Bloody oath mate!! Flaming Galah! Where next for the Aussie?

AUDGBP Sees New Yearly Lows as Protests Grow

Rates above 1.60 had been rarer than a 3 legged dingo up until a few months ago! But now like a kangaroo on speed rates have hopped higher presenting three year highs for anyone buying Australian dollars! Well I will be a wallabie’s tail! Where now?!

Well if the Reserve Bank of Australia keep their more optimistic mood a stronger Aussie could not be ruled out. Although I think there is more chance of Kylie and Jason getting it back together in Neighbours than any rates lower than 1.50 again!

Humour (or my jovial perhaps pathetic and not meant to be offensive at all attempt at it) aside, rates are good. And so long as the UK appears to have it’s act back together rates should remain at the higher end of the last few months, that is between 1.60 and 1.80. If you have a currency transaction to consider buying or selling AUD into any currency, we would be interested to hear from you.

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