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Strong Australian Dollar (Tom Holian)

Sterling vs Australian Dollar exchange rates had a difficult time of it last week falling a few cents from the start to the end of the week.

The RBA decided to keep interest rates on hold down under which surprised some analysts and this led to huge investment into the Aussie Dollar during the early part of the week.

The FOMC minutes published in the US suggested that the US may raise interest rates in June which also led to global investors seeking a higher interest rate yield in the meantime by buying Australian Dollars.

Over the next few weeks the UK goes to the polls which is likely to cause a huge amount of volatility for GBPAUD exchange rates.

At the moment none of the parties are close to forming a majority which could lead to another hung parliament which could be detrimental to Sterling.

However, I do think that the RBA will cut interest rates at next month’s meeting which could help to weaken the Australian Dollar.

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US GDP to impact on Sterling vs Australian Dollar Exchange Rates (Tom Holian)

Sterling Australian Dollar exchange rates have recently fallen as confidence in the Pound has dropped in recent weeks.

The Bank of England governor Mark Carney said last week that he’s worried about the value of the Pound as it has been so strong recently so we have seen Sterling fall across the board during the week.

Even with UK Retail Sales which were published this morning this did little to support Sterling.

The figures came out at 5.7% compared to 4.7% for year on year and 0.7% month on month compared to the expected 0.4%.

Tomorrow the US releases GDP and as the world’s largest economy anything that happens in America tends to have an impact on exchange rates across the globe. Therefore we expect a large amount of volatility during tomorrow afternoon’s trading session.

UK GDP data is due next Tuesday and this will likely give us big clues as to how GBPAUD rates will move during April.

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Will the AUD weaken over 2 again?

GBPAUD has remained above 1.90 but expectations to hit 2 again in the future seem likely. Last night the RBA confirmed that they will be considering further interest rate cuts in the future, all of this on the back of a weakened economy. The fears surrounding another AUD sell off seem to me very real although I would not expect this to really manifest until the second half of 2015.

GBPAUD should improve a little for AUD sellers as we approach the UK election, indeed tomorrow might be a good day to look at a GBPAUD transfer with the UK budget likely to cause some volatility on the pound. If you need to buy or sell the Aussie why not get in touch to chekc your price and find out our opinions on the forecast. Please speak to me jmw@currencies.co.uk to learn more!

Australian Dollar battles back as RBA hold off rate cut – Growth figures to be key (Daniel Wright)

As mentioned in our previous posts, the Australian Dollar gained ground against most major currencies in yesterday’s trading as the RBA failed to cut interest rates as had been expected by most major analysts.

The central bank held rates at 2.25% which gained the Australian Dollar around 0.5% over Sterling in the short period after it was announced. Personally I feel we do have a rate cut to come from Australian and this may be merely a case of them delaying it for a month or so and a rate of 2 is still highly achievable in the coming weeks.

Later on we have GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures for Australia which will show how much the Australian economy grew or shrank during a specific period and expectations are for a slight drop off. Should we see this then we could easily see the gains made by the Australian Dollar over the past 24 hours eroded away.

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Will GBPAUD rise above 2 for a sustained period?

GBPAUD appears to be on the rise once again but everytime we have hit or are close to hitting 1 GBP = 2 AUD something happens to knock down the price and find rates falling. I think if you need to buy AUD holding on too long expecting rates to just hit this level could be misplaced. The RBA (Reserve Bank Australia) have indicated that they will not be cutting rates further at this stage although much further down the line this may well happen.

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Sterling Australian Dollar rate heading up to 2 again – Can it break down the levels of resistance? (Daniel Wright)

Sterling has had another positive day against the Australian Dollar today and indeed against all major currencies as the Pound seems to have found itself well and truly back in fashion.

The European talks continue to hold the main headlines which is seemingly leading to investors and speculators pulling funds out of the Euro and shifting them into Sterling as one of the major currencies of choice at present.

U.K economic data has been fairly positive since the start of the year and the Australian economy still appears to be feeling the pressure so I would not be surprised to see a further move north, potentially above 2 as a buying price which from speaking to my clients over the pas few years does seem to be a level that a lot of people are looking to achieve.

If you are also in this position then this rate may be just around the corner so it would be extremely sensible to get in contact with me here so that I can monitor the market for you and make you aware should this level become achievable. You can also place an order into the market for the funds to be bought out automatically for you which eliminates the risk of you missing out on a spike overnight.

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GBPAUD nearly at 2!

GBPAUD continues to offer extremely good value as investors fears over lower commodity prices and potential further cuts in the Australian Interest rate keep the AUD on the back foot. will we see 2 anytime soon? Well it will take a big reversal of fortunes but does seem probable looking at the current state of play on the market.

It would seem highly reasonable to expect improvements but anyone buying Aussies should beware of the General Election later in the year which could cause sterling to plummet. To keep up to date with the latest news and forecasts please contact me Jonathan on jmw@currencies.co.uk

Sterling rallies against the Australian Dollar (Tom Holian)

Sterling has hit recent 6 year highs against the Australian Dollar following the surprise interest rate cut made by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The general consensus was for a rate cut to happen but not just yet which saw the market move by as much as 2% on the day of the announcement.

With iron ore prices having fallen again over the last few days this has also weakened the Australian Dollar creating some excellent buying opportunities to transfer Sterling into the AUD.

Tomorrow morning Australian Retail Sales data is due with the expectation for 0.4% growth month on month so anything different could create volatility.

Friday is likely to be the biggest day for GBPAUD exchange rates the week with the release of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s monetary policy statement which will detail the reason for the rate cut earlier this week.

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Sterling vs Australian Dollar highest since September 2009 (Tom Holian)

Sterling saw huge gains against the Australian Dollar as the Reserve Bank of Australia surprised markets by cutting the base rate from 2.5% to 2.25%.

In an unexpected move we saw movement of almost 5 cents from the high to low during the trading session earlier as investors sold off the Australian Dollar.

This is the lowest interest rate in Australian history and as with the Bank of Canada who cut rates recently I think this was partly based on commodity prices falling.

Indeed, the price of iron ore has fallen in recent times and as China has such huge demand for the resource a fall in prices is not good for the Australian economy.

On Thursday we see the release of Australian Retail Sales data and if this is lower we could see further AUD weakness against Sterling.

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Australian Dollar Weakness (Tom Holian)

Sterling vs the Australian Dollar took a huge leap during the course of late trading today as rumours came out from Europe that the European Central Bank may print up to EUR1.1 trillion in an attempt to combat falling inflation.

The bad news for the Australian Dollar means that investors are being less risky and selling off their positions in riskier currencies which includes the AUD, NZD & ZAR.

Indeed, we saw a 2 cent movement for the Pound vs AUD during this afternoon.

The official release will by the ECB will be at 1245pm tomorrow UK time so expect volatility in both the run up to the decision as well as afterwards.

Canada also cut their interest rates today which again led to rumours that the Reserve Bank of Australia might follow suit when they next meet on 3rd February.

If the RBA does cut rates or hints that a rate cut is coming expect to see Australian Dollar weakness.

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