Aussie dollar.

In raising interest rates to 2.25%, the US dollar is now a much more attractive currency to be holding from an investors point of view, versus the 1.5% on offer from Australia. With regard to the future prospects in this department, it appears likely that the US will be continuing to raise interest rates. This will only increase the trend we have seen of late and continue the pressure on the Australian currency.

On the subject of Trade Wars, these do not appear to be diminishing and therefore the Australian dollar should remain under pressure as these potentially intensify or remain in place. Expectations for the Australian dollar will continue to focus on its attractiveness to hold but with these issues continuing and wider concerns in the global economy about just what lies ahead, the Aussie might find more troubled waters ahead.

Next week is Unemployment data which will be a big driver on the exchange rate and could see a shift. There is a focus on Australian interest rates too and we could easily see this data impacting future decisions. Whilst no hikes are likely down under anytime soon, this is a more short term factor to move rates.

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Price changes for GBP/AUD likely to be driven by the Pound over the next 24-hours

Those of our clients and regular readers following the Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate should pay close attention to UK politics today, as I believe the next spike in the GBP/AUD’s value is likely to be driven by UK politics.

Yesterday all eyes were on Boris Johnson’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference, and he didn’t disappoint as he gave another harsh critique of the ‘Chequers plan’ devised by the current UK Prime Minister, Theresa May. Today there could be movement for Sterling exchange rates against all major currency pairs as it’s the final day of the Conservative Party Conference, and Theresa May is scheduled to speak with Brexit being the main focus.

Yesterday Boris Johnson was supportive of May’s leadership but he once again urged her to move away from the Chequers plan she has devised and suggested that she focuses more on a Canadian style deal. I expect her to be questioned on his comments and the markets to follow her responses closely. With Brexit now just around the corner and expectations of a deal being in place by November, I expect to see Brexit headlines dominate financial media and for it to be the main driver of the Pound to Aussie Dollar exchange rate.

On the Australian side we’ve seen the currency soften over the past year, mostly owing to Aussie Dollar weakness. The greater the gap between US and Australian exchange rates the more likely this trend will continue, so those following the strength of the Aussie Dollar should also pay attention to US monetary policy and this is something we can help our readers with should they wish.

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Political turmoil drives the Aussie!

The Australian dollar has really weakened this week as investors struggle to make sense of the uncertainty present in their current political situation. The current Prime Minister is now Scott Morrison, after the ousting of Malcolm Turnbull. Interestingly, the Australian has risen today as the news has settled the immediate uncertainty of a leadership contest.

The Australian dollar had been rising on the improved economic outlook for Australia, investors were backing the RBA, Reserve Bank of Australia to raise interest rates in the future but it really is likely to be longer term. In particular this uncertainty over the economic outlook could prove very damaging for interest rates as investors shy away from making any key decisions with the uncertainty present.

The big question now is whether Mr Morrison can hang on to the position or will he have to call an election to justify his position? Any signs of an election or the actual announcement of an election down under would see the Australian dollar much weaker, clients looking to buy or sell Australian dollars could find themselves in a volatile market if this happens.

The Australian dollar has also risen today on the expectations that there has been progress with Chinese trade talks which might have previously seen the Australian dollar weaker. Whilst the trade wars are bad news, the expectation that they will not massively deteriorate and see huge damage to the Australian economy might help the Australian dollar.

Finally, events concerning Donald Trump should also be a market mover on the Australian dollar, you never quite know what Donald Trump will do or say which can move rates! Lately, the weaker US dollar we have seen has helped the Australian dollar to rise. Further woes and concerns surrounding Donald Trump and his government could lead to a stronger Australian dollar.

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GBP/AUD – Breakthrough in Brexit Talks? (Daniel Johnson)

GBP/AUD – Reports yesterday emerged which indicate the EU could provide concessions on the Brexit deal. There could be the possibility that the UK  will have access to the single market for goods and services whilst opting out of the free movement of people. The UK would have to replicate all EU social, environmental  and customs laws.

We did see Sterling strengthen slightly, but firm news will be needed to see substantial gains. There is still the possibility of a “no deal” scenario which is keeping Sterling anchored against he majority of major currencies. Trade Secretary,  Liam Fox recently stated he believes there is a 60% chance of a “no deal” which hit the Pound hard.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to keep interest rates on hold this week and the speech relating to the decision by RBA Governor , Philip Lowe was slightly pessimistic which would normally cause AUD weakness. This was not the case against Sterling however, Brexit uncertainty outweighed the poor monetary policy outlook from down under and Sterling continued to suffer. This is a very worrying market reaction and shows the lack of investor confidence in Sterling.

