Market volatility continues. Getting the best deal on your foreign exchange (Mike Vaughan)

AUD to GBP Unmoved by Lockdown and UK GDP

Sterling has fallen to a new fresh 6 month low against the Australian Dollar trading into the 1.77’s and making the pounds losses in the last 30 days to 4.2% a difference of $14,800 AUD on a £200k money transfer. With the Reserve Bank of Australia releasing their minutes overnight this volatility could well continue.

As you can see by timing your exchange significant savings can be made. The purpose of this website is to provide relevant information to help private and corporate clients with upcoming money transfers to arrange. As one of the authors on the site, my colleagues and I have personally helped thousands of clients with their foreign exchange and would be happy to see what we can do for you. I work for one of the UK’s largest independent currency brokers and am confident I can undercut any price you have been offered by your bank or current provider.

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