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Will the Pound increase further against the Australian Dollar? (Tom Holian)

We have seen some very positive gains for the Pound vs the Australian Dollar since the start of the year with GBPAUD exchange rates moving by as much as 3.5%.

This is the difference of almost £4,000 on a currency transfer of AUD$200,000 which highlights the importance of keeping up to date with what is happening in the foreign exchange markets.

As Australia Day was celebrated yesterday the markets remained fairly flat but I think we could see some further gains for Sterling coming next week. On Friday UK GDP figures for the final quarter of last year came out a lot better than expected with economic growth of 1.7% compared to the expectation of 1.4%.

The UK economy has been rather mixed over the last few months but could this be a sign that things are now looking a lot more positive for the UK and therefore Sterling?

Westpac, which is one of the leading banks in Australia, have suggested that the Australian Dollar could weaken during the course of this year as the RBA may not look at raising interest rates and they have also predicted that commodity prices could fall by as much as 20% during the course of this year.

With the US predicted to increase rates at least twice this year we could see a big sell off from the Australian Dollar into the US Dollar and this in turn could weaken the Australian Dollar vs Sterling.

Therefore, if you’re considering selling Australian Dollars in the near future it may be worth getting things prepared in the short term.

On Wednesday Australia releases its latest set of Inflation data and this is likely to influence what the Reserve Bank of Australia does with regards to monetary policy going forward.

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How will Australian interest rates impact the Aussie dollar?

Countries around the globe this year have been raising interest rates due to the global outlook improving. The Reserve Bank of Australia are one of the countries that have kept interest rates at record lows and many economists have predicted that a hike could occur sooner rather than later.

However Australian lender Westpac announced this week this think it is unlikely that interest rates will be raised until 2020 which could have major implication for Australian dollar exchange rates, if their predictions come true. Westpac’s theory is that it is unlikely that wages pressure will rise and consequently inflation will remain at current levels.

With most leading nations raising interest rates the Australian economy would be left behind and investment would continue to leave the Australian dollar which means buying currency would become more expensive.

However ANZ have a slightly different view and believe household debt is high, referring to the housing bubble in the major cities therefore they believe the Reserve Bank of Australia are likely to rise twice in 2018.

It just shows trying to predict Australian dollar exchange rates long term is very difficult however I believe the Governor will continue to monitor and if the Australian dollar exchange rates devalue further in the upcoming months the likelihood of an interest rate hike increases.

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GBP/AUD back close to 1.82 (Mike Vaughan)

Sterling has pushed back above 1.82 the highest against the Aussie on nearly three weeks. The move has come about following the RBA minutes out overnight that indicated interest rates in Australia were unlikely to change any time soon. The board judged it was prudent to leave rates on hold while they continued to have the “expected effects” on economic activity.Advertisement “A sustained increase in dwelling investment was in prospect, consumption had strengthened a little and business conditions were around average levels,” the RBA said.

This current market volatility surrounding the Aussie is very much continuing with a near four cent shift in less than a week, a trend for me that is likely to continue.

Looking for the rest of the week and consumer confidence figures overnight from Westpac will make for interesting viewing and this will be followed by the Bank of England minutes and retail sales figures at 09:30 tomorrow morning. A busy week for the pound will also see the official UK GDP figures at 09:30 on Thursday.

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UK Industrial and manufacturing figures softer than forecast (Mike Vaughan)

UK Industrial and manufacturing figures this morning were slightly softer than expected and the pound is again positing losses against the Australian Dollar. Later today we will see the UK’s NIESR GDP forecasts, something that can have an impact on GBP exchange rates. The NIESR (National Institute for Economic and Social Research) are a well respected think tank and their figures are often close to the official published data. They are forecasting 0.8%, any deviation from this and the pound is likely to react accordingly.

Looking at data for the AUD, later today will see Westpac release consumer confidence figures and on Thursday look out for employment change.  Also worth keeping an eye on Chinese Industrial production data and retails sales figures early Thursday.

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Whats in store for the AUD today? How to get the best from your money exchange…..

As we start what is almost certain to be another busy and volatile day on the money markets what factors should you be watching out for today should you have an interest in the Australian Dollar? Overnight Westpac released its latest consumer confidence figures which were  substantially down. Normally I would expect AUD weakness as a result, however we have actually seen some small gains against both the Pound and Euro indicating how out of favour these two currencies are currently. For me any gains from the pounds point of view will depend on whether the UK can avoid the triple dip recession. Indications from the NIESR (National Institute for Economic and Social Research) a well respected think tank, were certainly positive and suggest that the UK may just avoid recession by forecasting 0.1% growth for Q1 of 2013. It is certainly very finely balanced, however I am confident recession can be avoided and we may see a much needed boost for the pound as a result. Anyone with an interest in GBP/AUD should keep a keen eye on GDP released on the 25th April, a key day in my view.

Shorter term look out for Australian employment data overnight tonight, forecast to stay at 5.4% month on month, any deviation form the expected could cause volatility overnight. Also watch out for the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) equivalent of the MPC in the US, as they will release their minutes from the Federal Reserves last interest rate meeting. This can influence investors risk appetite depending on the rhetoric from the minutes and with the AUD a favourite for currency investors it may cause market fluctuation for the AUD following its release at 19:00 BST.

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