GBP/AUD through 1.81 following poor GDP figures from Australia, will this trend continue? (Mike Vaughan)

AUD GBP Lower Ahead of PMI Data for the UK Economy

Sterling pushed through the 1.81 barrier this morning, bringing GBP/AUD to its highest levels since February 2010 – but will this trend continue? Overnight Australian GDP data was released showing a disappointing result of 0.6% down from the expected 0.6%. This has brought the shift in Sterling to just shy of 8% against the Aussie since the end of October – a pretty good return in anyones eyes. For me there is a chance that this run will continue, but I would also urge AUD buyers to consider these gains and view the opportunities currently available.

Looking at the data for the rest of the week watch out for employment figures from the US at 12:15 today and the important non-farm payroll figures at 13:30 on Friday. Any improvement and I would expect further losses for the AUD as this shifts the likelihood of the FED tapering QE a little bit closer, a situation that is likely to bad news for AUD exchange rates. Also watch out for the Bank of England interest rate decision tomorrow at 12.00, expect to see no change which shouldn’t affect rates significantly but still one to keep an eye on.

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