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Will the Bank of England increase interest rates and what will happen to the Pound vs the Australian Dollar?

The big news this week for anyone looking to make a transfer with Australian Dollars and Sterling will be the latest interest rate decision due to be released on Thursday by the Bank of England.

The chances have been increasing recently that the central bank will be looking to increase interest rates in the UK as inflation still remains relatively high. UK mortgage approvals have also gone up recently with the number of approved mortgages having risen to a 5 month high combined with a 2 year high for consumer confidence.

However, I think there could be more reasons behind a rate hike than just inflation.

If we cast our minds back to what happened two years ago the Bank of England slashed interest rates very quickly after the Brexit vote in order to stabilise the economy and encourage consumer spending.

Therefore, I think an interest rate hike this week could happen in order to allow the BoE room to cut rates next year if the Brexit talks go badly and we are left with a ‘no deal’ situation.

Even if we do see a rate hike we may not see the usual increase in the value of the Pound vs the Australian Dollar as it will be the accompanying statement and press conference held by the Bank of England governor that will likely affect the value of the Pound vs the Australian Dollar.

Carney has often been a big critic of Brexit and warned that this could cause a lot of pressure on the British economy so I think the rate hike will be closely followed by a rather dovish tone and this could hold back any Sterling advances against the Australian Dollar.

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Bank of England to influence GBPAUD exchange rates (Dayle Littlejohn)

Today the Bank of England are set to release their latest interest rate decision and this event has the potential to have an impact on GBPAUD exchange rates. At the beginning of the year the Bank of England were hinting that an interest rate hike was imminent and due to a poor run of UK economic data interest rates were kept on hold and the pound lost value against the Australian dollar.

Today looks like we will receive similar commentary as the latest Q2 growth figures were a mixed bag, wage growth construction output and industrial production all missed the consensus. Arguable the only recent economic data release that exceeded expectation were the retail sales numbers.

My personal opinion is that the vote will be split 7-2 in favour of keeping interest rates on hold, which will be a slight non event. However Governor Mark Carney will talk down the chances of a rate hike in the foreseeable future due to the recent flurry of economic data, Brexit negotiations and trade wars. Arguably there is a good chance that buying Australian dollars with pounds could come more expensive throughout the day.

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Will the Pound hit 1.80 this week against the Australian Dollar?

After having a very good run against the Pound the Australian Dollar has started to weaken in the direction of 1.80 on GBPAUD exchange rates. The confirmation from last night’s RBA minutes showed that interest rates are likely to be kept the same for the foreseeable future as they are helping to keep the economy performing well.

This has caused global investors to sell the Australian Dollar in favour of the US Dollar as the US Federal Reserve has already increased rates twice this year and this is the seventh time since December 2015.

Over the years the Australian Dollar has had a very strong positive yield but in recent times owing to the pace of rates going up in the US this has caused problems for the Australian Dollar.

However, not only is keeping interest rates on hold causing a problem for the Australian Dollar they are also facing the effects of Donald Trump’s latest threats of tariffs on Chinese goods.

As China is such a large trading partner with Australia then any negative news will often result in Australian Dollar weakness and this appears to be happening at the moment.

Trump has asked US officials to create a list of US$200bn worth of imports from China which could result in a very large trade war between the world’s two strongest economic powerhouses.

The Australian stock market has felt the effects of the news and the Pound vs the Australian Dollar hit the higher level of the 1.79 region earlier on during today’s trading session.

I personally think we could see the Australian Dollar weaken further this week and I would not be surprised to see the Pound hit 1.80 over the next few days.

On Thursday the Bank of England will hold their latest monetary policy meeting and recently the split has been 7-2 in favour of keeping rates on hold but with UK Retail Sales coming out much higher recently could this change one of the MPC member’s mind?

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Pound improves against the Australian Dollar after positive Services sector news

UK services sector data published this morning came out much better than expected and this has put an end to the Pound’s recent demise vs the Australian Dollar.

The sector rose quicker than expected during May which has given rise to a possible hint of an interest rate hike.

The PMI data hit a three month high at 54 compared to the previous month of 52.8 but at the same time the survey did suggest that growth could slow down later this year.

