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AUD to GBP Surges Above Support on Trade

The AUD has started to return back to its 2013 form when it lost over 23%. Through 2013 the raw materials that the Australian economy is so reliant on became less in demand and value which was one of the major factors in the AUD fate.  Through 2014 this trend is expected to continue, some think it will actually accelerate against the Pound as the UK economic fortunes continue to improve.  In either case many agree that holding AUD at the moment is not a great thing to do meaning many are selling.  So if you are in a position looking to trade the AUD it would be wise to review the market in the near future.  This currency pair is affected by so many factors that the pairing will continue to remain violate, there will be SPIKES when it will become more favourable for buyers and sellers as the market will not move in a straight line.

This week for example we expect today to be the best price to buy AUD for the next week. China exports have fallen weakling the demand for the AUD raw materials and therefore its value, Sterling news is also expected to be good too.  If you are a AUD seller than the next opportunity is next week.  This information can make an awful big difference to the amount that you save, for example over the last week the difference between the high and low has been over 4 cents making a difference of over £2,350 when selling AUD $200,000 well.

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