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Australian Dollar weakens following RBA meeting minutes

Tuesday saw a fairly poor performance by the Australian Dollar against most major currencies, following the release of the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) meeting minutes from their last interest rate decision.

The minutes will basically show what was discussed at the meeting and how the RBA came to various decisions and i’m afraid the tone was fairly negative when reading through discussions and future fiscal plans.

The main areas of concern are the on-going trade wars between Donald Trump and China, as many regular readers of this site will be aware Chinese economic performance is fairly crucial to the performance of the Australian economy and the Australian Dollar. Not only do China import a huge amount of goods from Australia but they Chinese tourists make up a fairly large percentage of tourism in Australia.

The large sum of household debt at present in Australia is also of great concern to the RBA. Household debt is currently at worrying levels and what this means is that until this starts to drop back off it will be very difficult for the RBA to raise interest rates, and they did put a nod to this in the minutes.

Should they raise rates then we may see a large quantity of households go into default in Australia which would only escalate the economic problems even further, it does now appear that unless things improve then will not be seeing an interest rate hike for the foreseeable future which will more than likely hold the Australian Dollar back against other major currencies.

An interest rate hike is generally seen as positive for a currency and with other areas around the globe slowly raising their interest rates the Australian Dollar is in danger of being left behind.

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Positive tone from the RBA leads to Australian Dollar strength overnight

The Australian Dollar has had a fairly solid 24 hours or so following on from the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) interest rate decision overnight.

No changes to interest rates were made and the interest rate level remained at 1.5% for the 23rd consecutive month, however it was the tone of the RBA that sparked the strength for the Australian Dollar against most majors.

The Australian Dollar has been one of the top performers of the trading day due to the outlook going forward. Currencies quite often move on speculation as well as fact, and many analysts had been expecting another fairly damp overview from the RBA meeting minutes.

What they actually received was a fairly positive report, citing that they now expect wage growth to improve and in fact that they felt that this had now troughed, and with reports of skills shortages in certain areas there is now an expectation from the RBA that wage growth will start to naturally rise and this should drag the economy up with it.

The Australian economy has had a mixed year so far, whilst there has been nothing to panic about the economic data that has been released has not exactly been fantastic, and throw into the mix the issues with Donald Trump with Trade Wars and the potential issue over North Korea earlier in the year and you can see just why the Australian Dollar has had a shaky 6 months.

Political tensions and larger global problems can also weaken the Australian Dollar as it is perceived as a ‘riskier’ currency, so global issues can decrease investors attitude to risk and therefore weaken the Australian Dollar when they occur.

There is little to come out in terms of Australian data in the coming days, but for those of you looking to carry out an exchange involving the Australian Dollar then non-farm payroll data in the U.S on Friday, which measure employment in America will be your next one to watch, as this can also impact global attitude to risk.

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Reasons to be cheerful if you’re buying Australian Dollars

The Australian Dollar has been trading fairly well recently against the Pound but really struggling against a number of other currencies including vs the US Dollar.

The US are set to raise rates again soon and this could even happen on Wednesday evening when the US Federal Reserve hold their latest meeting.

The US have increased rates a number of times since December 2015 and this could be the second rise this year which is likely to put pressure on the value of the Australian Dollar.

Over the years the Aussie Dollar has benefited from high interest rates and a relatively stable economy but as the RBA are unlikely to raising rates anytime soon then this is likely to encourage global investors to move their money away from the Australian Dollar.

The knock on effect of this with anyone looking to buy Australian Dollars could potentially be good news.

In my opinion I don’t think we’re too far away from hitting 1.80 again in the near future but it will also be affected by what is happening politically in the UK.

The UK will debate the EU Withdrawal Bill on both Tuesday and Wednesday and the government is keen to get things sorted before the next EU summit due to held on 28th June.

Clearly the ongoing Brexit discussions are causing uncertainty for the UK economy and this is being reflected in the value of the Pound so any good news next week could see a good period for the Pound vs the Australian Dollar.

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Australian Dollar loses a little ground with economic data miss and Chinese debt still a concern for the RBA

The Australian Dollar lost a little ground in trading yesterday following poor construction data and concerns from the RBA over Chinese debt and the two together led to a drop in demand for AUD and a slight drop in value to go with it.

Construction work was 18% down on figures over the same period last year and only rose 0.2% for the quarter compared to expectations of 1.3% which is quite a big miss.

