Australian dollar remains well supported for now, what about the rest of 2014?

AUD to GBP Rate Pauses at the 2020 Highs

The Australian dollar remains very well supported due to improvements in global settlement. Investors once again have been ‘searching for yield’ and seeking out returns down under. And who can blame them! Interest rates on offer significantly outweigh what is on offer in the UK.

If looking to make cross border investment you do need to consider the currency fluctuations however. It is no good getting 8% in Australian investments if by the time you liquidate them the currency has lost 10%! To this end we offer options to ‘fix’ the exchange rate so that you know in advance what you will get once any investments mature. Such a contract would also suit anyone looking to buy or sell a property in Australia as it means you can plan in advance what you will earn from the property sale.

The outlook longer term would appear to favour the pound over the Australian dollar so making careful plans and exploring all your options now could pay very large dividends in the future!

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