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Buying and selling Australian Dollar rates finally expected to re-emerge from political limbo (Joshua Privett)

The Pound has been in a very visible limbo since the inconclusive election result, with Australian Dollar buyers and sellers waiting for news on where rate trends are expected to go moving forward.

That is not to say the interim period has been lacklustre and boring. Far from it. It is simply that economics has taken over in the meantime.

This has been the saga of interest rates which has been a dominant factor in currency value since last year, with the US being the first developed country to raise interest rates since the financial crisis.

Public disagreements between the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, and members of the BOE Monetary Policy Committee over whether to raise interest rates in the UK or not has seen the Pound behaving like a yo-yo in recent weeks, but with little overall change.

The deciding factor will be the official formation of a minority Government next week, with official voting on their manifesto to go through Thursday-Friday to conclude the month of June.

The fact that any resolution seems likely to help the Pound given the hints noted recently on currency markets should be in the forefront of anyone with a Australian Dollar requirement’s thought process. The question at this point arguably is just how much the Pound will rise up against the Australian Dollar next week, and not if. 

In this context Australian Dollar buyers do not seem to have the same level of urgency as Australian Dollar sellers. You can secure exchange rates for AUD/GBP beofre interbank rates are expected rise back above 1.70 by contacting me over the weekend whilst markets are closed on jjp@currencies.co.uk. Even if your requirement is not until the end of the year, you can pre-book your currency at current attractive levels using the tools available at a specialist currency brokerage. There is not additional cost to pre-book.

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Pound to Aussie Dollar rate hits a new 2017 high as inflation data disappoints, will the trend continue? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has hit a new high against the Aussie Dollar today, as the pair have hit 1.7220 at one stage during today’s trading session.

The upward movement for the Pound begun early mostly due to Aussie Dollar weakness, as in the early hours of this morning the Australian inflation data came out worse than expected on both an annual and monthly basis albeit not drastically.

At the same time Sterling has performed well across the board during today’s trading session and at the time of writing the currency is up against all major currency pairs.

There has been talk of the Australian economy slowing in recent months, and with the US Fed Reserve now likely to continue to raise interest rates throughout the year I think the Aussie may end up trading quite considerably lower against the Pound as the year progresses. An increasing interest rate in the US could be bad news for the Australian Dollar as its likely that investors would rather hold their funds in the US due to the higher level of security it offers.

Limited demand for the Aussie Dollar is the reason I think we could see the GBP to AUD rate improve as the year goes on, but I do think that if the conservatives in the UK don’t win the election in June we could see another sell-off for the Pound.

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GBPAUD rates rise above 1.70

GBPAUD rates have risen over 1.70 as sterling finds a little more support during a tough week and a raft of Asian data does little to lend support to the more recent strength on the Aussie. If you look at Chinese PMI, it came in just above 50 at 50.1. Anything above 50 represents expansion so in theory this is mildly supportive but a couple of notches lower and it represents a decline which would be negative for the Aussie. Other data came from Japan where New Home Sales were much lower. With Japan buying raw materials from Australia which would be used in the Construction sector less home sales will not be good for the Aussie economy. We have also had some Australian domestic data with Private Sector Credit slipping which explains the slight weakness from yesterday on the GBPAUD rates.

If you have a transfer buying Australian dollars then this spike might be well worth taking advantage of. The expectations for sterling are not good and currently we are trading at very close to a 2 week high. Next week is the all important UK PMI data which is according to an assessment of the recent business surveys, unlikely to be positive for the pound. Next month is also the release of the first GDP release for the UK following the vote, we have seen deterioration’s in many areas of the UK economy, namely the Services sector and business confidence. What has kept sterling above water since the vote has been the impressive Retail data. This was based on good weather and a feel good factor from the Olympics, this is clearly not something we can rely on to support sterling in the next few months!

With the new RBA Governor making clear he is moving away from constantly cutting interest rates that ‘have little impact’ Australian dollar buyers upset at the recent moves lower on GBPAUD should not be crying over spilt milk. Historical followers of the rate will remember when GBPAUD dropped to 1.50 5 years ago. Looking at all the data in front of us and the expectation the Bank of England will cut well before the RBA do, a move into the lower 1.60’s seems very probable next month.

If you have a transfer to make and are interested in learning more. I would be interested to speak to you and help provide information to help you make a decision. Nothing should be taken for granted on exchange rates, making plans in advance even for the long term is usually a good idea. My name is Jonathan Watson and I am ready to speak to you. Please email jmw@currencies.co.uk or fill in the form below.

