Australian Dollar gains strength against the Pound and edges close to 1.80 once more (Daniel Wright)

Will Sterling Weakness Continue to Help the AUD to GBP Rate Improve?

The Australian Dollar has had another good day on the currency market, gaining almost 1% against Sterling during the trading day over in the U.K.

Strong Inflation figures,  RBA Governor Stevens Comments and the Monetary Policy Committee from the Bank Of England all voting in favour of no interest rate movement at the last interest rate decision appear to be the main reasons behind such a vast movement.

We are now stuck back at the pivotal point of 1.80, which seems to be the pattern for the past few months, one concern for anyone looking to buy Australian Dollars is that we have seen the exchange rate attempt to drop below 1.80 and stay below it on a couple of occasions yet fail, but now Governor Stevens appears to have changed his tune on the strength of the Australian Dollar yet again and with inflation riding high, it may be prudent to secure part of your currency just to protect yourself against any further adverse market movements.

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