The good news for the Pound is that the services sector accounts for over three quarters of the UK’s economy but is this good news a temporary positive sign?

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit clearly is keeping the Pound under a lot of pressure against a number of different currencies and the EU withdrawal bill will be discussed next week and this could cause further problems for the Pound.

Personally speaking I cannot foresee an interest rate hike coming for the UK at all during the course of the year as we are still deeply involved with the Brexit talks so anything to rock the boat in terms of monetary policy is highly unlikely.

Also, with UK GDP only recently growing at its slowest growth in 6 years a month ago and with inflation falling I don’t think the Bank of England will have much appetite to change the status quo.

Friday could be the biggest day of the week for anyone with an Australian Dollar transfer to make as we start the day with Chinese Trade Balance figures combined with Chinese Import and Export data. Following this the latest NIESR UK GDP estimate for the last three months will also be published and if we see another negative release this could put further pressure on Sterling vs the Australian dollar.

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Little reason for optimism for AUD buyers (Daniel Johnson)

GBP/AUD –  Sterling has lost significant ground against he Aussie of late. The buoyancy levels of 1.80-1.85 are gone. GBP/AUD currently sits in the 1.75’s.

This is predominantly due to Sterling weakness rather than AUD strength. There is little reason to be optimistic at present for Aussie buyers. The Brexit situation is likely to be drawn out and problematic, with votes on areas of the deal having to be passed back and forth between the House of Commons and the House of Lords for approval. Throw into the mix that many of those involved in negotiations have ulterior motives, seeking to fulfil there own agendas and Sterling could remain weak for the foreseeable future.

Economic data has also been appalling from the UK, particularly GDP which came in at 0.1%, the worst data release on GDP for over five years. The proposed interest rate hike from Bank of England (BOE) in May did not occur and I would be surprised to see one this year.

Australia is heavily reliant on China buying it’s raw materials, in particular iron ore and the US threatening to impose huge tariffs has the potential to slow Chinese growth which in turn will hit the Australian economy. China has agreed to purchase more than USD 200bn in goods and services from the US which has put a hold on the tariffs, the Aussie benefited as a result.

Current trading levels are poor for Aussie buyers, but it could get worse. I can appreciate the reluctance to trade due to the psychological aspect of trading at current levels when it was 1.84 only a short time ago, but believe me there is very little justification to get to those levels again in current market conditions.

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US-China Trade War Truce bodes well for the Aussie (Daniel Johnson)

Halt on tariffs benefits the Aussie

There has been an ongoing trade war between the Chinese and the US following Trump’s appointment as President. He has a thinly veiled issue with the Chinese and is highly agitated at the amount of debt the US is in to the Chinese. His mantra is “make America great again” and he took fire at the Chinese by threatening to impose tariffs that were simply unrealistic, that would be detrimental to both sides.

These tariffs would impact Chinese growth and in turn hit the Australian economy. Australia is heavily reliant on China for the purchase of it’s raw materials, particularly iron ore. If the Chinese economy suffers due to Trump’s tariff s the knock on effect will impact the Australian Dollar.

The US and the Chinese have recently agreed to put a halt to the trade war under the premise that China will purchase USD 200bn worth of US goods and services. Following this announcement the Aussie strengthened significantly. In particular against Sterling, this news along with poor economic data and a very  poor interest rate forecast from the Bank of England (BOE) has caused the pound to lose nearly 10 cents against the Australian Dollar. It was only recent we saw GBP/AUD at 1.84, we were in the 1.76s during today’s trading.

When to move?

AUD Sellers- Take advantage of current levels, 1.80 is an incredible selling price, let alone 1.76. Keep in mind GBP/AUD was 2.20 pre Brexit and the Pound is chronically undervalued.

AUD Buyers – If you have to move short term I’m afraid 1.79 should be your new target, the 1.80 resistance point has now been broken.

If you have a currency requirement I will be happy to assist. It is crucial to be in touch with an experienced broker if you wish to maximise your return. If you let me know the details of your trade I will endeavour to produce a free, no obligation trading strategy for you. If you have a trade to perform I will also happily provide a free quote and I am confident our rates are among the best in the industry. I would be willing to demonstrate this in form of a comparison with any competitor. You can trade in safety knowing you are dealing with company FCA registered and one that has been trading for 16yrs. Foreign Currency Direct PLC.

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