Sterling exchange rates holding firm against the Australian Dollar (Daniel Wright)

AUDGBP: Australian Dollar Weakens in Worst COVID-19 Day Yet
Daniel Wright

If only the English cricket team had as much fight in it as Sterling has had over the past few weeks we may not have found ourselves on the back of  a real bashing.

Congratulations by the way to all of our Australian readers, I have just about managed to get over it after lying in a darkened room for the past week and thought I would give you an update on how GBP/AUD is performing of late.

Of course the underlying factor with the Australian Dollar at present is that both the Government and the RBA have recently commented that they feel that the Australian Dollar is just too strong and that it is starting to damage the economy over there. There has also been a mention of the possibility of the currency being artificially weakened which will no doubt cast a grey cloud over the AUD for the coming months and stop investors getting too heavily involved as there is no real sign of what could happen next in Australia.

This in my opinion will continue to weaken the AUD further and a shift towards the hallowed 2 trading level could happen in the next month or two – Of course with the global economy as it is and with Sterling seemingly having a record of dropping away as soon as things do start to look rosy one should approach any up and coming currency transfers with a little caution.

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