The Aussie Dollar continues to strengthen against a range of currencies on the back of the RBA minutes. (Ben Amrany)

AUD GBP Extends Gains Despite UK Employment Gains

The Aussie Dollar has continued to strengthen against the pound with rates now near the all-time high for exchanging your Australian Dollars to Pounds.  Overnight the pound has continued to fall as the RBA released their minutes to their last interest rate decision.

The minutes showed that the RBA has scope to ease again if needed, but gave no indication it was in a rush to do so. Analysts believe that a rate cut could be as far away as June so the excellent selling opportunities could be around for a few months longer. You may not wish to get to greedy though because if things change over the next month or two and a rate cut in Australia occurs sooner than anticipated I would expect to see the Aussie weaken very quickly against a basket of major currencies.

If you require buying Aussie Dollars then any opportunities that occur above the 1.50 level should be capitalised on if you need to move funds over the next couple of months.

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Ben Amrany