The Australian should remain strong

AUD to GBP Consolidates Ahead of UK Inflation

Despite international tensions rising investors worst fears are failing to be realised and the show goes on! Historically speaking there is always something to be fearful of. A Chinese crash landing, a property crash, a looming stock market crash. All of these fears have so far failed to materialise and consequently the Aussie remains supported offering investors good value.

WAR – What is it good for? Well absolutely nothing, certainly not for the global economy! As global tensions seem to cool markets have sucked up profits on the back of recent currency movements. Next week there isn’t a huge amount of Aussie data so I would expect the continuing global political situation to drive risk appetite and therefore have some impact on Aussie rates.

With such uncertainty around there is lots of potential for some unforeseen spikes in and out of your favour. Spikes of up to one or two cents should not be discounted as news comes out and in these scenarios consensus and expectation can fly out the window as markets move according to fresh news and sentiments. In these situations it is those prepared who capitalise so if you are planning anything soon with the Aussie why not make some contact with us to see if we can give you some useful information?