AUD remains strong and unemployment figures this week could cause a further gain for the AUD (Ben Amrany)

AUDGBP Pressured After RBA Rate Meeting

The Australian Dollar has been performing very well of late against a host of the majors. There has been a big increase in the value of the AUD and has significantly strengthened against the pound of late. The days of 1.90 seems a long time ago now. The news that China’s growth forecasts for 2014 have been cut did not do enough to stop the halt of the Aussie with GBP/AUD falling to as low as 1.7829.

This morning however the UK posted some positive industrial output figures showing a rise much bigger than originally anticipated. The manufacturing production figures also came out extremely strong and since has assisted GBP/AUD to rise back to 1.7926.

The biggest mover for the Aussie Dollar this week will be in the form of their unemployment figures for March. Recently a survey which showed job adverts have increased for a third straight month and if the unemployment rate benefits from this it could cause another spike in the Aussie Dollars favour. Good if selling AUD bad if buying AUD.

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