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Will GBPAUD remain above 1.80?

The pound to Australian dollar rate is looking like it might rise further in the future so for clients looking to sell AUD for pounds a quick move is probably sensible. With the levels now safely above 1.80 fr over a week the prospect for it to dip back below 1.80 seems unlikely. Overall the expectation for clients who will need to buy pounds with Aussies is that moving sooner will probably be best.

We learned this week that the pound should find more favour against the Australian dollar on the back of improved expectations relating to the prospect of interest rate rises. The GBPAUD rate was dealt a double whammy when the US raised interest rates but also confirmed extra buoyancy in future hikes which has kept the AUD weaker against both currencies.

We learned very recently that the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) will be looking less likely to raise interest rates in the future, this has seen the Australian currency weaker. Interest rates are a major barometer of what will happen to a currency in the future, the expectations that the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England will raise interest rates ahead of the RBA is putting the Aussie on the back foot.

The next stages of progress will be made in the coming weeks, any surprise twists and turns on Brexit could unsettle the pound GBPAUD rate but the overall impression looks more positive. If you have a transfer buying or selling pounds and Australian dollars making plans ahead of any spike is the best course of action.

If you have a transfer and wish for some expert information and assistance on the currency markets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly on jmw@currencies.co.uk.

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GBPAUD remains range bound…

GBPAUD exchange rates have been range bound this week despite a huge amount of shifts and changes in market sentiments over the pound and Australian dollar. The main news was from the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) which has seen them remaining in a no-mans land in terms of their attitude to looking to raise or lower interest rates.

If there was to be any bias it would be towards the hiking of interest rates, this was potentially something on the cards in 2018 but actually we have seen it becoming more likely to happen in 2019. Economic condition are according to the RBA not warranting any hike, since the market was widely expecting this the Australian dollar has not reacted significantly.

The next big news will be overnight with the Chinese releasing a series of Import and Export data which will see us understanding the market much better. The Chinese data is very important for the future which will be closely monitored since China is one of the biggest markets Australia sells its raw materials into.

For more information on the upcoming news and events you can contact myself Jonathan Watson directly by emailing jmw@currencies.co.uk. For clients concerned with GBAUD exchanges many clients are tracking the 1.80 mark which we have so far been unable to hit. I do expect this could happen, it might well be in the next couple of weeks as we get some further important UK data.

If you need to buy or sell Australian dollars against any currency please feel free to get in touch to discuss further the market and your options.

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RBA keep Rates on hold (Daniel Johnson)

Reluctance to change Monetary Policy could cause AUD weakness.

In the early hours we saw the Reserve Bank of Australian (RBA) Interest Rate Decision. Rates remained unchanged at 1.5%, which was no surprise considering current economic conditions down under. Retail Sales data came in just before the decision and was some way below expectations. There was predicted to be a rise from – 0.5% to 0.4%, but there was only an increase to 0.1% which caused the Aussie to suffer.

The Australian Dollar has been a favourite with investors due to its offer of relatively high returns, however the US Dollar now seems to be gaining preference as it offers the same returns and is also considered a safe haven currency.

The Federal Reserve also has a far more aggressive forecast in terms of hiking rates and  it has been rumoured we could see as many as three more hikes in 2018 which does not bode well for the Australian Dollar.

Living costs in high wage growth areas are causing Australians to spend there hard earned money on necessities rather than luxury goods and services. There needs to be an increase in average wage growth before a rate hike can be justified. I am doubtful of any rate hikes by the RBA until 2019.

If you have a currency requirement I will be happy to assist. If you let me know the details of your trade I will endeavor to produce a free trading strategy. During a period of such uncertainty it is important to be in touch with an experienced broker if you wish to maximize your return. We have tools at our disposal to make sure you do not miss out if there is a spike in your favour.

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Inflation could delay rate hike from the RBA (Daniel Johnson)

RBA Rate Hike stalled by inflation

Philip Lowe, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has recently suggested that a hike in interest rates may not occur until 2019, citing struggling inflation as the reason for holding fire on a hike. This does not bode well considering the US Dollar is considered a safe haven currency and currently offers the same return as the Australian Dollar. The forecast for hikes from the Federal Reserve is that there could be as many as three, which would make the Aussie considerably less attractive to investors.
On Tuesday Home Sales figures are released. New Home Sales is a key barometer as to the health of the housing market and can give an indication as to what is expected in the future. If there is a high reading above expectations we could see Australian Dollar strength.

Keep a close eye on Iron Ore Prices

If you have a trade involving the Australian Dollar it is always wise to keep a close eye on Iron Ore prices. Iron Ore is Australia’s primary export and fluctuations in price will alter the price of the Australian Dollar. With the Chinese being the main purchaser of Iron Ore it may also be shrew to keep an eye on growth figures from China.

