GBPAUD – calm before the storm?

AUDGBP Higher with Data, Will Australia Follow NZ ON Property?

GBPAUD rates have stayed relatively steady today which is a plus as concerns last week saw a very volatile trading week. This week eyes are really on the end of the week with economic data from the UK expected to continued miss expectations helping people selling AUD get a better price. UK data continues to be poor as a result of Septembers uncertainty around the Scottish vote. It could be argued that next month’s data will look brilliant in comparison to these recent releases so the Pound may push up.  Eyes will also be on China and the US over the next 24 hours as they lead the way for economic information.  Within the next 12 hours China GDP figures are expected to show a fall probably weakening AUD strength making it cheaper to buy. Anyone looking at selling this week may be wary as a result.

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