Australian Dollar flat ahead of interest rate decision and comments following it (Daniel Wright)

AUDGBP Lower as Sterling Gets a Growth Boost

The Australian Dollar has had a reasonably flat day against most major currencies with the interest rate decision due out tonight from the RBA which at present is not expected to throw up any major surprises.

Recently Governor Stevens of the RBA has commented that he does not expect to see any interest rate movements in the near future which has settled down the AUD and in fact given it a little strength after what had been a torrid few months against most major currencies.

The key tonight will be what is said in the statement released with the interest rate decision and whether or not it points to possible artificial weakening of the AUD or indeed if the mood is remaining positive surrounding the Australian economy.

If you are looking to buy or sell Australian Dollars in the near future then tonight will indeeed be key for you and it may be prudent to keep a close eye on exchange rates overnight and in the morning.

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