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AUDGBP Eyes the 2021 Lows as UK Growth Outlook Wins

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As the Australian Dollar has been fairly volatile against a range of the major currencies over the last few months we have been inundated with clients both buying and selling their Aussie Dollars. The Australian Dollar has recovered some of its losses over the last couple of weeks since the RBA have stated that they will not be cutting interest rates any further. This lent support to the falling A$ and events in the UK of late could just well mean that the AUD strengthens a little further verses the pound.

Falling inflation and a weaker than expected unemployment number from the UK could just well mean that GBP/AUD heads back towards 1.80 or lower. If you factor in some positive data from China then who knows what may occur in the near future. I would however be surprised if the rate does drop below 1.80 but in currency I have only to often been left surprised.


If you are buying or selling the Aussie Dollar then the last thing you want is to see your hard earned money get wiped away by a deteriorating exchange rate.  With a high to low spread of over 10 cents in the last month it shows how quickly you have to act on a spike in the market.

If you have Australian Dollars to sell against the pound then my recommendation would be to act on these spikes as it is so uncertain as to how things may go from here. I have been assisting clients move their funds to and from Australia for over 6 years now and I never have a problem in achieving better rates of exchanges than your banks in Australia and the UK.  This week alone I have had many clients shocked at the rate Westpac for instance have been offering their clients to both buy and sell the AUD. If you feel that you would like to investigate the personal service that I offer and how we achieve better rates than your banks then just email me with your requirement explaining your time scale and volume that you are looking at exchanging and I will contact you to explain the options available to you. Just email me at [email protected] 

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