Will GBP/AUD reach 1.60?

AUDGBP Advances from 2020 Support Level

Sterling has continued its recent strong run against the Australian dollar with gains now over 6% since the beginning of August. Much of the losses are down to a recent fall in manufacturing output and growth forecasts for China and the recent fall in commodity prices. With Australia heavily reliant on its core commodities a fall in demand and price has a major impact on Australia’s economy and some forecasters are predicting a tough ride for Australia heading into the New Year. Personally I think this trend may well continue, although should confidence come back to the market following any positive announcements from the European Central Bank tomorrow, then in fact you may see a short term drive towards the higher yielding currencies, including the Australian Dollar tomorrow afternoon. This could create a short term opportunity for AUD sellers as I personally can see a drive towards the 1.60 territory in the longer term, although a 6% swing in the past month must represent a good return for any buyers of the Aussie dollar.

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