RBA Governor Philip Lowe remained firm that the RBA would not be in any rush to make adjustments to monetary policy anytime soon and he also commented that a clear build up of debt and bad loans in China is also a considerable risk to the Australian economy. He cited that there have been similar situations in the past that have led to economic slowdown or a full blown financial crisis.

China at present is a large importer of Australian food and service and Chinese tourists currently account for 25% of all tourist Dollars spent in Australian currently, not to mention China being a large importer of Australian iron ore and coal.

This news unnerved investors who are already getting mixed news regarding Donald Trump and trade tariffs  and are already looking to come out of the Australian Dollar due to stagnant interest rates where other seemingly more stable economies around the world (for example the United States) are making their moves and raising interest rates, even now to a point where the USD is a more attractive currency than the AUD as it offers a better return for investors money.

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Wage growth puts further pressure on the RBA

This week Australia have released the latest quarterly wage growth numbers and Australian dollar sellers have been left disappointing. The consensus was for wages to have grown by 0.6%, however in fact wages had grown by 0.5% for the quarter. The poor wage growth numbers are keeping inflation beneath the Reserve Bank of Australia’s target which is directly having an impact on Australian dollar exchagne rates.

If wage growth numbers continue to dwindle along and inflation remains below the RBA target, policy makers will have no choice but to leave interest rates on hold at record lows and this is what many leading forecasters are predicting, which is no surprise. Speculators move their assets chasing higher returns of interest and with the US marching ahead and potentially looking to raise interest rate another couple of times this year investment is going to leave Australian shores and land in the US.

In regards to GBPAUD exchange rates the pound has been performing worse than the Australian dollar as exchange rates have dropped below 1.80. UK economic data has disappointing which has stopped the Bank of England from raising interest rates and the Brexit negotiations continue to weigh on the pounds value. Today UK Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that the UK will release a whitepaper before the June summit which will outline the UK’s full position.

When the whitepaper is released this could have a clear indication about the future path of the UK and therefore GBPAUD exchange rates. If you are converting GBPAUD within the next 3 months this event should be monitored closely. 

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Factors impacting GBPAUD exchange rates up until the end of the week

Overnight China are set to release a few data releases which clients involved with an Australian dollar exchange short term, should keep a close eye on. Consumer Price Index monthly figures are set to show -0.1%, however 1% up from last month and yearly inflation is set to fall to 1.9% from 2.1%. If the numbers meet the expectation you would expect to see a slight decline for the Australian dollar.

Later tomorrow morning the UK’s interest rate decision will take centre stage, and this decision has received a fair amount of media attention. 2-3 weeks ago forecasters were predicting that there was a 85% chance of a hike and now forecasters are suggesting a 20% chance due to the slowdown in the UK economy. GDP, inflation and retails sales all dropped last month.

My personal opinion is that the pound could come under pressure after the release therefore I would purchase Australian dollars before the event and sell after.

To finish the week Australian Home Loans is set to be released. With it being well documented that there has been a slow down in the major cities, home loads is set to be released at 0.1%. A high reading is seen as positive as it means investor confidence is high and therefore properties are being purchased. 0.1% is 0.3% higher than last months figure, nevertheless it wont be seen as positive therefore I would expect this to be a non event.

If you are buying or selling Australian dollars in the future, I would strongly recommend getting in contact to discuss your requirements. The company I work offers a proactive service to offering economic information whilst having the ability to offer award winning exchange rates. Feel free to email me with your requirements along with the timescales you are working to and I will respond with my forecast and the process of using our company drl@currencies.co.uk.

AUD Forecast – RBA Predicts Australian Economic Growth to Accelerate Over the Coming Months (Matthew Vassallo)

Any clients with an upcoming AUD currency exchange to execute, would have been keeping a close eye on the latest Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) monetary policy statement.

This was released and as expected, the central bank predicted economic growth to accelerate during 2018. They predicted Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures to hit 3.25% by the end of this year, before peaking at 3.5% during 2019.

Despite this positive outlook they remained dovish regrading inflation levels, as they do not expect these to hit their target level until 2020. This is a key indicator that interest rates are likely to remain at the current record lows for the foreseeable future.

Despite no indication of a rate hike the AUD has performed well of late, particularly against Sterling.

GBP/AUD rates fell below 1.80 overnight and despite the Pound finding some support back above this threshold, the AUD is likely to hold its position as we head into the bank holiday weekend.

The AUD has gained over 5 cents in the past two weeks, which is equivalent to an additional £1,500 on 100,000 AUD/GBP currency exchange.

