The best AUD exchange rates to buy Euros and Pounds. The AUD at an all time high against the EUR!!!

AUDGBP Higher on ‘Truly Remarkable’ Jobs Rebound

The Australian Dollar has gone from strength to strength against the pound and the Euro in recent weeks. Since the turn of the year the Aussie is now up a massive 5.35% against the Euro trading at 1.20. These are the best levels I can recall for you to sell your AUD to buy the EURO. If you are down under and are planning on emigrating to Europe or just buying a holiday home now is the best time to exchange your funds.

It is debatable about how much further the Euro may decline. The all time high for exchanging your funds was down to the European Central Bank cutting their interest rates on Thursday this week. When a country or region like Europe cut their rates you tend to find the currency in question weakness. This is exactly what we witnessed this week. You may find that as we head into the new week the Aussie will fall back slightly as there was some bad data to come out of the US and this occasionally has a knock on effect on the Aussie due to investors fleeing the riskier currencies and moving back to the safe havens.

The good thing for those of you that need to buy Euros or pounds is that with the rates extremely attractive you should still make sure that you get the est deal on your currency exchange and we will make sure that we are not beaten by any broker in Australia or here in the UK. If you would like to contact me at [email protected]. I will go over all the options that are available to you on your exchange and explain how we will make sure we offer you the very best rate at teh time of trading.

Ben Amrany