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AUD to GBP Strength after Australian Election (James Lovick)

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has fallen lower following the Australian election result which has helped boost the Aussie dollar. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been re-elected despite being behind in the polls in the campaign. This campaign was won on economic management, tax cuts and the pledge to return to a budget surplus.

There is a good short term opportunity for those looking to sell Australian dollars for pounds with rates for AUD GBP having moved to 1.84 for the pair. Whether the Australian dollar will continue to strengthen remains to be seen. The Reserve Bank of Australia is potentially looking to cut interest rates in the months ahead and this could see Australian dollar weakness. This will be the first time the central bank will have changed rates since 2016 and could see a big movement in the Australian dollar.

UK Politics are also about to create volatility for GBP vs AUD with the European elections to be held this Friday. There is a growing expectation that the two major political parties will be punished at these elections like never seen before and could help redirect the debate on Brexit. A big shift to the newly formed Brexit Party under Nigel Farage will likely reinforce the Leave vote and put pressure on politicians to deliver on Brexit and potentially with a cleaner break.

A drop in the price of sterling may be seen if the electorate vote for the Brexit Party in large numbers. Following this the fourth and final meaningful vote on the current withdrawal agreement will be held week commencing 3rd June. If the Prime Minister is unable to push through her Brexit deal in the House of Commons then the options on Brexit are either no deal or revoke Article 50 altogether. Either of these outcome would likely see a major volatility for sterling exchange rates and the GBP to AUD pair.

The Australian dollar may be influenced by a speech from US Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Tuesday. The US Fed have changed tact on the rate cycle having paused on any further rate hikes. The Fed has indicated that it would like to start to keep the markets guessing as the Fed has done historically and so any sudden shift could impact both the US and Australian dollars. Changes in the US have direct knock on effect on the Aussie dollar as the divergence between the two economies is calculated by investors.

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Australian Dollar Weakness as US China Trade War Escalates (James Lovick)

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has rallied higher following the latest developments over the US China trade war. Rates for GBP to AUD are now sitting just below 1.87 presenting a good opportunity for buying Australian dollars. The Australian dollar has come under pressure after US President Donald Trump has delivered on his promise to impose tariffs of 25% on $200 billion of Chinese exports.

The Australian dollar is sensitive to the US / China trade war as Australia have a heavy reliance on China for trade. If the trade war continues or escalates further then the Australian dollar could see further weakness. China has already retaliated having made the decision to hike tariffs on up to $60 billion worth of American goods. The fear is that Donald Trump could impose tariffs on all Chinese goods which could bode badly for the Australian dollar.

Brexit meanwhile remains a major driver for GBP vs AUD and the European elections to held 23rd May could see much volatility for the currency pair. British voters are expected to punish the two main parties in a way that has never been seen before. A huge shift to the Brexit party could help change the direction of Brexit. A cleaner break between Britain and the EU could start to look more likely although this would likely be seen as negative for the pound as the uncertainty attributed with a no deal Brexit would return. If however there is a shift to Remain supporting parties then the opposite is true and the pound could rally although this seems less likely looking at the current polls. Those looking to buy or sell Australian dollars would be wise to plan around these EU elections as they represents a major event and could result in high volatility.

Australians are also set for their general election to be held at the end of this week which could see further volatility for the Australian dollar. New rules however will insist that the next Prime Minister will serve a full term after so many changes in the top job in recent Australian history. Elections can always result in market volatility but if anything having the confidence for a longer term bringing some stability and continuity in governance could be seen as positive for the dollar.

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GBP to AUD Rates before Brexit Votes in Parliament this Week (James Lovick)

The pound to Australian dollar has been performing well in recent weeks with rates testing the 1.85 levels for the GBP to AUD pair. However the pound has weakened as concerns over Brexit continue to dictate the direction of travel. There is currently a deadlock in the ongoing Brexit negotiations with a breakdown in talks with no compromises being made over the contentious Irish backstop. The UK attorney general Geoffrey Cox and Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay have been unable to find common ground over the weekend ahead of a meaningful vote to be held in parliament on Tuesday.

