1.80 on the markets?

Surely it is only a matter of days before we go above  1.80 on GBPAUD? As predicted by many of the authors on this site over the last few months rates were bound to rise due to GBP strength and AUD weakness. And I can say with a high level of confidence that they will probably get worse. We have already heard dovish comments from RBA members indicating the weakness of the Aussie is a target for them. They want a weaker Aussie to help boost exports and help the economy.

As China slows down and the mining ‘boom’ of the last few years starts to slow the outlook is without doubt yet higher rates. AUD sellers in the future may do well to take stock of current rates bearing in mind levels used to be at more than 2.

Luckily there are options in such a market. We can forward fix an exchange rate to limit your losses. If you are selling a property in the future in Australia speak to me on [email protected] for more info!