If you have a currency requirement I will be happy to assist. It is crucial to be in touch with an experienced broker when the market is currently so hard to predict. If you let me know the details of your trade I will endeavour to produce a free trading strategy to suit your individual needs.

Have faith knowing you will be dealing with a brokerage in business for over 16yrs, Foreign Currency Direct Plc. We are a no risk entity as we do not speculate on the market and we are registered with the FCA. If you have a currency provider take a minute to send over the rates they offer and I am confident I can demonstrate a significant saving. I can be contacted at dcj@currencies.co.uk . (Daniel Johnson) Thank you for reading.

Could the RBA meeting on Tuesday be the catalyst to send GBPAUD rates up to 1.80 next week? (Tom Holian)

The Pound has maintained its recent run of good form vs the Australian Dollar during the course of the week ending Friday afternoon with the Interbank level trading at above 1.78 for GBPAUD exchange rates.

Australian inflation data came out lower than expected earlier this week and as we have seen with the UK back in November if inflation rises then the general policy is to raise interest rates.

With inflation down under falling then this means that the Reserve Bank of Australia are much less likely to be looking at raising interest rates in the near future.

On Wednesday evening the US Federal Reserve confirmed that they would be keeping interest rates on hold for the time being although the tone was rather hawkish, which means that a rate hike could be coming.

Indeed, the expectation is currently at 88% that an interest rate hike may occur in March and this is why we have seen the Australian Dollar continue to remain weak.

Global investors are currently offloading the AUD, NZD and ZAR which typically used to have very attractive yields on interest.

However, with the US looking at increasing interest rates as well as having a very strong economy as proved with Friday afternoon’s fantastic jobs report creating 200,000 new jobs in January, money is being ploughed into the US at the moment.

On Tuesday, Australia releases its latest Trade Balance Figures as well as Retail Sales and both will be key to determining what will happen to GBPAUD exchange rates during the course of next week.

The RBA will also announce its latest interest rate decision so if they are quite cautious in their approach could this send GBPAUD rates towards 1.80?

If you have a need to make a currency transfer buying or selling Australian Dollars in the near future then feel free to contact me directly as I will be more than happy to help you both with trying to time a transaction and getting you the top market rate when you do come to buy your currency compared to your bank or another currency broker.

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GBPAUD breaks through 1.75 (Dayle Littlejohn)

Over the last three months GBPAUD exchange rates have fluctuated 8 1/2 cents which has given clients that are buying or selling Australian dollars opportunity. At present GBPAUD has broken through 1.75 and I expect the pound could continue to make further inroads against the Australian dollar.

This week Iron ore prices have showed a slight decline and today Iron Ore is 0.8% down. The Australian economy relies heavily on Iron Ore and Australian dollar exchange rates have a direct correlation. Many forecasters are split to whether Iron ore  over time will rise or fall. Ultimately it all comes down to how much China buy throughout the year. For many years forecasters have suggested a slowdown for China is on the cards but they continue to produce the economic numbers.

Tomorrow morning the UK release key economic data releases in the form of average earning and unemployment rate. Unemployment remains at record lows which is fantastic for UK exchange rates, even though 0 hour contracts are included within these figures. However the average earnings numbers are the concern for the UK. Inflation is outpacing average earning and the UK public are feeling it. If this trend continues further pressure will put on the Bank of England and a change in monetary policy could occur.

Longer term Brexit negotiations will drive the price of GBPAUD. I personally believe that the UK will come to an agreement with the EU therefore a sustained period of 1.80 towards the end the year could be on the cards.

If you need to buy or sell Australian dollars and would like to save as much money as possible, feel free to email me with your requirements and I will respond with the process of using our company drl@currencies.co.uk. As a company we pride ourselves in the ability to get you a better exchange rate than your current currency provider or your bank. In addition we can outline your options and the potential future events, which will impact your exchange rate. This will help you to make informed and educated decisions.



FED and EU Summit to drive GBPAUD exchagne rates

This week, events that are not directly involved with Australia and the United Kingdom will dictate GBPAUD exchange rates. 

The Federal Reserve which is the United States central bank, will release there latest interest rate decision Wednesday evening. Speculators are predicting that the FED will raise interest rates from 1.25% to 1.5% which will match the Australian interest rate. Regular readers will be aware that there is a direct correlation between the commodity currencies and the US dollar. As the US dollar is a safe haven and the commodity in some ways is a risk, I expect to see the Australian dollar sold off and the US dollar to be purchased.

The EU summit on the 14th and 15th December, should outline more detail about the Brexit negotiations. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced in recent weeks that Brexit negotiations are going well and therefore the UK and EU have agreed to start stage 2 negotiations. If the EU reiterate Theresa May I expect this could provide a further boost for sterling.