With no changes to the backstop it seems almost certain that the Prime Minister will be unable to get through parliament the current withdrawal agreement. It leaves the pound on shaky ground with so much riding on the outcome of Tuesday’s vote. If the vote does not pass then a further two votes are to be held on Wednesday or Thursday and these will determine if there is to be a no deal Brexit or if there is a majority in parliament to delay Article 50. This week represents one of the biggest weeks in British political history and there is likely to be substantial market volatility for GBP vs AUD depending on the outcomes of these events.

Home loan data down under should make for an interesting start to the week with concerns still hanging over the Australian property market. Property prices have been falling in the major cities as a result of global economy concerns as well as domestic rules on lending standards. Australian home loans took a nose dive last month with a drop of -6.1% highlighting a significant drop in the market.

The consensus is for a climb to 1% which could help reassure the market and may help boost the Australian dollar. With the full effect of the trade war yet to be felt then the housing market in Australia may have further to fall which could paint a bleaker outlook down under.

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Pound to Australian Dollar Rates Move Higher Towards 1.80 (James Lovick)

The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has moved higher towards 1.80 for the GBP AUD pair having found support after the historical vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday this week. UK Prime Minister Theresa May was able to win the vote of no confidence in the government which took place last night having been put forward by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Brexit negotiations continue to be the main driver for GBP to AUD and the markets now await a statement from the British prime Minister on Monday having lost her vote by a staggering 230 votes.

The pound has found some support as it is becoming increasingly clear that there is not a majority in the house of Commons for a no deal Brexit, even though the default option in the event of a no deal is enshrined in law. The markets at least appear to be feel more relaxed that a no deal is not a likely outcome anymore and this is helping to support the price of sterling. Clients looking to buy or sell Australian dollars are likely to see a hugely volatile period in these coming weeks ahead of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU 29th March 2019.

UK retail sales date are released tomorrow where a small drop is expected although the headline figure should nonetheless look healthy taking into account spending on the high street over the festive period. Next week sees important unemployment data which also includes the wage growth numbers, something the Bank of England monitors very closely to determine its monetary policy.

The Australian dollar meanwhile is also struggling as continuing concerns over global growth hamper AUD to GBP. With a serious trade war still yet unresolved between the US and China and evidence of a downturn in the global economy the Australian dollar could be set for some tough times ahead. There are talks of China looking to stimulate their economy through injections of cash and also tax cuts which could help see a boost of the Australian dollar although these measures may take some time to have any effect.

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GBP AUD – Brexit Final Stages (James Lovick)

The pound has pushed higher against the Australian dollar with levels breaking over 1.83 for the GBP AUD pair.

Now that the conservative party conference is out of the way and the “Dancing Queen” Prime Minister reiterated her vision of leaving the EU, the conversation for these coming weeks will be dominated by Brexit. With movement in negotiations expected by the time of the next EU summit this month it will be a hugely interesting and volatile period for sterling exchange rates.

Ultimately the direction of the price of sterling will be dictated by the terms of Brexit and whether or not there is a deal. Whilst the expectation is that some sort of a deal will be reached the markets do not yet appear convinced this is the case. With growing support for a Canada style type trade deal which is supported by the likes of Boris Johnson there could be some major changes yet to play out in this negotiation. This is likely to be one of the most volatile periods ahead for GBP AUD and there are likely to be opportunities for those clients looking to buy Australian dollars. Similarly if the negotiations approach a no deal scenario then those looking to sell Australian dollars could see some better rates on the horizon.

The trade wars between the US and China continue to weigh heavy on the Australian dollar and it may only be a matter of time before new tariffs are introduced. Any escalation on this front is likely to weigh heavy on the Australian dollar due to its large volume of exports which go to China. A global slowdown would also carry inherent risk for the Aussie. The commodity currencies generally fare less well in time of global economic uncertainty.

