AUD at its highest level against the pound and US dollar in 6 months (Mike Vaughan)

AUDGBP Bounces as Australia Deals with Floods

This morning the Australian Dollar has hit its highest level against the pound and US dollar since November 2013. Levels have shifted overnight following an increased level in housing data and consumer confidence. A significant shift was also seen earlier in the week following the trade agreement made between Japan and Australia. In the agreement Japan has agreed to lower duties on Australian beef and raise the duty-free quota on cheese – Australia’s biggest dairy export to Japan. Australia will cut tariffs on Japanese electronics, cars and white goods. The deal, agreed after seven years of negotiations, is expected to be finalised later this year when Japan’s prime minister visits Australia.

With the recent shift in sentiment from the RBA and Glenn Stevens indicating he is more comfortable with the position of the Australian Dollar and the forecast of a housing and construction boom things are looking a lot brighter for the Aussie. Anyone buying the AUD may wish to re-evaluate their position, remember you are still over 20% up since June 2013 but the tide seems to have turned and the Aussie is certainly fighting back.

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