The author is Chief Analyst and Associate Director at one of the UK’s largest independent currency brokerages.

GBP/AUD exchange rate likely to be driven by US FED’s tone later today (Joseph Wright)

The GBP/AUD pair have remained range-bound for some time now, although there does appear to be a bias towards the downside as we’re seeing the Pound weaken on almost a daily basis at the moment.

With the Reserve Bank of Australia beginning to adopt a more bullish attitude the probability of another interest rate cut from them again this year has dropped down to 30% according to major bank Danske Bank. This coupled with the Bank of England’s likelihood of cutting rates once again in the UK is why I feel there is potential for further falls for GBP/AUD.

Aside from the UK’s and Australia’s own monetary policy plans, the GBP/AUD exchange rate’s direction is currently also being influenced by the US Fed Reserve Banks monetary policy plans.

It’s likely that when interest rates are increased in the US, the Pound will gain on the Aussie as at the moment the Australian Dollar has been benefiting as many investors worldwide wish to hold funds in AUD due to the high interest rates offered by Aussie banks.

Once rates increase in the US I’m expecting the Pound to gain value on the AUD, as deposits will likely switch from AUD to USD which will weaken the Aussie.

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Australian Dollar boosted as Pound softens and commodities gain, will the AUD strength continue? (Joseph Wright)

After the Pounds recent surge off the back some much better than expected economic news releases, the Aussie Dollar has begun a fightback pushing the GBP/AUD back towards 1.70.

It will be interesting to see which direction the pair take and which key level is reached first (1.80 or 1.70).There is a lack of economic releases this week aiding the pairs movement so I think we’ll have to wait some time before either of those benchmarks are hit.

Over the past 48 hours it’s been the Aussie Dollar which has looked the strongest as news surfaced that Australian exports rose 3% on a monthly basis throughout July. Being a export driven economy this news was met well by the markets and we saw the GBP/AUD pair fall almost immediately. Similarly, Australia’s third largest export, iron ore, rose by 4% which of course is further good news for those hoping the Aussie Dollar will strengthen and this gain in iron ore price have fallen in line with gains across many commodities recently which also have worked in AUD’s favour.

There has been talk of further interest rate cuts from both the Reserve Bank of Australia as well as the Bank of England although the positive news out of both countries recently may well lead to those idea’s being shelved.

Personally I think there is scope for further AUD strength and if I had to pick I think we’re more likely to see GBP/AUD reach 1.70 than 1.80.

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Will GBPAUD rates fall below 1.70?

It would appear that the pound which is enjoying a bounce since the UK enjoyed some slightly better than expected economic data which has given the pound a lift. Much of the data is before the Brexit but it is still giving the UK and the pound lots of support as it suggests that the economic fears about what might happen are over done. The main big shift since the Referendum has been the pound which against the Aussie has dropped by over 20 cents. Some commentators are predicting that we could easily see the rates fall further if we see the Bank of England cut interest rates again or even there is more firm news on what Brexit means. For now there are some very big economic questions to answer, namely what is Brexit and what is the true impact on the UK economy in the future? The answers here will take time and are unlikely to be good news in the short term.

From the Aussie side the Reserve Bank of Australia have stated that they expect future cuts as they target a weaker exchange rate. Part of their policy has been to weaken the Aussie, the idea being that since the economy is a net exporter it will benefit from a weaker exchange rate as it makes selling their goods more attractive. Unfortunately even with a lower interest rate, the currency has not weakened as much as the RBA had hoped and the GBPAUD rate could well drop further. Despite rate cuts the Aussie remains a very attractive currency to hold at this time, owing to the higher interest rates on offer in Australia versus the rest of the world.

If you have a transfer to consider involving the Australian dollar why not get in touch to see if you can get some useful information and also a better exchange rate? Please contact me Jonathan on jmw@currencies.co.uk to learn more or fill in the form below.


Sterling finds support helping GBPAUD rise!

GPBAUD rates are looking very attractive once again much against the grain of the current sentiment on the pound. Essentially the pound has been boosted by the lack of any worse news and some slightly better than expected data. The Aussie has been drifting lower too as markets keep a loose eye on the future chance of any rate cuts although personally I wouldn’t be too excited about what we see next for the rates. Whilst GBPAUD might test 1.75 I would be very surprised to see it hit 1.80 again in the short term and feel as we hit September and October when we start to hear further news on the UK economy the pound will come under renewed pressure.