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Australian Dollar Poised for Volatility after US Tariffs are Enforced (James Lovick)

The Australian dollar is now set for a volatile period after US trade tariffs on Chinese goods kicked in this morning as planned. The Australian dollar as a commodity currency is likely to be sensitive to any further escalations in these trade wars and the dollar could come under considerable pressure. $34 billion worth of tariffs have been imposed as of today and China has already reciprocated. US President Donald Trump has signalled his intent to increase these tariffs to as much as a staggering $450 billion on Chinese products if China retaliated.

It will now be interesting to see the response from the US after this retaliation and where this heads next. The EU has also been embroiled into these trade disputes highlighting how big an issue this all is. If global economic growth falls in the future then the Australian dollar is likely to be one of the hardest hit.


Today marks a hugely important today for those clients looking to buy or sell Australian dollars with pounds. British Prime Minister Theresa’s May will be holding a cabinet meeting at Chequers to finalise the detail on Brexit and how close Britain will be aligned to the EU. There has been much disagreement within her cabinet and today should give guidance as to whether Britain will pursue a soft or a hard Brexit. The pound is likely to react accordingly and this meeting does have the potential to cause some fireworks.

No details have yet been released but the outcome of today’s meeting will form the basis for a white paper on Brexit. A softer Brexit that maintains trade and one that is likely to be agreed by the EU is likely to see the pound rally. However any resignations or objections from within government could create even more uncertainty for sterling exchange rates. Clients would be wise to plan around this event as we could finally be at the tipping point.

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Australian Dollar Weakens on Trade War Escalations (James Lovick)

The Australian dollar has come under a recent wave of pressure losing ground across most of the major currencies this week. The Aussie has lost more than 4% over the last month with a noticeable fall against the US dollar. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) are keeping all option open with regards to interest rate policy and the wording of whether or not interest rates will rise or fall in due course. However the RBA Governor Philip Lowe has indicated that he expects rates to rise and this was made clear when he last spoke.

The reason for the Australian dollars weakness is most likely due to the trade war escalations between the US and China. Whilst I have previously commentated that trade links between Australia and China are very strong and that Australia could be shielded by protectionist behaviour the recent escalation in tariffs is now having a detrimental effect on some of the other commodity currencies such as the Aussie. There is currently a better opportunity to buy Australian dollars.

The concern is that if global growth slows due to a trade war then the riskier currencies likes the Aussie are likely to feel the full force of slower growth and should see their respective currencies weaken. For the moment it’s all eyes on these developments and Trump had really signalled that he would seek to impose another $100 billion of tariffs on Chinese exports if there was like for like retaliation. Expect more developments form this story and potentially additional losses for the Aussie.


Brexit continues to be the main driver for GBP AUD exchange rates and should see a volatile period ahead with the EU summit next week. British proposals on the future relationship should be made public very shortly and are likely to appear after the EU summit. The response form the EU as to progress so far will be very important for the pound and any escalation in tensions or the
potential for a no deal scenario is likely to result in sterling weakness. There is still an excellent opportunity for clients looking to sell Australian dollars. In my view once a deal thrashed out then the pound should strengthen materially. Although there is a risk of a no deal scenario which would be sterling negative, in my view this does not seem the most likely outcome and I am bullish for the pound in the medium term.

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Australian Dollar Outlook Improves (James Lovick)

The Australian dollar could be set for a stronger period ahead following a series of better economic data helping support the Aussie. Unemployment data released this week arrived better than expected at 5.4% against consensus of 5.5% proving beneficial for the dollar. There is hope that the improvement in the labour market should start to feed through into higher wage growth which is something the Reserve Bank of Australian have been waiting for. The Aussie was also boosted on the back of higher consumer inflation expectations which are pointing to higher prices down under going forward. The data suggests that Australians expect prices for goods and services to climb higher and this is yet another key criteria the RBA are monitoring before any decision is made on potentially raising interest rates. Looking forward the dollar could see a better period ahead and clients looking to sell Australian dollars may see a good window to convert within the next couple of months.

Next week sees the RBA minutes for the meeting earlier this month and may offer clues as to the central banks thinking. Any suggesting the conversation is moving towards raising rates would be seen as good for the Aussie.

