Sterling exchange rates hovering around a pivotal point of 1.80 – Very positive Retail Sales figures fail to push the Pound on (Daniel Wright)

Australian Dollar Forecast: AUDGBP gains by 10% since April

We have had a fairly positive morning for U.K economic data today with U.K Retail Sales coming out much better than had been expected, leading to the Pound coming back into fashion against most major currencies which.

One think to note however is that Sterling has failed to really make any huge dents in the Australian Dollar which is a slight concern for anyone looking to buy Australian Dollars in the near future.

With the slightly more positive comments recently from RBA Governor Stevens coupled with the potential of more stimulus for China we are now starting to see the Australian Dollar gain strength again and with us not seeing any major dents being taken out of the AUD by the Pound with such positive news for the U.K then you have to start thinking that although GBP/AUD exchange rates are not quite as good as they have been recently, they could easily start to get quite a lot worse again.

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