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AUD/GBP - Australian Dollar to Pound forecasts

AUDGBP Exchange Rate Starts the Week in Strong Fashion

AUDGBP Exchange Rates Drop Below 0.55

Momentum behind the Australian dollar seems to have evaporated once more as move into the second half of the week, with the latest unemployment figures potentially set to drive further volatility. Indeed, 29,500 more people filed for unemployment after losing their jobs in September. The release came...
Australian Dollar Forecast: AUD Holds Firm Against US Dollar

How is Brexit Affecting GBPAUD?

The two key factors driving GBPAUD value this week continue to be Brexit and COVID developments. As such we are seeing Sterling under increased volatility. The pound has risen this week on increased optimism of a Brexit trade deal being agreed but has been held back by...
Euro weakness expected ahead of anticipated frail economic data

Australian Dollar Gains a Cent on EUR and USD in a Week

The Australian dollar has seen a mixed reaction against most of its major currency counterparts recently. The AUD to GBP exchange rate remains stable trading in the 0.55 mid-market level whilst the antipodean currency has fared better against the euro and the US dollar. AUD to EUR...

AUD/EUR - Australian Dollar to Euro forecasts

Australian Dollar Forecast: Why is the AUDGBP Rate Falling?

Australian Dollar Remains Resilient Despite Unemployment

Australian Dollar exchange rates have remained stable against the USD, EUR and GBP over the course of the trading week and this has been despite poor unemployment figures released yesterday. Stats on Thursday showed that unemployment had risen to 7.4% in June, which is the highest level seen...
Australian Dollar Forecast: AUD Holds Firm Against US Dollar

AUDGBP Starts Week Close to One Month Low

Sterling has started this week stronger with the AUDGBP currently at the 0.5524 level against the Aussie which is the first time in just over three weeks. Following some positive developments in Brexit talks last week the pound has been able to make small gains. Over the...
Australian Dollar Forecast: AUD Holds Firm Against US Dollar

Why is the Australian Dollar Getting Stronger?

Australian dollar exchange rates have continued to stall across major currency pairings as financial markets brace themselves ahead of fears of a second spike in cases. It didn't help market jitters that the government was forced to shut state borders between Victoria and New South Wales for...

AUD/USD - Australian Dollar to US Dollar forecasts

Australian Dollar Strength as Travel Corridor with New Zealand Opens

Australian Dollar Strength as Travel Corridor with New Zealand Opens

Following the significant weakening the Australian dollar saw at the back end of September, the commodity currency has rebounded robustly and sits on multi-week highs against some of its major currency counterparts. We've seen some Australian dollar strength against the US dollar, with AUDUSD bolstered by over...
AUDGBP Forecast: Will the Pound Break Past 1.84 Once Again?

AUDGBP: Australian Fears as Virus Cases Jump

Australia has reintroduced lockdowns in the Victoria area after new COVID-19 cases appear continue to rise. There has been a report today of 288 new cases, the highest on record for any part of the country since the pandemic started. Australia was acknowledged as one of the...
AUDGBP Continues to Rise, But How Long For?

AUDGBP Continues to Rise, But How Long For?

Subdued start to the week for AUDGBP, AUDEUR and AUDUSD as the markets await for tonight’s mixture of surveys from down under and long stream of economic data from Australia’s leading trading partners to set the AUD onto it’s trend for the week. The AUDGBP rate has edged...


Australian Dollar Forecast: AUDGBP gains by 10% since April

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