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The exchange rate for GBPAUD is remaining stable over the last twenty four hours as investors remain cautious as to what their next move will be in view of Sunday’s Greek elections. Over the next few days there is a lot of risky data out there which could cause a sharp currency movement so if you do intend making a currency transfer it may be worth contacting an experienced currency broker to find out how to take advantage of exchange rates. Greece meets for the second time in 6 weeks after the previous election held in May left the country without a clear political party that could form a government. Not only will the election give the country a clearer view about where it’s headed but it will also provide us with a picture as to how it sees it position within Europe and more importantly the Eurozone. Currently, the far left Syriza seem to be the leading favourite who are anti-austerity.

As well as the Greek elections we also have a meeting of the G20 which could have an impact on the movement of the Australian Dollar exchange rate. The meeting is being held to discuss ways to help Spain’s banking system. Any positive news following the G20 meeting could result in Australian Dollar strength against Sterling. At the moment investors appear to be moving into Australian bonds in order to avoid the risks in Europe surrounding the Greek elections.

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