Investors will still be wary about any potential slowdown in the global markets having a negative impact on the Australian economy, which relies heavily on the export of its raw materials. Any major slowdown in this sector is likely to hit the AUD but for the time being it is the UK economy which is being viewed in a more negative light.

A poor run of economic data has dragged the Pound’s value down and given those clients with an AUD/GBP currency exchange to execute an opportunity, that seemed unlikely to occur only  a couple of weeks ago.

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US dollars strength puts pressure on the Austrlaian dollar

In recent weeks the US dollar has gone from strength to strength and investors are second guessing that commodity currencies will continue to come under pressure in the weeks to come. The US dollar index which measures the US dollar against a basket of major currencies is up 3% since mid April. Furthermore 10 year US bond yields have broke through 3% for the first time since 2014.  When bond yields are on the rise this tends to mean the central bank have another reason to hike interest rates.

Over the last few years speculators have left their assets in the Australian dollar due to the higher interest rates. But now that the US have hiked and it appears that further hikes are on the horizon I expect speculators will continue to sell off their Australian dollars in a bid for higher returns elsewhere. In regards to USDAUD exchange rates the Australian dollar has dropped below 0.75 for the first time in 10 months.

The problem the Australian dollar has is that the Reserve Bank of Australia have announced that there is no reason to hike interest rates anytime soon and some economists are suggesting the Australian dollar will be left behind as a hike doesn’t look likely for at least 18 months.

When buying or selling Australian dollars its always important to analyse both currencies you are converting. For example it looks like AUDUSD will continue to fall in the weeks to come as the US dollar continues to strengthen therefore selling Aussies to buy US dollars sooner rather than later may be wise. However if converting AUDGBP, the pound is under pressure because of Brexit and the Bank of England holding off for a period may be wise.

For people that buy and sell Australian dollars on a regular basis or are looking to make a one off transfer, the currency company I work for can save you money. Feel free to send me the reason for why you are converting currency, the currency pair you are trading (AUDGBP, AUDUSD), and the timescales you are working to and I will send you my forecast and the process of using our brokerage drl@currencies.co.uk.

RBA interest rate decision- Rates look set to continue on hold for the foreseeable future

If comments from the RBA last night are anything to go by it does look like we may be set for stable interest rates for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that we have had a record breaking period of policy stability in recent times.

For the last 19 meetings we have seen no rate movements which now dates back to a stable interest rate since August 2016, in the meantime we are starting to see interest rates for other economies around the world begin to rise, which is why the Australian Dollar has weakened against a number of major currencies over the past year or so.

For those that are not aware an interest rate hike is generally seen as positive for the currency concerned as it will make that currency more attractive to investors, so due to the fact that we have not seen a rise in rates and one does not appear to be on the cards the Australian Dollar has started to lose value, making it cheaper to buy.

Until the RBA gain more confidence in wage growth  and labour market conditions in general then I feel that they will not budge on their stance, they admitted today that employment growth has slowed and that this is one of the reasons why they are still approaching any rate changes with caution.

Some analysts are now predicting that we may not see a move from the RBA until 2020 at the earliest, and with this in mind I personally feel that the Australian Dollar may be set to struggle in the months ahead, especially if you add into the picture falling commodity prices and a lower attitude to risk from investors at present.

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Will the Australian Dollar continue to strengthen or will it weaken after the RBA Meeting?

The next key data release for Australia will come on Tuesday when the Reserve Bank of Australia will meet to discuss their latest monetary policy decision.

The Australian Dollar has been struggling particularly vs the Pound recently when it hit the lowest level since the Brexit vote back in June 2016.

However, towards the end of this week UK GDP for the first estimate saw the slowest pace of growth since 2012 which led to Sterling collapsing against the Australian Dollar as well as a number of other different currencies.

This is good news for anyone looking to sell Australian Dollars to buy Sterling but the question is how long will this last?

I think the gains could possibly be short lived for the Aussie Dollar as have have seen a consistent weakening of the Australian Dollar over the last few months and therefore I think this movement may not last for too long.

On Tuesday, the Reserve Bank of Australia will hold their latest interest rate decision and the current expectations are for a rate hike to come summer 2019.

Inflation in Australia has been an issue for the RBA and therefore I cannot see any positive rhetoric in terms of changing the current expectation and this is why I think we could see the Pound fighting back following the announcement on Tuesday.

Therefore, if you’re considering buying Australian Dollars with Pounds it may be worth being patient and seeing if we have a recovery on Tuesday.

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