The US are widely tipped to impose more trade tariffs on China imminently and this could happen as soon as today. Australia for the moment appear to be relatively protected for this action due to the strong trade ties it has with China.


There are two major drivers for the GBP AUD pair at present. Clients looking to buy or sell Australian dollars should be aware of the Bank of England meeting next week as any change of tact from Governor Mark Carney could see the pound react. Any suggestion a rate hike could happen in August is likely to see rates for GBP AUD rally. Perhaps more importantly the Brexit withdrawal bill goes back to the House of Lords on Monday after there has been some disagreement in government as to the final wording of the text. This could prove tricky for the Prime Minister and any political tensions here could see the pound come under pressure. My long term view of GBP AUD is for considerable strength so sellers may wish to strike whilst the opportunity is still there.

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Australian Dollar Strength – Economic Outlook Positive

The Australian dollar is in a much better place at present finding considerable support including having made gains in excess of 3% against the pound in the last month. Australian Gross Domestic Product has performed very well climbing to 3.1% in the first quarter of 2018 which has restored some confidence in the Aussie. A small boost in global growth and specifically in the Chinese economy seems to be paying dividends for the Australian dollar and this rally may have further to go. Chinese retails sales data next week could create some market reaction and a strong number could prove beneficial for the Aussie.

As things stand the dollar has not been as adversely affected from the trade tariffs imposed between China and the US. The advantage for Australia is that it shares very close trade ties with China so unless a global trade war escalates that drags Australia in too then this relationship could in fact boost the dollar further. Clients looking to sell Australian dollars for pounds are seeing a much better opportunity to convert and may wish to consider taking the risk out of the volatile currency markets. Rates for AUD GBP are sitting at 1.7680 and are considerably better than the 1.85 highs seen in recent months.

Those clients looking to buy Australian dollars with pounds should pay very close attention to developments in British politics next week. The Brexit withdrawal bill is finally going to go through the House of Commons and will be voted on. If UK Prime Minister Theresa May is unable to push through her vision of Brexit should Conservative rebels vote against what was in the manifesto then this could spell danger For the Prime Minister and the government. Any vote of no confidence pushed by Labour could see major volatility for sterling exchange rates and major market reaction.

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Australian Dollar Wobbles on Geopolitical Concerns – US / North Korea (James Lovick)

The Australian dollar has seen another wobble after that has been a good performance from the Aussie over the last month. The Aussie has slipped lower on the back of developments stemming from both China and North Korea. The trade war between the US and China appeared to be cooling off which was working in the commodity currency’s favour although Trump was reported to have said that “There is no deal” signalling that there might not be an agreement on how to reduce the size of the US deficit with China.

There are mixed signals coming out of the US on this important matter and there did appear to be progress up until recently. The Australian dollar is directly impacted by these events as China is Australia’s largest export market and a slowdown in the global economy is generally seen as bad for the Aussie.

It’s not just the US China trade battle to consider though, US President Donald Trump has indicated the summit with North Korea may not happen with a strong chance that it won’t work out. These geopolitical concerns continue to have a negative impact on the Aussie so expect more volatility for AUD exchange rates in the coming weeks.

Selling Australian Dollars for Pounds?

Those clients with pending requirements should monitor developments in Britain over these coming weeks. I have posted previously that the House of Commons will shortly vote on the Brexit withdrawal bill that has been put forward by the House of Lords with a series of amendments. UK Prime Minster Theresa may does not have a sufficient majority to push through her vision of Brexit and if the amendments are defeated in the Commons then there could be a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. This could create considerable volatility for the pound on the back of political uncertainty. It could also end up in a general election.

Clients looking to sell Australian dollars could see some better opportunities around the corner although it is my view the Prime Minister may have a shot at putting pressure on other politicians who represent Leave backing areas of the country. If she is able to win votes from Labour politicians then she could sail through with her Brexit which could see the pound rally on renewed confidence. Clients would be wise to plan around this event in these coming weeks as there is a huge amount at stake on how this ends up for GBP AUD.

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