GBPAUD levels – buying dollars – selling dollars – how to get the most for your money

GBP to AUD Steady as Markets Consider BoE and RBA Rate Cuts

GBPAUD rates have not swung that wildly over the last 24 hours. We did have a policy release by Governor Stevens, the head of the Reserve bank of Australia, earlier today which surprisingly included nothing new.  Earlier in the week his comments suggested no change in interest rate policy but with the surprising change in unemployment yesterday, when levels climbed higher, there was the potential for a change in winds.

Eyes are now on China data over the weekend and then back on the UK next week. Next week we have the very important quarterly inflation report for the UK, along with both unemployment data and GDP figures. All of these have the potential to change markets significantly along with the cost you will have for anything from a holiday to a holiday home.  Here our service is aimed at helping you through the currency market. Our underling rates that we achieve are award winning meaning you can rest safely in the knowledge that you are saving money compared to your current provider, but there’s more. What we provider here is a pro-active service helping you try and make an educated decision on when to buy in the markets. As the rates change over 3 cents a week this is incredibly important and can make a significant in your costs. I will give you a full break down of the market, where we are, why we are here and what is coming up. The question always comes down to, shall I wait, will it get better for me and in these volatile markets there is always an opportunity around the corner for both buyers and sellers to get more for their money.

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