Reserve Bank of Australia minutes could be key for short term trends on the Aussie (Mike Vaughan)

AUD GBP Grinds Higher After Australian Employment Data

Anyone looking at the Aussie should keep a close eye on the Reserve Bank of Australia minutes scheduled for realease overnight. This will give insight as to what policies the bank could have in store over the course of the next couple of months. Most analysts expect the RBA to cut interest rates sometime within the next 2/3 months and these minutes may go someway to conform these rumours. Any indication and hints towards a ratre cut then I would look for GBP/AUD to shift towrads 1.68 and EUR/AUD towards 1.45. Should the tone of the minutes give little insights as to the next move by the RBA then I would expect GBP/AUD to test 1.65 amd EUR/AUD 1.42.

As with the RBA,  the Bank of England minutes on Wednesday should also be focused on. These being the first minutes under new governor Mark Carney. What the market will look for here will be clues as to future QE. Personally I think the split of the 9 members of the committee is likley to have been 6-3 in favour of keeping QE on hold, however a shift towwards 5-4 and watch for GBP losses on Wednesday morning.

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