Therefore it looks like the Australian dollar could devalue Wednesday evening and the pound could have a finish to the week, therefore my forecast is for GBPAUD to break 1.80 by the close of play on Friday. If you have Australian dollars to sell and need to buy sterling I would recommend getting in touch as soon as possible.

If you are buying or selling Australian dollars in the upcoming weeks, months or years feel free to email me with the reason for your conversion (company invoice, buying a property) and the timescales you are working to and I will email you with my forecast and the process of using our company drl@currencies.co.uk.

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Factors influencing GBPAUD exchange rates

In recent weeks the pound has been making considerable gains against the Australian dollar for a few reasons. The Reserve Bank of Australia more often than not have been giving dovish statements in regards to future interest rate hikes. The Governor has said that it’s likely the next decision will be to hike however this may be at the end of 2018 or even 2019.

The US federal reserve have been hinting towards raising interest rates in December which would mean US and Australian interest rate would be the same. Speculators have and will flock to the US dollar instead of the Aussie as its seen as a safer currency and therefore less risk. Less demand for the Australian dollar means it becomes cheaper to buy.

Deadline day is getting closer for the UK Prime Minister Theresa May. The EU Commission will meet on the 14th and 15th December to discuss whether trade negotiations can begin between the UK and EU. Reports are suggesting that the divorce bill and EU citizens rights could be agreed but the sticking point could still be the Irish border.

Personally I expect the Australian dollar could have a tough end to the year and major sell offs of Australian dollars into US dollars. Couple that with positive news from the Brexit negotiations, I expect GBPAUD exchange rates could push towards the 1.80 mark.

If you are trading GBPAUD this week, month or year I would recommend emailing me with the the reason for the transfer (company goods, property purchase) and your timescales and I will response with the options available to you drl@currencies.co.uk. Alternatively if you would like to discuss your requirements over the phone call 01494-787478 and ask to be put through to Dayle Littlejohn.

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Pound to Australian Dollar rate hits a 5-month high, will the upward trend continue? (Joseph Wright)

Those following the GBP/AUD rate will be aware of the positive moves for the Pound recently, and within the past 24 hours the rate has hit a 5-month high making it a good time for Sterling sellers.

The rate has traded within just 2 and a half cents of the best levels in the last year, so the questions are now being asked as to whether the pair can reach a new 1-year high.

Those with a currency requirement involving the pair should be aware that the Pound isn’t trading in such a strong fashion against many other major currency pairs, and that in my opinion there is potential for the Pound to fall for a number of reasons.

The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May is currently under pressure as rumours build that there a a number of members of her party prepared to sign a vote of no-confidence regarding her position. Should this issue surface I would personally expect to see the Pound fall quite dramatically against the Aussie Dollar amongst other major currencies.

At the same time inflation hasn’t quite hit the high levels the Bank of England was expecting to see so the chances of future rate hikes have diminished somewhat, certainty regarding the short term future.

If you’re following the GBP/AUD rate and would like to be kept updated to any major swings in the rate, do feel free to register your interest with me.

If you have a large currency exchange to carry out in the coming days, weeks or months then you are more than welcome to speak with me directly as I will be more than happy to help you both with trying to time a transaction and getting you the top market rate when you do come to buy your currency. A small improvement in a rate of exchange can make a huge difference so for the sake of taking two minutes to email me you may find you save yourself hundreds if not thousands of Pounds. You can email me (Joseph Wright) on jxw@currencies.co.uk and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.

6 month high to buy Australian dollars with pounds!

Overnight disappointing wage growth data has seen the Australian dollar lower and taken it to a 6 month low against the pound. This is presenting the best time in 6 months to buy Australian dollars with pounds, some good news for Australian buyers. Overall the outlook for sterling remains very shaky but we could potentially see some improvements in the coming weeks if we get some clarity on the UK’s Brexit position.

If we look at the state of the pound and its more recent performance against the Australian dollar it has mainly been subject to the whims of the Brexit which has only seen the market lower. If you have a transfer to make in the coming weeks then I would suggest you look to capitalise on this improvement or to certainly be making some plans around these latest developments.

Much has been made of the status of the pound and growing concerns that the UK will ultimately raise interest rates further down the line, this has all supported the pound but sentiments can very quickly change! There is now also a belief that the UK would also get a good deal from the Brexit, personally I would be surprised to see this happen but we will have to see how things develop.

If you are looking to buy or sell the pound against the Australian dollar then making some plans in advance is a crucial part of maximising the transaction, understanding the future events that would drive exchange rates will ultimately be crucial to getting the most for your money. As well as getting the very best rates of exchange we also help with forecasting and alerts of certain market moving events and exchange rates.

For more information please speak to me Jonathan Watson by emailing jmw@currencies.co.uk. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.