GBPAUD levels climbing once more – is now the time to buy?

AUDGBP Drops Again with Pound Support

GBPAUD levels are ending the week higher than where they started, close to 1.84. This has been for a number or reasons and a number of stories that have broken then week which was initially expected to be a quite week. Sterling started the week on a downward trend with negative viewpoint put on the pound by the IMF and commentary pushing back any chance of an interest rate hike until the second half of 2015.  From Wednesday onwards however the opposite was seen, investment started to go into the GBP and the AUD was seen as a sell. This was put down to a number of reasons including data from China and words from the RBA.

Next week is the scheduled busy week with large economic data releases from all over the world, meaning rates will swing and opportunities will probably appear. This includes consumer figures in Europe and the UK, Retail figures and unemployment in the UK, European GDP figures US FED commentary, RBA meeting minutes and unemployment figures.  The key days I expect to be Tuesday and Thursday so if you have a currency requirement and are looking to move make sure to get in contact. We can highlight peaks for your situation if you wish ready to go.

If any of the above is of interest, you would like more information or simply want a live quotation feel free to contact myself via [email protected]