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AUD GBP Lower as Traders Await RBA Meeting

The world is paying close attention to the escalation of events in Syria. The possible intervention of the UN, US and UK has market analysts and forecasters worried, as a potential war can have significant impact on currency values, levels to which can’t be predicted.

International investors are always looking to balance the risk and reward in their own minds, some are happy to take the risk to seek out a higher yield. However, should a war be declared then the goalposts are changed. Investors tend to flock to the ‘safe haven’ currencies and away from ‘riskier’ currencies, such as AUD, ZAR and NZD.

With the world on such a fine balance, any announcement could move the markets substantially.

If you are looking to buy Australian Dollars, I would be tempted to look at taking advantage of what are almost two year highs. 1.75 looks to be providing resistance, and therefore short term gains beyond this mark may not be achieved.

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