The Aussie should strengthen

AUD GBP Struggles at the 0.5350 Price Level

The Australian dollar should strengthen soon as investors risk appetite increases. I expect this to happen once the US debt ceiling issue is solved and the next week will be crucial. In order to really get the best exchange rate it is necessary to be prepared. How will you even know you are getting the best rate if you haven’t made any preparations? This site offers information on what to beware of plus access to the very best rates of exchange and tools to limit your currency exposure. Even if you are inexperienced in such matters, we can help explain what will move your exchange rate and this will help you to get more for your money. My personal contact details are at the bottom of the post if you have specific questions.

Key things that moves Aussie exchange rates

Global Sentiments – As and when market sentiment is positive (good for the Aussie) or negative (bad for the Aussie) the Aussie fluctuates. Market sentiment can be evidenced by global economic conditions. Right now the US impasse is proving the big talking point, as is the possible effect of all of this on QE tapering in the US.

China – As Chinese economic conditions improve or decline so does the Aussies fortunes. The slowing pace of growth in China has been a major driver for AUS weakness this year.

Economic conditions in Australia and also the respective countries of the currency pair you are considering will also impact rates. Right now the pound is posting good economic news and this has helped sterling to spike to the near 3 year highs in the last couple of months.

The forecast on the Aussie leading to Christmas would be AUD strength. For now it looks highly unlikely we will see any withdrawal of the US QE programme which should keep the Aussie favoured as confidence remains high.

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