When should I buy my Aussies? What has happened to GBPAUD?

AUDGBP Lower as Retail Sales Slump Down Under

GBPAUD has thanksfully for Aussie buyers recovered slightly although I doubt many people out there who need to buy them are celebrating too much! I am not going to dress it up, the rates for buying Aussies are pretty dire. This makes it even more important to make sure that if you are considering a transfer involving the Aussie you are doing everything you can to maximise your exchange. Our best levels lately have been about 1.48, I know some banks have been about 1.45 or worse! To check if you are getting the best deal you can make a free comparison with me by emailing [email protected]

As I predicted last week here GBPAUD did test the all time low and actually broker through it. No one could realistically have predicted exactly the UK would lose the triple dip but the bad news circling sterling indicated to me it could happen soon. No one can 100% predict the future but by making sure our clients are properly informed of market movements and trends, they can trade at favourable times and don’t suffer unnecessarily. If you would like more information totally free at no obligation please feel free to make contact directly on [email protected]

I think the rate will continue to move lower by a couple of cents this week due to GBP weakness. There is more GDP data tomorrow and I cannot see the pound finding much support at these kind of levels. Now we have tested a new all time low 1.4627 it is highly likely we will again soon, particularly if Chinese news continues to be positive and UK news negative. Friday’s sharp movements highlight just how important it is to be up to speed on rates so to make sure you don’t miss out please register your interest with me on [email protected]