Saving money when exchanging foreign currency from Sterling and Australian Dollars and a recent example of why to use a currency broker

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People buying homes in continental Europe can lose in excess of £9,000 as a result of poor exchange rates offered by High Street banks, independent analysis for shows.

 The average foreign property buyer, spending €200,000 on their overseas home would spend on average  £167,291 using a specialist foreign currency provider such as  compared with an average of £171,524 being offered by the leading high street banks – a massive £4,233 difference, the independent analysis by GSA found.

Specialist foreign currency providers can offer around 5% more than the High Street as they use commercial exchange rates to determine the value. But despite this, just 10 per cent of foreign currency transactions are made using a foreign currency provider.  With tens of thousands of Brits emigrating or buying second homes abroad each year they are collectively wasting millions as a result of poor exchange rates. 

The best price for a €200,000 transfer was £166,791.76 offered by, while the worst was £176,211.45 offered by Bank of Scotland – a difference of over 5.5 per cent.

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