GBP/AUD shifting towards 1.50……

AUD GBP Struggles at the 0.5350 Price Level

Sterling exchange rates have shifted over a cent from the high/low today and again have shifted on the side of sterling, pushing prices close to 1.49. Will this shift push past 1.50? For me this will depend on whether the UK can avoid the ‘triple dip’ recession, something we will officially find out on Thursday. I for one am confident a 0% or 0.1% figure will be seen and we should hopefully see some sterling strength as a result. This could provide many, particularly those that that have been waiting for 1.50, with an opportunity as I for one feel we will see 1.50 as a trade price by the end of this week.

In order for you to take advantage of any positive market movement it is important to speak to a foreign exchange epxert who can make you aware of market trends and instigate an exchange should a specific market order be in place. If you are one of the many clients that would be interested in trading at 1.50 and you would like me to set a rate alert or LIMIT contract to make sure you do not miss an opportunity then please contact the office on 01494 725353 and I will gladly run through the process. As one of the market leaders in exectution only foreign exchange I am very confident I can undercut any other provider, get in contact to see what rates we can offer and to see what saving we can make you.

Should you prefer to email then please send a brief description of your transfer and timings to [email protected]