GBPAUD Forecast – will we hit 1.60?

AUD GBP Erases Earlier Losses to Point Higher

The rally on GBPAUD seems well underway with major concerns looming over the value of the Australian dollar. Anyone selling AUD to buy GBP upset they missed out on rates a few weeks ago should really take stock of the current market as it is likely rates will only get worse.

The Australian bank have cut raters lower and surely it is only a matter of time before they cut again as looming concerns over the future direction of the Australian economy persist. The pound too has been strengthening in recent weeks having avoided the triple dip so the forecast is the GBPAUD rate will move higher towards the 1.60 level.

I would therefore suggest anyone buying Australian dollars holds to see if things get better, whilst those selling Australian dollars move sooner. Ultimately for both buyers and sellers there will be spikes to take advantage of and this is where our service comes in. We can highlight movements in and out of your favour as well as highlight future events which may move the market for you.

For more information on news and events that will impact your exchange rate, please feel free to contact me. Even if your transfer is just a one off our specialist service is designed to save you money through a better rate than the banks. For more information on what we can achieve and how it all works please contact me Jonathan directly on [email protected] 

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