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AUD GBP Higher Despite Higher UK GDP Number

Australian dollar ready for change – As mentioned in my last blog rates for the GBPAUD pairing are affected by a number of factors. The largest impact within the next few hours will be profit taking and carry trades.  This is when investors who speculate in the market “re-set” their investments ready for the new month. This surge of demand has an impact on the value of the currency and will probably provide a SPIKE in the market. These are traditionally short lived and provide the best buying levels, so if you are looking at trading this currency, or any other for that matter the SPIKE NOTIFICATION service offered here could save you money and time. Register your interest by email to [email protected] with the currency pair you are looking for, the amount you wish to trade and the contact details you would like to be notified on.

Over the next few days it will be the start of the new month and the influx of economic data that will drive markets, remember to keep an eye out on CHINA and the USA as both will have an impact on the GBPAUD currency pair. Over night we have already seen data show that CHINA exports has reached the highest point in 18 months, this has driven money into the AUD making it more expensive to buy but cheaper to buy.

Next week there are a number of data releases like this which will change the demand and therefore the cost of these currencies. Generally we see rates move by around 2-3 cents a week currently. This movement can make a SIGNIFICANT difference to you financially, to get the most out of your money timing will be key along with the knowledge of knowing when to trade.  This is the service we offer here so if you are looking at maximising your currency transfer feel free to get in contact with the author – STEVE EAKINS – via email at [email protected] or using the telephone number at the top of this page.

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