Australian Dollar standing its ground despite taking a few blows this week (Daniel Wright)

Australian Dollar Looking Bullish

The Australian Dollar is still on its feet even though it did take quite a bashing against all major throughout trading last week.

Despite comments from the RBA Governor Stevens that he felt the Australian Dollar was overvalued at present and news from China that we could well see a change in fiscal policies and potentially some stimulation measures to be put into place in the near future.

Chinese data can have quite an impact on the value of the Australian Dollar as they use so many raw materials and import a lot from Australia. The building boom in China has had tongues wagging for a while as to how long it can last and when we may see a slow down over there and it appears it may be coming.

My personal view on the Australian Dollar at present is that there is a much higher chance of it getting weaker over the coming months than stronger, if you are looking to sell Australian Dollars and exchange them into Sterling, Euros or Dollars then it may be prudent to act sooner rather than later, although of course you never know for sure exactly what may happen as a lot of surprises to pop up on the currency markets.

For anyone with an interest in Sterling you may wish to keep a keen eye on the pending Scottish referendum as this could also have a big impact on the Pound in the next 48 hours.

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