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GBPAUD rates have risen further as investors concerns over sterling diminish and the market seeks to capitalise on the short term opportunity to buy the pound helping it to rise. GBPAUD exchange rates have risen to the mid 1.70’s helping any clients who need to buy Australian dollars to get a bit more for their money. What happens next is not clear but looking at what has happened these are rather short term measures that have taken place – the reason sterling has benefited has been the removal of uncertainty over who is PM and the lack of activity from the Bank of England. Investors were bracing themselves for an interest rate cut but the Bank of England disappointed markets by keeping rates on hold.

The RBA have now been hinting at rate cuts all of which could help the pound find further strength against the Australian dollar but there is no easy path forward. The Bank of England might still do some QE or Interest rate cuts in August or September which would weaken the pound. The Bank has not really given much clear guidance on this issue, they hinted initially at a cut saying they would do something this ‘summer’ before clearly adopting a more cautious tone of late.

GBPAUD rates could come under some further pressure ion the coming months as investors try to decide who will cut first the Bank of England or the RBA? If you need to make a transfer involving the pound or Australian dollar than making some plans in advance is sensible to try and avoid the disappointment when exchange rates move against you. If you wish to run through or discuss anything relating to the currency markets please feel free to contact me Jonathan Watson on jmw@currencies.co.uk

Sterling spikes after May is announced as new PM, more good news to follow? (Joseph Wright)

Sterling exchange rates spiked upward across the board just after lunchtime today as Andrea Leadsom, who was Theresa May’s biggest rival for both the role of Prime Minister and as the new leader of the Conservative Party here in the UK, stepped down allowing Theresa May to accept the positions.

Mrs May announced that she was “honoured and humbled” to be the new PM-in-waiting and markets received the news well. The Pound moved upwards across the board due to what I believe is more political certainty, something markets almost always receive well, and also the fact that May was a ‘remainer’ in the lead-up to the EU Referendum may instill some confidence in investors, as although many were happy to see the ‘Brexit’, currency markets didn’t with the Pound plummeting in the immediate aftermath of the vote. The term ‘Soft Brexit’ is doing the rounds on financial media which would explain my thinking on this matter.

Later this week on Thursday the Monetary Policy committee will be outlining monetary policy moving forward, and many are expecting an interest rate cut down from 0.5% to 0.25%.

Should this occur, and some economists have the figure down for a 74% chance of a rate cut which is up from 11% before the Referendum result, then I think we can expect to see the Pound fall further and wipe away today’s gains for example.

At the same time, if there isn’t an interest rate hike this could bode well for the Pound and may suggest that the economy hasn’t been hit as badly as many have envisioned, which could boost the rate of exchange for GBP/AUD.

Those with an upcoming currency requirement involving the Pound and Aussie Dollar may wish to get in contact with me (Joe) regarding strategies and how best to time the trade. Our specialist currency exchange brokerage doesn’t offer financial advice but we do assist our clients with the timing of their trades based on price targets and historical data such as annual and daily highs and lows.

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EU Referendum – Why selling the Aussie Dollar now is a good idea

Today’s EU Referendum is turning out to be a volatile period for AUDGBP exchange rates. In just the last 24 hour’s rates have moved over 1 cent and in the last 4 hours alone, rates have fallen half a cent.

It’s becoming clearer that the market is confident in a remain vote, the latest polls suggest the status quo and on top of this, bookmakers have put the odds of a Brexit at 30%.

So what can we learn from this? The bookmakers got it right on the Scottish Referendum, similarly in the case of last year’s General election. Traders are piling into the Pound, if there was any uncertainty of a Brexit from their perspective, they wouldn’t be gambling with potentially billions of Pounds.

If you are an Aussie Dollar Seller, current levels are still attractive as in the event of a Brexit, levels below 0.50 perhaps mid 0.40’s could be tested which could put the pair at a 6-9-month low.

There is very little economic data due to be released for the Dollar in the next 7 days and with the RBA potentially signalling further Interest rate cuts if inflation does not improve, lower exchange rate levels could be on the cards for an extended period.

As it stands in my view, all signs point towards an Aussie Dollar sell, get in touch with me at rdl@currencies.co.uk if you have any requirements and I will be more than happy to assist you.